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Who was the first chess champion in the world?

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Wilhelm Steinitz ; see related link below .

William Steinitz
Wilhelm Stientz.
Wilhelm Steinitz defeated Johann Zukertort, in 1886, and held the title until 1894.

Is checkmate a scam?

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"Yes, it is a scam. There is no way someone can get into The Police Records and Post the reports to the public without legal trouble."

The statement above is completely false. They provide public record information from reputable sources. Some of their practices around subscriptions are a little questions able but they provide information which about people from public record sources.

What does castleing do?

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They are castles that people try to attack

Are allowed to play in the british open chess championship?

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Indian nationals cannot enter. British-Indian or Irish-Indian citizens are welcome to enter.

What are Effectors chess?

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what is effectors in chess agent

Who is Bobby Fischer?

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He is in his grave in Selfoss, Iceland. A link of the city is provided below.

AnswerOn July 13, 2004, Fischer was arrested at Narita International Airport in Narita, Japan near Tokyo for allegedly using a revoked U.S. passport while trying to board a Japan Airlines flight to Ninoy Aquino International Airport near Manila, Philippines. Fischer used a genuine passport that the U.S. Embassy in Bern, Switzerland issued to him in 1997, but which was revoked in 2003.

He has been wanted by the United States government since 1992 when he played a chess match with Spassky in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which violated the presidential executive order #12810 of George H. W. Bush based on UN sanctions against engaging in economic activities in Yugoslavia. Fischer's supporters have stated that other U.S. citizens were present at the match, specifically reporters, and were not prosecuted. They also have stated that although Japan and the United States have a mutually binding extradition treaty, Fischer should not have been deported, as violating a U.S. executive order is not a violation of Japanese law. Tokyo-based Canadian journalist and consultant John Bosnitch set up the "Committee to Free Bobby Fischer" after meeting Fischer at Narita airport and offering to assist him. Bosnitch was subsequently allowed to participate as a friend of the court by an Immigration Bureau panel handling Fischer's case. He then worked to block the Japanese Immigration Bureau's efforts to deport Fischer to the United States and coordinated the legal and public relations campaign to free Fischer until his eventual release.

Fischer renounced his U.S. citizenship, according to the AFP. The following month, it was reported that Fischer would be marrying Miyoko Watai, the President of the Japanese Chess Association, with whom he has been living since 2000. There has been speculation that he married her in order to aid his chances of being allowed to stay in Japan. He also appealed to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell to help him renounce his citizenship.

Under pressure from the U.S., Japan's Justice Minister rejected Fischer's appeal that he be allowed to remain in the country and ordered him deported.

Icelandic citizenship

Seeking ways to evade deportation to the U.S., Fischer wrote a letter to the government of Iceland in early January 2005, asking for Icelandic citizenship. Sympathetic to Fischer's plight � but reluctant to grant him the full benefits of citizenship � Icelandic authorities granted him an alien's passport. When this proved insufficient for the Japanese authorities, the Al�ingi agreed unanimously to grant Fischer full citizenship in late March [6] for humanitarian reasons as they felt he was being unjustly treated by the U.S. and Japanese governments. Meanwhile, the U.S. government filed charges of tax evasion against Fischer in an effort to prevent him from traveling to Iceland.

Fischer also attempted to receive Serbian citizenship but was denied.

As confirmation of Fischer's new citizenship reached Japanese authorities, they agreed to let him out of custody to fly to his new home country. Although Iceland has an extradition treaty with the U.S., according to Icelandic law, Icelandic citizens may not be extradited from Iceland and they reaffirmed their perception that the U.S. government had singled Fischer out for his political statements.

Shortly before his departure to Iceland on March 23, 2005, Fischer and Bosnitch appeared briefly on the BBC World Service, via a telephone link to the Tokyo airport from where he departed for Iceland. Bosnitch stated that Fischer would never play traditional chess again and Fischer began by denouncing President Bush as a criminal. He then stated that he would appeal his case to the U.S. Supreme Court but that he would not return to the U.S. while the current administration is in power. He denounced Japan as a puppet of the U.S. Bosnitch added that Fischer now considered his home to be Iceland. With that, Bosnitch shouted "Bon voyage!" to Fischer as he left to board the aircraft for his new home. He was welcomed by a crowd in Reykjav�k.

In May 2005, a delegation, including Boris Spassky, visited Iceland with the intent of "drawing Fischer back to the chessboard." Fischer appeared interested in playing a Fischer Random Chess match against a "worthy opponent." Spassky said that he was not planning to play Fischer.

On January 17, 2008, this Chess Grandmaster died in a hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland.

How do the pawns move in chess?

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There are 16 altogether. 8 are white and 8 are black.

What are all the names of all the chess pieces?

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The chess pieces are the pawn (8 per color or side), knight (2 per color or side), rook or castle (2 per color or side), bishop (2 per color or side), the queen (1 per color or side) and the king (1 per color or side).

Who was India's first international grand master in chess?

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Manuel Aaron. He became an IM in 1961.

How do you play chess?

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Set up the chess board by placing all the white and black pieces in their proper starting locations.

Start the Game. White goes first. The player with white pieces moves any piece legally, as as described above. Then it becomes Black’s turn.

Continue play with each player moving one piece per turn until the game ends. ...

Capture an opponent’s piece by moving a piece into an occupied square. The captured piece is then removed from the board and is permanently removed.

End the game.

Where is the kings starting position in chess?

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The king starts on e1 for white and e8 for black.

Who would win in a chess match between Buddha and Jesus?

