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The Volvo S40 is a compact luxury car manufactured by Volvo Cars. This 5-passenger car is powered by a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is capable of producing up to 227 horsepower.

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What can you do if the gearshift gets stuck on a 1998 Volvo S40 manual and selecting gears is getting hard as they seem to jam?

Hey Derek==You have clutch problems. Take it to a garage and have it repaired. GoodluckJoe

I regularly have this every 4 yrs or so the transmission selector bushes need renewing cost approx 50 to 70 pounds , classic signs are difficulty selecting the reverse or 5 th gears initially not sure waht happens later as i change the bushes at this stage

-----------------------------------Update 1-11-12----------------------------- Here's what I did.... Grab a can of WD40 and stick the straw in between the button and the casing and give it a few squirts... Wipe up with a paper towel and work the button a few times... Should loosen right up. At least it did for me.

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Volvo S40 - 2001 1.8i Engine stalls since battery removed and replaced Is this common and do you need to reset anything?

sometimes after replacing the battery you have to adjust the Johnson rod i have the same vehicle when i replaced the battery i just pulled the rod a little and since i have had no problems

Is there another name for a Johnson rod as my car is doing the same thing. My dad has looked at it he has been a mechanic for 40 years and has never heared of a Johnson rod. The problem is driving him mad as he can't fix it for us.

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How do you change the in dash push in cup holder on a 2001 S40 Volvo?

WHERE DO YOU GET A REPLACEMENT IN DASH PUSH IN CUP HOLDER FOR THE 2001 S40 VOLVO? FIRST :) I already have the new cup holder from Volvo! How do I replace it? You have the actual guestion listed, now where do I find the answer????

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How do you replace a license plate bulb in a 2001 Volvo S40?

Open the cover of the boot lid - from there on you should see the bulb socket ==New Answer Headline== Have just figured out how to replace a bulb in the license plate light of my 1999 S40. Not sure if it is exactly the same as the 2000 model but here goes. Open back the trim on inside of boot lid so that the two license plate lights are visible. (They are located on either side of the boot lock). Locate the two wires that are connected to the bulb holder which projects from the back of the light. On my S40, the bulb holder is black and conical and appears to be an integral part of the light assembly but can be removed by squeezing either side and pulling directly back out of the light assembly. To make removal of the bulb holder easier, you can first disconnect the two wires from each holder. As you remove the bulb holder, be careful not to drop the holder and bulb into the sapce between the reinforcing metalwork on the inside of the boot! Remove old bulb, and fit new one into bulb holder, push holder into back of light assembly and check that it works before replacing into back of light assembly and replacing boot trim! If for some reason you need to repalce the entire light assembly, first remove the external panel that contains the boot lock and runs along over the license plate. Do this by unscrewing the four nuts on inside of boot lid that hold panel in place. Light assembly can then be removed by pushing from inside to outside after pressing on internal plastic retainers that are part of light assembly.

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Where is the flasher unit on a 2001 Volvo S40?

The flasher is integrated with the hazard flasher switch All of the online research that I have done suggests that the flasher is located somewhere under the ashtray in the middle of the console. I will let you know when I find mine.......Sean Laird

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How do you change the low beam headlight bulb on an S60 Volvo?

Courtesy of the Volvo Owner's Manual.

Low beam bulb

To remove a defective bulb:

  • Switch off the ignition.
  • Open the hood.
  • Remove the plastic cover over the bulb (1) by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Remove the connector (2).
  • Loosen the retaining spring (3) by first moving it to the right and then moving it down, out of the way.
  • Pull out the defective bulb. Note the position of the guide lug on the base of the bulb (4).

To install a new bulb:

  • Insert the new bulb, without touching the glass, with the guide lug upward (1). The bulb will only seat properly in this position.
  • Move the retaining spring up and push it slightly to the left until it seats properly (2).
  • Press the connector into place on the bulb (3).
  • Reinstall the plastic cover and turn it clockwise until it is correctly in place (4). "TOP" must be upward.

Changing the Low beam headlights on a Volvo S60 2.5T

It will take you at least one hour to complete this bulb replacement. Although the Volvo manual tell you to release the retaining spring there is no spring to release on the 2005 Volvo S60 2.5 T

First start with the driver side you will need to remove the air filter and it housing. After removing the filter pull up hard on the housing and it will release from the three snaps. This will give you easy access to the low beam headlight.

