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Dice games are games that incorporate or use a dice as their central or sole component, typically as a random device. These games need skill and strategy, though luck plays a greater part. Dice games include Backgammon, Tabula, Cosmic Wimpout, Dudo, Farkle and Crown and Anchor.

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What are some easy dice games to play?

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There's always Yahtzee. If you have the time and people, and the correct equipment (rule books, dice, etc.) Dungeons & Dragons is a great game. It's like a computer RPG, but played with dice. Also similar to Dungeons & Dragons, but with a handful of differences is Warhammer (and Warhammer 40,000 which is set in the distant future).

What clothes do the eastern woodland indians wear?

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They wore clothes made out of deerhide mostly.When it was the winter they wore,deerskin shirts,leggings,deerskin robes,and moccasins.The reason they wore that was because it gave lots of warmth to them.

Where can one play craps for free?

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One can play craps for free from: Wizard of Odds, ESPN, Craps Gambling, Vegas Click, Craps Age, Gamblers Palace, Casino Gambling, Next Shooter, Wizard of Vegas, Free Arcade, to name a few.

Where is the Australian town or city starts with q?

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Queensland is a state in Northeast Australia (Australia is both a country and a continent).

There is a medium-sized town in Central Western Tasmania called Queenstown, a somewhat smaller town in the Mallee region of Victoria called Quambatook, a Queensland town called Quilpie.

The largest though is probably Queanbeyan, a town in New South Wales just across the border from Canberra, ACT.

Check out an Australian Postcodes website. There are 54 localities listed starting with Q

Is a Yahtzee a full house?

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In the game of Yahtzee a full house is worth 25 points. A full house consists of 2 dice with the same number and three dice with the same numbers.

What are the rules for rummikub dice game?

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They are the same as ordinary Rummy, except for a few things: you are with words instead of sets and runs, of course ... and you start with 14 tiles, fill your tiles to 5 (?) each turn (see below for the printed line), and double your score if you use all your tiles. You must start with a first sign of a 6-letter word your rack before playing other words or manipulating the words on the table. Minimum number of letters in a word is three.

We played last weekend, and it seemed too easy for me. For the more challenging, we have the minimum amount of four letter ... which made it more challenging. I am pleased that as an alternative if you play and find it too easy.

Summary of additional information (printed lines):

Score is 1 point per letter longest word you down, or rearranged the longest word in the table you have added at least one letter from your rack. Double the score at each turn in which you use all the letters in your rack in one turn.

You may use multiple words (3 letters or more) in the same turn, and manipulate words already on the table (add, rearrange and combine, etc.) remain on the table until all the tiles played and all tiles are valid words (but you only score of the longest). You may not be a word the same as one already on the table.

The Joker (there are 2) has the same value as 1 point each letter. Once played it should remain on the table, but can be substitued for matching real letter of your rack and moved in other words on the table in the same turn.

No manipulation of presented words is allowed, unless at least one tile to playing your rack. If you can not play at least one tile from your rack at each turn you must take an extra tile from the unused pool tile (so you sometimes more than 7 tiles). After each turn in which you play tile (s), take enough to 7 tiles on your rack from the pool until the pool runs out of tiles. The game ends when the reserve pool of tiles is completed, and either a player has no tiles left, or no player can play one another. (There does not seem a score against a player for the remaining tiles on the end of the game)

"Recommended" 1 minute time limit per play. If you have not finished - you give all the tiles and re-played words to their original position, and take a penalty tile from the pool.

A more challenging variation is a 'theme', where all words must refer to a particular topic.

There are 110 tiles with the following breakdown:

A = 10, B = 2, C = 4, D = 4, E = 10, F = 2, G = 3, H = 3, I = 7, J = 1, K = 2, L = 7, M = 3

N = 6, O = 8, P = 4, Q = 1, R = 7, S = 7, T = 8, U = 4, V = 1, B = 2, X = 1, Y = 2, Z = 1, = 2 Jokers

What is a Dice game with the letter p?

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Perquackey is a dice game with 13 letter dice, 10 black and 3 red, and a 3 minute sand timer. The object is to make as many words as possible within the time limit. The game typically goes to five thousand. The game uses the 10 black dice till a score of 2000 is reached, then the 3 red dice are added. Complete rules can be obtained by "Googling" Perquackey.

What is a craps stick made of?

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How do you play Farkel Party?

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You have to have at least a 1 or a 5 in your roll for it to count. If there are no 1s or 5s you Farkel and your roll doesn't count.

You need to get at least 500 points to get on the board.

You win with 10,000 points.


1s are worth 100 points.

5s are worth 50 points.

If you get them all in the same roll.

Three 1s are worth 300 points.

Three 2s are worth 200 points.

Three 3s are worth 300 points.

Three 4s are worth 400 points.

Three 5s are worth 500 points.