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Jesus, because He is alive. Buddha is dead.

My money is on Buddha because he achieved enlightenment. Also Jesus was like a Jewish carpenter so probably not that great at board games. Great question though.

First: WTF?!? Who asks questions like this?

Second: Just because I know there are some idiots who actually care about this BS, I will answer the question as if BOTH religions are true.

Buddha was claimed to reach enlightenment, but Jesus was the son of God and God himself. God versus enlightened guy? God wins.


Jesus wins... because Jesus Christ is God and he knows and controls everything, and yet Buddha was a smart human being~


Jesus won't play chess or any other game! God does not prove himself to man.

How old is Garry Maddox?

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Garry Maddox was born on September 9, 1949.

Who is the youngest chess grandmaster?

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Anish Giri

Grandmaster at 14Yrs 7Months and 2 days

Th youngest Grandmaster is

2002Sergey Karjakin Ukraine12 years, 7 months, 0 days

How did Waverly start playing chess?

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Waverly's brother received a chess set for Christmas one year. When some of the chess pieces come up missing, Waverly lets her brothers use some of her candy for chess pieces and they allow her to start playing chess.

What is the fastest way to win in chess?

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The best first move in chess is the one that you, after practice and playing, find gives you the greater advantage in playing the game. There are so many possible first moves that the best one becomes simply the one that you are most comfortable with and which suits your personal style of play best. The real best moves are either 'e4' or 'd4' where the center pawn moves two spaces forward and that prevents 'd5' or 'f5', or respectively 'c5' or 'e5'. These are the two best choices, and one would be hard pressed to say which is actually better, although the character of the resulting position would be quite different.

For example, assuming that black follows suit (usually the safest course), playing 'e5' or 'd5', white may in the latter case (very often he does) advance the c-pawn to 'c4' in an attempt at a gambit (usually declined with 'e6' or 'c6'),

but in a game opening with 'e4' it is almost always best to leave the f-pawn

unmoved and instead seize the initiative with N-f3. In d4 openings the b-Kt

is usually best placed at 'd2" to avoid the strain of a Cambridge Springs maneuver (double pin on Kt if black plays both Q-a5 and B-b4), at least until castling takes place.

Who is considered the best NFL player of all time?

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Best NFL Player of All TimeBY stats alone the only true choice is

Brett Favre

the list ESPN put out in 2009 looks like this

1.Brett Favre

2.Joe Monatan

3.John Elway

4.Jerry Rice

5.Dan Marino

6.Emmit Smith

7.Jim Thorpe

8.Otto Grahm

9.Jim Brown

10.Barry Sanders

Who is first woman chess champion?

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From the Middle Ages through the 1700s, chess was a popular social pastime for both men and women of the upper classes. Mary, Queen of Scots, and Queen Elisabeth I played, and Thomas Jefferson wrote several times about Benjamin Franklin's playing chess with socially important women, including the Duchess of Bourbon, who was a "chess player of about his force". Chess games between men and women were a common theme of European art and literature in the fourteenth through the eighteenth centuries.

By the 1800s, however, the chess world had become dominant by male players, perhaps as a result of card playing becoming socially acceptable for mixed groups. Then during the twentieth century, female players again made significant progress in breaking the male stranglehold on the game, although remaining fewer than 5% of registered tournament players.

The country of Georgia produced some of the best woman chess players of the latter twentieth century, including some of the first female international grandmaster

"Nona Gaprindashvili", who awarded the title of grandmaster in 1978 she was awarded the title as a result of winning Lone Pine 1977 against a field of 45 players, mostly grandmasters. Although she did not meet the technical requirements for the grandmaster title, this result was so awe-inspiring that FIDE found it sufficient.

Though, there is also a woman grandmaster title but the requirements for achieving it are much lower. Still, chess has not regained its former social status among women. As of 2005 most of the top 10 women held the grandmaster title. In September 2005, grandmaster Judit Polgar then rated #8 in the world by the international chess organization 'FIDE', and then became the first woman to play for the world championship title.

Who was the first African-American chess grandmaster?

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Jamaican-born African-American Maurice Ashley became a grandmaster in 1999, and was the first (and is still the only) African-American to ever become a grandmaster. A link can be found below.

Is it too soon to move in with someone if you have only known him for two months?

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Yes it is too soon. You hardly know this man. Give it a bit more time and get to know each other and then consider this option. Because you have asked this question in your heart you know there are still some red flags coming up ... learn to listen to your gut instincts!

Can you checkmate someone in chess with your king?

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It is possible to checkmate with a queen against two bishops, just as it is possible to checkmate with two bishops against a queen. However, in perfect endgame play, two bishops versus a queen, without any other pieces on the board is a draw, given that

1. The bishops cannot take the queen or vice versa

2. There are no tactics with which the queen can force a capture of the bishop in a few moves

3. There are no extenuating circumstances where either side has to give up a piece to avoid checkmate.

In other words, if the king is in or near the center defending both of the bishops and the opposing queen is not in the bishops' line of fire, the game is a theoretical draw.

What happened to Queen Vashti after the king deposed her as queen?

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Vashti's later yearsMy understanding is that some time later she was actually reinstated. I believe she was a well-known power figure in ancient Persia. The reinstatement would have been after Xerxes returned from the finally-disastrous Greek campaign.

Please read the book below to find out

Vashti, Queen of the Ancient Medes: The Airyanem Civilization[Paperback]

What is the best chess program?

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The best chess program is Rybka 3.

Where can you buy an Army Chess set?

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In this site you can find lots of chess sets: sokrashop ( . ) com