Football - Australian Rules

Australian Rules, also known as AFL, is a popular sport in Australia. Each team consists of 22 players and the aim is to kick the ball through the goal-posts.

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Football - Australian Rules

How long does an average AFL match go for?

During play, an AFL match goes for at least 80 minutes. The game can be disrupted by ball-ups, boundary throw-ins, free kicks, and after goals and behinds are scored, which extends play time. With all that considered, average AFL matches go for 100-120 minutes. But including when they are not playing, because of possible injuries and the breaks that occur between every quarter, it lasts up to 3 hours. Television broadcasts cover the game for this long, but may extend it for an extra 30-60 minutes if they televise previews, reviews, interviews, and, if the match is a particularly special one (e.g. Anzac day), entertainment and ceremonies, before and/or after the game.

Football - Australian Rules

How was afl invented?

Although previous forms had already been informally played, in 1858 a guy named Wills made up a similar game and drew up some rules to keep cricketers fit in winter.

Although Victorian at the time, from this AFL was eventually born.

This first game consisted of a ball and two goal posts: the first team (from Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar) won; it lasted three days, as the winner was the first team to score 2 goals and the goals were nearly a mile apart!!!!!

Football - Australian Rules

What is the age limit on children for tickets to the international rules series?

As footy has traditionally been 'a family affair', I doubt that there would be any age limit.

I remember taking a young baby along to the footy some decades ago: he was about 3 weeks old - people thought it was cute ;) - Hawthorn and Collingwood, I think, were the victims!!

If you are meaning 'Prices':

For most things in Melbourne, Australia, Adult tickets now start at 12 years of age, although student Concessions can also often apply.

Usually, those under 3 don't pay.

You would need to check with the specific event or agency handling the bookings of that particular event and place.

Football - Australian Rules

Afl the youngest team list 2009?

Hawthorn Hawks was.

Football - Australian Rules
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What is 1st sem result date?


Football - Australian Rules

Why is there no drop kick in the Afl?

Because if you do a drop kick it is classified dropping the ball

No, that's not right. With the exception of a set shot at goal (which has never really improved over the years) a drop punt is far easier to master in the field of play. Particularly on the run.

Football - Australian Rules

What is the lowest ever afl score at half time?

Fremantle 1 point to half time against Adelaide Adelaide 10.9.69 Fremantle 0.1.1 Half Time 11/07/2009

Football - Australian Rules

Who won the Brownlow medal in 2011?

luke hodge buddy Franklin or Nick Lemke

Hi im Gamerfreak Stephen and i believe that, and at the current progress people are going that either Judd, Jobe Watson or Dale Thomas will win the Brownlow for 2011 BTW im a Essendon Bombers fan.

And the person that did the most above answer is obviously a Hawthorn Hawks fan.

Umm.. no gamefreak Stephen I think ur wrong matey he is not a hawks fan
Dane Swan with 34 votes after finishing 3rd in 2011.

Football - Australian Rules

What is a possession in AFL?

Possessions are also commonly known as disposals. Each time a player handballs or kicks the ball that is a disposal. Adding together the number of handballs and kicks a player has gives their disposals. This tells people how many times the player had the ball during the game.

Football - Australian Rules
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How many AFL Premiership Cups have the West Coast Eagles won?

= Answer == Three - 1992, 1994 and 2006

Football - Australian Rules

Is Darren locker man?

Darren lockyer is the man.

Football - Australian Rules

What is the weight of an AFL football?

1.5 kilo's

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Football - Australian Rules

How can you develop your personality through sports?

you start to play the sport and than u practise and than u just get attached if u like it.

Pretty sure that doesn't answer the question.

Football - Australian Rules

What time does the afl grand final start in 2011 awst?

First weekend of october

Football - Australian Rules

What season does Australian Football League start?


NAB cup starts in Autumn

Football - Australian Rules
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How did they make the MCG?

With a crater

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Football - Australian Rules

How many Irish players have won the premiership?

There have been four players from Republic of Ireland who have won the Premiership; Denis Irwin, Roy Keane, John O'Shea and Damien Duff. The only player from Northern Ireland to win the Premiership is Roy Carroll.

Football - Australian Rules
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What is former Australian footballer Peter McConville's sexual orientation?

WikiAnswers cannot be sure of the sexual preference of Peter McConville at this time. This matter is very personal, and therefore is not open to further public answers.

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Football - Australian Rules

How many players are on an AFL team and how many play at one time?

There are 18 players that are fielded/playing at any one time.

It has been the practice for quite some time for AFL [Australian Football teams] to top list 25 players as being available. Over generations of the Australian football game, the number of players 'in reserve' has changed immensely. For many decades, the team was permitted only 2 in reserve, but with the ruling that once they came on, they had to stay on - there was no 'interchange'. The interchange allowance rule came about 40 years ago, initially with only the two, but then soon permitted 4 interchange players. That has also gradually increased.

The key element, however, is that for generations now, there has been only 18 players permissable on field at any one time, although one large association used to play only 16, but that was rarely followed by any other leagues

When the AFL wanted to better promote the game internationally, especially to accommodate the smaller overseas fields, smaller markets and the smaller following, playing numbers in various countries have been reduced to 15 players and, thereafter, to as few as 9 players per side (to my knowledge).

Of course, even within Australia, many of the locals or people on picnics, etc., will knock up mock games with as many as they have available, and simply shorten the field.

Football - Australian Rules

What number was Barry Hall's football jumper?

One (1)

Football - Australian Rules

When did Richmond last win a premiership?

1980, against Collingwood.

Football - Australian Rules

Why did Lance Buddy Franklin get disqualified from the Brown Low 2011?

HAWTHORN star Buddy Franklin received a suspensionafter being reported by a field umpire for striking Gold Coast's Maverick

Football - Australian Rules

How long has Hawthorn been in the AFL or VFL?

Since 1925

Football - Australian Rules

How many grand finals has collingwood lost?


1901 1905 1911 1915 1918 1920 1922 1925 1926 1937 1938 1939 1952 1955 1956 1960 1964 1966 1970 1977 1979 1980 1981 2002 2003, 2011

Football - Australian Rules

How many finals games have the west coast eagles won?

As at the end of 2010 - 17 finals wins. (and 1 draw and 20 losses)


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