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The S80 is a mid-size sedan produced by Volvo since 1998. The S80 is considered as the company’s flagship model, which makes it heavily equipped with many safety systems like the Side Impact Protection System and the Whiplash Protection System.

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What sedan offers the most comfortable driving experience including smooth ride and comfortable seats?

The maybach is the the most comfortable car it has reclining seats in the back along with a mini fridge and t.v. but it is priced around $400,000.

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Head Gaskets and Valve Covers
Volvo S80

How do you replace a valve cover gasket?

First, make sure to clean off any crud build up around the general area where the valve cover meets the head. Doing this will prevent too much crud from falling into the top of the head when the cover is removed.

Next, you will have to remove the two nuts holding the air filter housing onto the valve cover. There should be two nuts holding this bracket down. Don't loose the two metal caps that sit on top of the rubber washers. Without them the nuts will bear down into the rubber washers which will wear them out quicker.

Remove the (3) nuts holding down the valve cover. Be sure to save the metal bracket that holds the clutch cable, if you still have that bracket.

With a flat-head screwdriver or other flat object, gently pry around the junction of the valve cover and head to free the valve cover. If this is the first replacement of the valve cover gasket the head surface under the gasket should visibly show where the gasket was leaking.

Be sure to use a putty knife to thoroughly clean off any gasket remnants from the surface. You can use a little solvent to try and help free some of the residue but DO NOT allow any of this fluid to mix with the oil or get on any of the rocker assembly.

Now's the hard part, getting the old gasket off of the valve cover. If yours is anything like mine was then it's rock hard and a complete pain in the butt to get off. I had to use a small flat-head screw driver or a phillips-head to kinda chisel out the gasket from the groove it was lying in.

After removing the gasket and thoroughly cleaning the surface down in the groove I removed the rubber washer type seals where the valve cover bolts come through the top of the valve cover. This will most likely need to be replaced too. To save money make sure you buy the gasket with the replacement rubber washer type seals. I can't remember exactly what they're called but you should be able to recognize them when you see them.

Thoroughly clean the inside of the valve cover from any crud and you might as well clean the outside too while you have it off.

Place a small bead of silicon gasket maker into the groove of the valve cover where the gasket will sit. Also place a small bead on the top of the head where the gasket will sit. DO NOT put so much that it will bleed into the rocker assembly and mix with the oil when you tighten down the valve cover.

After you place the new gasket onto the valve cover place the cover back onto the head. Put the new rubber washer type seals in their three holes and put the nuts on finger tight. DO NOT forget to put the clutch cable bracket back on or your ground wire that came off the right side of the cover.

With your 10mm socket tighten down the middle nut first and then your outside nuts. Make sure it is tight and secure.

Put the air filter assembly bracket back on and be sure to put the steel caps on over the rubber washers so that the nuts do not bear down into them. Be sure everything is tightened down and you're done. Congradulations!!!

The rubber washer type seals are termed "grommets". There's a valve cover gasket w/ grommets kit that is sold and is cheaper to purchase than purchasing them seperately.

Volvo S80

Door weatherstripping on 2002 Volvo S80?

If you want to install door weatherstriiping on 2002 Volvo S80 you should try to follow this steps:

Open the car door and inspect the existing door seal. Begin at one end and pinch the seal with your fingers and pull up. Find the anchor points for the old door seal and determine if it is glued or clipped or if screw fasteners hold it to the door frame. Use a razor to cut the seal away from the frame for glued applications, unscrew the fasteners for screw anchors or pull up on the seal with pliers where it clips into existing drilled holes in the door frame.

Clean the door frame where the old door seal was attached. Clips that hold the new seal should be sanded lightly with Emery cloth. Door seals that use push clips should have holes that are clear of debris. Use a drill and bit to clean these holes. Clean the door frame down to the metal where the old door seal was laid if the old seal was glued to the frame.

Stretch the new door seal around the door frame for a proper measurement. If the new door seal has push pins or slides that need to be mated with the holes or slides on the car door frame, then you must adjust the position of the new seal to match the anchor points on the frame. For glue-type door seals, you just need to cut and measure to the correct length.

Secure the new car door seal to the car door frame. If you are screwing the new seal in place, use the existing anchor points to fasten the door seal to the door. For a seal using fasteners, push the new fasteners into the existing holes. Glued seals will require you to spread an even layer of glued along the outside of the door frame and then center the seal and press firmly to affix the door seal to the frame. Glue should be allowed to dry at least six hours before closing the door, preferably 24.

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How do you replace a third brake light on a Volvo S-80?

Open the trunk, remove the left rear trunk liner, reach up into the fender and grab the bulb holder, give it a 1/4 twist counterclockwise and pull the holder straight out. Push the bulb down into the holder slightly and turn it 1/4 turn counterclockwise, then pull straight up to remove it. Reverse the above procedure to install the new bulb.

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Turn Signals and Hazard Lights

How do you replace front signal turning light on a 2001 Chevrolet Venture van or how to remove the front light housings?

If it's like the 2000 there are two plastic wing nuts that hold the head lamp in place. Once loose, the turn signal piece on the side can be taken off. The sockets are about a quarter turn to come out and he bulbs pull straight out and push straight in. Be careful when you replace the head lamp assembly because there is a long plastic "tongue" that has to fit into a socket on the bottom side. Good luck!

Volvo S80
OBD Diagnostic Codes

What does code TCM-000C translate into for a 1999 Volvo S-80 T6?