Remove the rubber cover and reach in to the cavity and turn the bulb assembly to the right a quarter turn if you are in front of the car. Gently pull the bulb out with the connecter attached. Make sure the orange gasket come out with the assembly.

Disconnect the connector from the defective bulb and connect it to the new bulb assembly. Insert the new bulb into the cavity and line up the three prongs, look thru the lens to make sure it is lined up properly then make a quarter turn to the left. Put back on the rubber cover and the filter housing.

On the passenger side all you have to remove is the rubber cover and use that same procedure to replace and replace the bulb assembly.

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How do you replace a wheel bearing on a Volvo s40?

This depends on if you are replacing the front or rear wheel bearings. The front wheel bearings require that you remove the brake caliper and disc assemblies (this is required for the rear bearings as well) You will also need to remove the front driveshaft from the hub, after which the hub will unbolt and can be removed from the vehicle. S40's have the annoying habit of having the driveshafts rust into the hub, so you may have some difficulty with that. The rear hub assemblies are also removed in a similar way, except you don't have to remove the driveshaft as it wont have one! If you are replacing the bearings with genuine Volvo units they should come as a whole hub assembly, in which case all you have to do is bolt the new units in and off you go. However if you are just replacing the bearings themselves, you'll require the use of a heavy duty bech press to remove the bearings from the housing.

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2001 Volvo S40 occasionally stalls when sitting at idle waiting for street light to change Turn key starts right up Why?

I received a recall notice from Volvo for my 2004 S60. There is a defective part in the Fuel Pressure regulator that they have to modify or change out.AnswerI had a similar problem with my 2001 S40 a couple of weeks ago. The mileage on mine is 96K. I knew something was wrong because the car was also hesitating alot on acceleration (greatly reduced power). The "check engine" light did not come on right away, but eventually did. There was some difficulty in diagnosing the problem, but the techs ended up replacing 2 sensors: the boost sensor and the map sensor. Not sure why, but each of the parts has the same part #9125462. The error codes in my case were: Code ECM - 14 Mass Air Flow Code ECM - OD Manifold pressure sensor signal too low Code ECM - OC Boost pressure signal too low

Hope this helps.

Answercheck your fuel pump relay. You'd be surprised!! AnswerI had the same problemon my 2001 s40. Problem was the fuel pressure controller and idle control value. AnswerI'm having the same problem even after two visits to the the dealer. Just today when the engine stalled again the DSA light came on with the check engine light and stayed on. I couldn't put the DSA back on even when I pressed and held the button which usually works. While the DSA was off the car never stalled. Later when I started the car again the DSA was on again and the stalling continued. I have a feeling it has something to do with the DSA since the DSA cuts engine power when it detects wheelspin. Maybe the DSA sensor or something similar wrongly detects wheelspin and cuts engine power and since the engine is already under 1k rpm it just stalls?
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What causes a car to lose power then continue running fine after turning off the ignition switch?

It depends on the car. Older vehicles, with carburators and mechanical fuel pumps can continue to run after the engnine is turned off. It's a condition called "Piston Glow" or "run-on". If it's a newer vehicle, the fuel pump and injectors shut off immediately when you turn off the key so it's not possible to continute running unless there is a problem with the switch.
Timing set too far advanced and very low octane fuel may also cause dieseling (run- on). Before fuel injection this was common and some carburators had an electrical shut-off valve to stop the run-on.

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What is the correct key fob battery for 2007 Volvo S40?


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How do you replace a lost Volvo key?

Depends on how old the car is, mines 1990, and i just went to the wreckers and went through jars upon jars of keys. found one that was close and bingo

Well even !990 volvo offer like 10 to 15 k combinations of keys u been so lucky should go to play lottery right after that

Or I hire you as my lead specialist lol

with was that way i have around 30-40 k no luck or lock yet

2 cent s by car locksmith specialist

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How do you turn off the 'maintenance required' message on the dash message cneter on the 2007 Volvo S40?

Put the ignition key into position I, push in and hold the odometer reset button (use your left hand), move the ignition key to position II, when the service light begins to blink,let go of the odometer reset button. Confirm by turning your Volvo off then on again.

The previous description was for resetting the "Service" light.