Three 6s are worth 600 points.

Four of a kind is worth 1000 points.

Five of a kind is worth 2000 points.

Six of a kind is worth 3000 points.

Straight (1-6) is worth 1500 points.

Three pairs are worth 1500 points.

Two triplets are worth 2500 points.

(Four of a kind and a pair counts as three pairs)

What stores sell LCR dice game?

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LCR is a great, simple dice game that can be found just about anywhere games are sold, but especially in specialty game, toy, and hobby shops. A quick search of (December 2007) found LCR for about $7 (see link below).

How do you keep score in Rummikub dice game?

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When a player plays the last card in his/her hand, he/she gets points for all the cards left in all of his/her opponents' hands, as follows:

  • 0 = 0
  • 1 = 1
  • 2 = 2
  • 3 = 3
  • 4 = 4
  • 5 = 5
  • 6 = 6
  • 7 = 7
  • 8 = 8
  • 9 = 9
  • Skip = 20
  • Reverse = 20
  • Draw 2 = 20
  • Wild = 50
  • Wild Draw 4 = 50

If the winner of that round does not yet have 500 points, a new round is started. The first player to reach or pass 500 points wins. If more than one player passes 500 in the same round, the player with the higher/ highest point total wins.

What are the rules for dice game called killer?

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Played with 3 players. Deal out cards one by one to each player until cards are all passed out. Player with 3 diamonds starts first and goes clockwise. Highest cards are 2's, then A's, then King's, then Queen's, then Jack's, then 10-3. You can throw away your three's in the beginning of the game, not actually throw away but you get the point. Player who goes first can put anything. Single cards, double cards, triples, straight, 4 of a kind, flush, straight flush, triple double(known as full house in poker). 4 of a kinds, straight flush, and 5 double cards in a row of 5(like 22,33,44,55,66) or any 5 in a row are considered bombs and can be used any time. You can not use a double over a person's single. You have to use its kinds, like a single over single or double over double, you get the idea. Back to 2's and A's, spades are highest, then hearts, then clubs, then diamonds. If no players can beat a card or cards you put, you can go whatever cards you want, if it's acceptable.

What number is opposite the five on a die?

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On a six-sided cube die, the opposite side is the 2.

(the opposite sides add to 7)

How do you shoot in Warhammer?

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Step 1: The First step in playing a game of Warhammer is to Build your army. Now this does not mean you must have 100's of painted miniatures on the table top. Yes that sure does look cool and I would strong encourage you to work toward that goal but to start with anything from pennies to slips of paper will work. What you do need to start with is the Army book you wish to play with. Inside this book there is tones of story and background about each army, but the key information is the army lists. To start your Warhammer character start with a small battle. You will need two core units and a Leader. Each army has a couple choices for core units and for the army leader. Read the stories and look for what appeals to you. Will your army be two solid blocks of spears and a knight on horseback leading? Or will you have two units of knights to thunder down your enemy and a Mage as your leader throwing fire balls. Feel free to mix and match your army choices and play test a couple different times to get what you like for your own style. The point value is the most important thing. Each model has a point value. Knights are the most points at well over 20 points a model, where foot men are far less, anywhere from 2 to 8 or 10 points depending on how much upgrades you give them. A good start would be a 500 point army. Well get building and see you at step two

Step 2: Ok so step one probably took you a good half hour or so. Now its on to step two. Setting up the battle field. for a small 500 point battle a 4'by 4' table will be more then fine. as you go to larger and larger battles 4' by 8' and bigger tables could be used. Now the second part of setting up the battle field is having things on the battle field. While some battles are fought in open fields, it is rare in life to find just a perfectly level field. Rolling hills, a tree here and there, a old wall are all things that could be found on the battle field. Now if you have been to any gaming store you will have seen many of these things, but for your first battle you may not have them. So throw a old book down as a hill top. Lay a paper towel roll down on its side to be a wall. A large round candle can make a great tower. Look around the house, there are tons of things to use. A general rule, tho by no means a hard rule, is for ever 2' by 2' space on your battle field, put 1 item down. so on a 4' by 4' table you would need four items. Placement can be done in many ways. One person could place them all and the other person pick sides, or you could randomly roll the dice and lay items down.

Step 3: OK now you have a 4 by 4 table laid down with items, Its time to deploy your army. This can be done in a couple ways. Simplest is roll dice against the person your playing and the winner picks sides. Or if one person set up the whole table the other gets to pick there side. Once you have the side of the table your going to deploy on, put down your first unit. Following this your enemy (on the battle field) will deploy one unit. Keep going back and forth starting with who ever deploys first until all forces are on the field. A low cost army like the Orcs might get 3 or 4 units for 500 points, where a high cost army like High Elves might only get the 2 units and there leader. Its OK don't let this fool you. The point system balances things out. There are more Orcs but the high elves are better fighters on a one on one bases.