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) TCM-000C is stored if the control module detects that the vehicle speed and engine speed (RPM) signals do not correspond with the programmed values and that an "incorrect" gear is being used in relation to the calculated gear. This is because solenoid S2 is stuck in open or closed position.

Volvo S80

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on 2002 Volvo s80?

when facing engine, passenger side or left hand is you main drive belts directly across on the very top of engine (drivers side) at the edge there is a sensor (cps - cam pos sensor) with the leads going under fuel injector and attached to front of engine

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How many frenchmen can't be wrong?

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 frenchman can't be wrong! === === == None, men are never right.

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Timing Belts and Chains

How do you replace the timing belt on a 93 Dodge Stealth RT non turbo?

Ya i just did one on my 93 dodge and ill never do it again just take it to the dealer and pay the extra money because its a pain that's the best i got for you

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What does Bulb failure dipped beam?

It means you have a headlamp out. Check both high and low beams. They use the same bulb for both. It should be an H7.

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What is the most comfortable driving car with most comfortable seats for people with lower back trouble?

Short People Short people share some of the same difficulties big people do. They need to find a vehicle in which they can remain 10

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How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a 2002 Volvo S80?

My wife had a stone crack her outer glass envelope, and I was going to attempt to replace this by itself, but it's very hard to get just this part in North America. I managed to do so through an excellent local shop, but when I went to replace the glass, I gave up after trying to figure out how to get the old one off. I ended up taking it to a Rousch employee and he told me he had to take the bumper cover off (screws on the bottom) just to be able to get at other screws that needed to be taken off. He said it was quite involved.

I just changed my headlight and sidelight assembly today. It wasnt very hard it took my friend about a half an hour. The whole thing pops out after a little wiggleing but there are side screws that are difficult to reach. we popped out the side reflector in order to reach one and just popped it back in when we finished. Anyone that has worked on car can figure this one out by looking at it. Just remember that your smaller side light sits in the assembly also and will have to be unhooked also.

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What are position lights?

The position lights on my XC70 are the bulbs just above the taillights/brakelights on the rear of the car. I have one that is often going out and generating the position light message. I usually just rap the brakelight area with my fist and the light pops back on. I guess there is a loose connection in there.

Volvo S80

What does the code P0234 mean on a Volvo 2002 S80?

Trouble code P0234 means:Engine overboost condition

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What truck has the most comfortable driver seat?

Toyota Tundra - All years!! None better than this one for comfort, support and ergonomics

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How would you remove the Climate Control panel or face of Volvo S80?

Step One - Disconnect Battery. Step Two - Disconnect Battery. If you do not disconnect battery you will have to take the car to the dealer so they can charge you 100 bucks to reset the SRS airbag reset light. Volvo is evil. Step Three - "POP-UP" plastic surrounding gear shift using screw driver or credit card. Step Three - There will now be two "star" screws exposed. Unscrew both. Don't drop screws inside. Step Four - Pull unit down and towards you. Also, gentle wiggling from side to side helps Step Five - Disconnect Wires.

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Are there any non-OEM manufacturers of catalytic converters for your 2000 T6 or does any other Volvo model catalytic converter fit?

The aftermarket industry makes a converter that will suffice, However you CANNOT, I REPEAT CANNOT, reuse a converter of of a another vehicle that has been used. The EPA will fine you at the very least 5000 dollars for doing so. Get a hold of Catco, or goelrich (not sure about the spelling on that one) and they should have a suitable replacement that will pass emissions testing, and not get you into trouble with the EPA.

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How do you determine the source of a cabin water leak in a 1999 Volvo S80?

that is the heater core that is leaking which is located behind the radio.

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How do you replace a broken headlight glass?

1. Remove Headlight wipers, (nut) accssible by lifting the cap at the shaft. 2. remove blind rivets at inner fenders to Bumper 3. Remove bolt (2ea) hidden behind the bumper rubber boots at each headligt. 4. Remove Bolts (2 ea) under plastic covers in the bumper, 5. Pop out the direction lights (see owners manual). 6. Remove the plastic punch in rivets at the top of the grille under the hood. 7. Remove the side position lights in the bumper, (click in fittings) 8. Pull out the bumper, like a drawer, just enough. 9. Remove the headlight, bolted and now easy accessed. Thats all folks

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What is the main of flame trap?

A device that prevents a gas flame from entering the supply pipe.

A device that prevents a gas flame from entering the supply pipe.

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How to change spark plugs on a 2002 S80 T6?

You simply remove the plastic cover that sit directly on the top of the engine. This is done with a torx driver. When the cover is removed you remove the coil packs that rest above each spark plug. Make sure to keep connected and remain in order after removal. Remove the spark plugs and reinstall in the reverse order. The T6 has twin turbo air charge pipes that must be removed first. Three to be exact, with one considerably large one running to the air intake housing.

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Volvo s40 code p1014 after changing timing belt?

Trouble code P1014 means: CMP Sensor/CKP Sensor Signals Not Compatible

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How do you turn off the air bag service light on Volvo s80 1999?

Just turn off the air back service light..

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Why is a dodge 318 engine idling too fast?

Fuel Injected? Could be a stuck throttle plate Try to free up with a screwdiver

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Crankshaft Sensors
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Where is the camshaft position sensor located on 2002 Volvo s80 t6 and how many is needed?

They are located on the top of the engine opposite side of the engine belts and at the end of the double overhead cam. The are located inside black plastic housings, just look for the electrical leads going to them.

They rarely fail, if you are getting cam position sensor codes, make sure the timing belt hasn't slipped.

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