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A board game is a game that involves the movement of counters or pieces on a pre-marked surface or "board," based on a set of rules. These games usually have a goal which a player strives to achieve.

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Monopoly (game)
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What happens when you land on Free Parking in Monopoly?

According to the official rulebook: “A player landing on this place does not receive any money, property or reward of any kind. This is just a ‘free’ resting place.”

Many people who play choose to invoke a house rule that allows anyone who lands on Free Parking gets to collect the pot of money that has accumulated from all fines, taxes, etc., up to that point. However, the rulebook states that all of that money is supposed to go directly back to the bank.

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Does India import bicycle playing cards?

I know where can you get that in mumbai..Contact

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What does your bakugan g-power based on it attributes mean in bakugan tradeing card game?

Let's say your Gate or Ability Card has the following bonuses for the attributes on the card (unlike ability cards gate cards always have every attribute): Pyrus=100, Aquos=50, Sub Terra=0, Haos=90, Darkus=200, Ventus=80. Your Bakugan's printed G is 760 and it's attribute Ventus. If you roll your Bakugan and it lands on the card we're talking about it gets +80 g power. So now you've got 840 g. Whoevers G is higher wins the gate card, get three and you win the game. The Pyrus, Aquos, etc., etc., are the attributes. In the following it says what color each attribute normally is: Pyrus=red, Aquos=blue, Sub Terra=brown, Haos=white, Darkus=black, Ventus=green. On the card behind the g bonus is the color of the attribute so just in case you forget which is which. Oh I'd like to say that Pyrus is Fire, Aquos is Water, Subterra is Earth, Haos is Light, Darkus is Darkness, and Ventus is Wind.

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Does anyone know of a board game called Optile?

Yes, Optile was a game that came out in the seventies, roughly when I was about 12 years old, circa 1975. It had tiles of various colors, purple, green, red etc. but I can't for the life of me remember how it was played!

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Facial Hair

Does the King of Diamonds have a mustache?

Yes he has a handle bar moustache.

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How many black checker pieces are on each checkerboard?

Each side has twelve checker pieces .

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What do you type in for the board game surprise on howrse?

You need a purchase transaction code, which can be found on your receipt.

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What is a person who plays cards called?

A card player.

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Where can you buy the oilman game?

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How do you play the beast quest trading card game?

You have to play like this " age 230 on fright factor 91". That means the player that had age 230 wins and then you continue until all the powers are gone.

Vietnam War
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In the game of dominos do you have to say domino after set your last domino down?

yes and no it is optional

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What are the rules of polynomial damath?

There are none check spelling.

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How many 2's are in a deck of 52 cards?

There are four 2s in a standard deck of playing cards.

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How many cards do you draw if you can't play in uno?

vague question. start with 7. after each round, one with no cards left gets 5 more. can't put one down, draw 1- end of turn (or) keep drawing until you can put one down.

National Football League (NFL)
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Baseball Rules and Regulations

What is the wild card race?

In baseball the AL and NL each have 3 divisions (East, Central, West) -- those division winners all qualify for the playoffs, then you take all the other teams in the league, whichever team has the best record is the wildcard -- the AL and NL each have 4 teams make the playoffs (3 division winners and the wildcard) -- The wildcard CANNOT play the winner of their division in the 1st round (LDS) -- in the event that 2 or more teams qualify for the wildcard, they will play a 1 game playoff game against each other, the winner of that game will be the wildcard --- the wildcard is the #4 seed regardless of their win-loss record and will play the #1 seed (unless that happens to be a team from their division, in which case they would play the #2 seed in the Division Series)

A "wildcard race" references the end of the regular season when teams that do not win their division are going for that #4 seed (the wildcard team)

Beginning in the 2012 season, there will always be a one-game playoff, regardless of the records of the competing teams.

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Which Hoyle board games has zen bones?

it is in hoyle board games 1999 i am trying to install it on windows 7 not having much luck but i installed it in windows vista and it worked

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What are race and chase board games?

Board games in which you race and chase.

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Monopoly (game)

How do you unlock boards on monopoly streets?

On the Wii, when you finish a game, you get "M" credits (monopoly money). Go to the Monopoly Store . .Token will be the first option, hit the "+" button on the can buy the boards / toke / and mii character.

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Answers with Ralph Anderson?

What's your background with board games?First, I prefer to refer to them as tabletop games as I include card games. For me this is a fun, entertaining and mentally challenging hobby played with friends around a table. I started at around 5-years old with my dad playing dominoes, checkers and then chess. With family and friends, I played many of the Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, American Heritage, 3M Book Case Games all the other assorted games from the 1950's and '60's. In High School and College I played Tournament Bridge and Chess and board games like Panzer Blitz and Diplomacy. I also always played a lot of card games like Hearts, Spades, Oh Hell Euchre and others. Acquire was (and still is) a favorite. As a Young adult in the 70's and 80's I added on games from Avalon Hill and SPI - dozens of them. In the late '70's I got into Dungeons and Dragons and in the '90's Magic, Legends of the Five Rings, Shadowfist and Battletech Collectible Card Games (CCGs) and, of course, joined in to play the new "Euro Games" starting with the Settlers of Catan. Over the last 25 years I have been a huge participant in the game playing world including going to game conventions, play testing tons of games, a 17 year game group that played EVERY Thursday night at my house, translating and editing game rules, designing my own game (Chimera) and now working with Eagle-Gryphon Games to publish games.
World War 2
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How do you keep score in UNO?

The ammount of cards all the other players have besides the winner is deducted from 0 (the lowest below zero is the loser in the game after 5 rounds.

Computer Viruses
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Why do we need virus checker?


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What is a 4 letter name of a card game?

Spit, brag...

Solo, skat, snap, crib (i.e. cribbage commonly shortened to this), fish...

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Name of game piece that moves around board?

It's called a "mover," but can also be called a "pawn" or "token."

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United Arab Emirates

Where can you buy board games in Dubai?

I bought boardgame from Kinokuniya Bookstore (at Dubai Mall 2nd floor).They just started to bring in .

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Is badminton an indoor or an outdoor game?

Mostly, we play badminton outdoors, especially during an Olympic or a match as its fesh and well, a much better, wider space, open-wide for playing. But some also play badminton indoors such as in sport stadiums, but majority is outdoors.


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