Step 4: With both armies deployed its time to fight. Warhammer moves in turns. To start with you must determine who gets the first turn. Roll dice and the person with the highest gets to chose if they want there army rushing forward and taking the first turn, or if they would like to let the other person go first There are countless strategies on this point. And for that mater countless strategies in how you fight your battle. Are you going to be defensive take cover behind the wall and hope you can hold up to a charge from the enemy? Or are you going to rain fire down on them while your foot troops slowly advance Let a Mage soften up the enemy? The choice is yours, you are the general

Step 5: The turn of Warhammer consists of several phases. The first is movement Unless there are special rules for your army, based on the army books, the general move here is 4inches by foot men and 8 by mounted units. A good tape measure allows this to happen. If you are going to charge with a unit you can move 2x as far as normal, but they must reach the enemy. So now go and move your army

Step 6: Magic comes next. In this phase you cast any spells from your mage and defend against enemy spells. Your army creates 2 power dice. Each mage generates there own power dice according the the rules in there book. Anywhere from 1 to 4 dice could be generated from each mage. On defense your enemy will have two dispel dice and dispell dice generated from there mages. Again this is per the rules of each individual army. The way to cast spells is to pick the spell you wish, and then role a number of dice from your power pool up to the level of your mage plus one. So if you have a level 3 mage, you can use 4 dice. if you beat the number the spell requires you cast the spell. if you role two 6's its cast extra strong and your enemy can't dispel it. Be careful if you role two 1's that's bad news and check the miscast table in the main rule book. Your enemy can dispel with any or all of there dispel dice and if they roll higher then you did, the spell don't work. A good stradagy here would be to make your enemy use up all his dispell dice before you get to the spell you really want to cast

Step 7: Missile weapons come next. Each unit as a BS skill as listed in the army book. If the unit is armed with a missile weapon, be it bow, black powder gun, cannon, rock thrower, bolt thrower, blow gun, or anything else, it gets fired now. Some weapons have special rules, (Move-or-fire weapons for example) so check the army book for special rules. Assuming all weapons can fire, start with any weapon that is a guess weapons and shoot them first. (Cannons, rock throwers you must guess how far you want them fired) Work out the rules for each weapon as per the army book. Every big weapon like cannons rock throwers have special rules. Then fire your more regular weapons. These weapons all have a range. Nominate who you shoot at and then check range. If you come up short so too did your arrows. Roll a 6 sided dice for every model that fires. to hit, you must roll the number called out in the main rule book that is required for the BS of your troop. Many modifiers can come into effect. If the enemy is behind cover, if your firing from the high ground, if they are at long range etc. if you score a hit then you need to roll to wound. Each weapon as a strength score. this goes against your enemy's toughness. If they are equal numbers then you need to role a 4 or better on the 6 sided dice. if your strength is higher, you only need a lower number, if the enemy is tougher, then you might need to roll a 6 to wound.

Step 8: So you have soften up the enemy with a magic and missile now it comes time to get dirty. Close combat. This is played much as described in the missile section. Each model has a WS and that goes against the opponents WS. If both weapon skills are equal you will need a 4 to hit. Again all sorts of modifiers can be applied based on special rules of the troops and the weapons they fight with. once you work out who gets hit role to wound. Each model has a straight number. This goes against the toughness just like the missile weapons. Again if both are equal 4's are needed to wound.

Step 9: OK you moved, fire balled and shot, then fought in battle. Now comes the hard part, its your enemies turn to shoot, fireball and fight you back. Did you move your troops to good places? are they on the high ground? are they behind cover?


What are the best craps strategies?

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The best bet in the game of craps, and in fact, the best bet in the whole casino as far as odds are concerned, is the free odds bet that can be taken behind the pass line or don't pass line. It's the only bet in the entire casino that pays correct odds.

How do you make your own left right center dice game?

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Left Center Right or LCR is a dice based game for three or more players. It uses special dice and chips or counters. The dice have the letters L,C and R one on each of three faces and three dots, one on each of the other three faces. This game can be played for fun to pass the time and can be a gambling game if you use money in place ot the counters or place a value on the chips used.

What dice game that begins with the letter b?

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Why did GUN kill Maria in Sonic Adventure 2?

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GUN saw the destructive nature of Shadow's prototype, the Biolizard (and the Gizoid, one of the Professor's other projects at the time), and considered Professor Gerald Robotnik's experiements too dangerous, so they shut down the ARK, killed anyone that got in their way, or knew about Project: Shadow, and locked Gerald up to be excecuted. Maria aided in the end result of Project: Shadow (Shadow the Hedgehog)'s escape, and so she was killed, her (and everyone else's) death blamed on a tragic accident caused by the Professor.

What is a spot on a die called?

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They are sometimes called called spots or dots, but most commonly referred to as pips.