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What does checkmate mean in chess?

Checkmate - the capture of the king - is the ultimate goal in chess, arising when the king is threatened with capture, with no way to respond to that threat by either moving the king, capturing the attacking piece or interposing a defending piece between the attacker and the king.

The checkmated player loses.


How many possibilities in chess?

Their is endless possibilities in chess since there is no limit to the amount of moves able to be made.

Board Games

How many black checker pieces are on each checkerboard?



How many people play chess in the united states?

I can't give you the exact number, but a lot of people play chess.


When do you say checkmate when playing chess?

You say 'Checkmate' when the King is under attack and has no spaces or options to move to or to remove the attack. The person 'checkmated' loses that game.


What are the parts of a chess board?

It consists of: 2 kings, 2 queens, 4 rooks, 4bishops, 4 knights,16 pawns, 32

black squares and 32 white squares.


In chess can king kill anything left or right?

Yes, as long as the piece he's killing is only one space away and if it will not put him in check.


What do you call a column on a chess board?

A file

Word and Phrase Origins

What is the origin of the word chess?




Are chess players athletes?

No, not necessarily. Being an athlete has nothing to do with playing chess.

How To

How to draw a bishop vs rook endgame in chess?

Well, the bishop must find a way to capture to rook. Then, it's a stalemate

Salary and Pay Rates

How much money do tennis players earn?

Prior to the 1970's, tennis players did not win large amounts of money, as they do, today. The "honor" of winning a trophy, along with the fame and glory that accompanied it, was deemed far more important. Since sponsorships were very rare in those days, most tennis players were well-to-do, and could afford to travel the world to play the sport with their own resources. Today, professional tennis players do not have a fixed salary. They make money from endorsements, sponsorships, and prize money. Tennis players can make a few hundred or thousand dollars winning matches in low-level and satellite tournaments, and hundreds of thousand dollars by winning major championships, such as those of the Grand Slam events.


Can a king kill another piece?

Yes, as long as it doesn't put him in check.


What is deep blue chess computer limitations?

The chess playing computer does not explain how it makes it decisions, does not give interviews, does not sign autographs, and does not do anything other than play chess with superlative skill.


What is a rarely executed move in chess?

Checkmate with the knight and bishop.


Facilities and Equipment needed in the Chess?

khiya hiyang bata nmn ung ngmura,,,hahah,,,yuck!!!


How many countries play chess?

No official contest is done for chess.


Have Gun Will Travel why a chess knight?

The Knight is the most versatile of chess pieces being capable of movement in 8 directions as well as over other chess pieces . Paladin is also a reference to the virtues of a knight .


Can you checkmate with king and queen vs king and 2 bishops?

It is possible to checkmate with a queen against two bishops, just as it is possible to checkmate with two bishops against a queen. However, in perfect endgame play, two bishops versus a queen, without any other pieces on the board is a draw, given that

1. The bishops cannot take the queen or vice versa

2. There are no tactics with which the queen can force a capture of the bishop in a few moves

3. There are no extenuating circumstances where either side has to give up a piece to avoid checkmate.

In other words, if the king is in or near the center defending both of the bishops and the opposing queen is not in the bishops' line of fire, the game is a theoretical draw.


Can a king kill a king to get out of check?

No, if a white king for an example checks a black king, then that white king is in check because of the white king. That means that a king can never be checked by a king. Think of it as a forcefield, neither king can come within a 1 square range of the other.

The only possible way a king could check another is if it was blocking the path of one of its own pieces that would be checking the opponent's king, and the king moved to unblock the path. This is called a discovered check.


What pieces do you move to win fast in chess?

Chess is not about winning fast. You must follow these principles in order to win:

  • Develop your centre pawns, knights and bishops in the opening. Castle to safety and connect your rooks.
  • Watch out for unusual moves. The opponent might have left something behind.
  • Understand defence. Know which pieces are defending which before you even consider attacking.
  • Try not to force the opponent to move by attacking undefended pieces constantly or checking repeatedly.
  • Find ways to win material if possible, using forks, pins, skewers, discoveries, checks and removing the defender. Many beginners often lose their pieces to knight forks.
  • Use your king in the endgame. It makes life a lot easier.

Or if you want to win fast you can as long as the others don't move certain pieces. It is called a four move checkmate but it is technically a four move checkmate. You move the pawn in front of the king and than move the queen to C5. Than move the queen to h5. Than take the bishop at F7.

To win fast you need to be aggressive. By placing your knights on aggressive squares and have all your pieces attacking the centre. If they should castle, using all of your pieces to attack their king can result in an early checkmate or a winning endgame from where you should be able to swiftly finish off your opponent. In addition to attacking their king when they've castled, it is very likely you will ruin the structure of the pawns in front of the king thus exposing it to the rest of your attacking pieces where traps can easily be set and checkmate is often inevitable.


Where was chess really invented?

it was originated from India


How many American chess grandmasters are there currently?

70 as of 2011.


When was shogi invented?

Shogi was a variant of Chaturanga founded in the early days of Japan when the ancient Indic board game spread to many parts of the world, sometime around 600-700AD.


Who is the best country at chess in the world?

DO you mean which country has the best chess players? If so, the answer is Russia


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