To reset the check engine light, the car must be plugged into either an OBDII compliant scan tool, or a dealer's scan tool to retrive whatever trouble code has been stored, repair the problem, and then the light can be "reset".

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2001 s40 Engine fan stays on after engine is turned off?

is this while the egnition is still turned on if so its probably just cooling the engine and should switch off after a minute

Mine had an issue that continued for several minutes after removing the Key on my 2000 Volvo S40. It also impacted the air conditioning. The fix for me was to replace the temperature control sensor and the thermostat. Thermostat was only $7 or so, the temp control sensor was more like $45-$50. I did this, and was able to get my engine running again, but still had the air conditioning issue. turns out that one of the parts I had replaced was bad, I replaced both and everything worked great. Not a hard job to do yourself, should take 15 mins or less.

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How do you reset check engine light on Volvo 240?

disconnect the battery for 1min or so the light will go off

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Volvo s40 what kind of gas?


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How to turn off scheduled maintenance light Volvo s 40?

1. Turn the key to the 1st position. 2. Hold the trip button down and 3. Then turn the key to the 3rd position. 4. The light will begin to flash and about the third time, release the trip button. 5. Start the car to make sure the light is OFF. from "Service Light" by lad10der, June 16, 2001

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What is the most sold item on eBay?

Electronics such as phones and digital cameras.

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How do you replace headlight bulb in Volvo 240?

I was wondering the same thing, but gave up and just decided to give the light assembly a good look and this is how I did it.

1. To remove light cover, tilt the bottom of the headlight up. It should become loose enough to remove and expose the bulb. If it isn't loose enough you may have to unscrew the blinker assembly cover. (I had to only on one side.)

2. Pop open your hood to view the back of the bulb assembly. You'll see that the existing bulb has a notch helping to hold it in and if you push down on the notch, the notch should pop out of the holder.

3. Pull the piece with the holder and it should detach from the bulb.

4. Now, twist the grooved plastic washer surrounding the bulb. I don't remember the direction, but it doesn't take much to turn it. Remove this and place to the side.

5. Moderately pull the bulb in the direction of your engine. It should come out.

6. Take the new bulb and place it where the old one was. To get it to go in all the way, you may have to twist it to fit in the notches (this is where having the light cover off helps).

7. Once the bulb is in, you can just do all the previous directions in reverse, and then repeat for the other side.

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Where is the cabin filter located on a Volvo S40?

behind the gas pedal, drivers foot well

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How long will it take to do an head gasket on a Volvo s40?

My service station quoted this as an 9 hour job (labor only) because I have a small leak in one of my cylinder head gaskets. Not sure if their estimate is accurate, but that's what they quoted.

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What is the main of flame trap?

A device that prevents a gas flame from entering the supply pipe.

A device that prevents a gas flame from entering the supply pipe.

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Where are the spark plug wires in a 2000 Volvo S40?

The wire are located under the plastic cover on the top of the engine. If you are looking at the oil fill cap, the cover is behind the cap. The cover is held in place by six T30 screws. Loosen the screws and the cover comes off, it has two pieces.

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Volvo s40 code p1014 after changing timing belt?

Trouble code P1014 means: CMP Sensor/CKP Sensor Signals Not Compatible

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2001 Volvo s40 stall when idle waiting for street light then starts right up why?

I have the same problem. Car starts right up, runs great on the highway, but the moment i have to stop the car, it stalls. I have noticed it only starts doing this after the car has warmed up to normal running temp. The check engine light continually comes on, then disappears, only to reappear later. It has had the mass airflow sensor replaced twice. This has not solved the problem. Last week i had my wife start the car, while i watched the exhaust. When the car starts to stall, i notice black smoke. A sign that it is running to rich(to much gasoline in the air/gasoline mixture). I suspect the computer is still trying to choke the car as if it is cold, even when it is warmed up. I am finally going to take it to an actual Volvo dealer tomorrow. I will follow up with the results.

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Where is the flasher unit on a 1997 Volvo S40 1 8?

Hello there, My flasher unit has broke down and I am looking for a new one. I have a 1997 V40 and the flasher unit was located front left at the bottom under the stearing wheel. When you look closely you will see a black relay with Flasher unit on it Kind regards Pierre try and look for one there. I did a search online and found one for like 25 bucks.


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