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Card games are games which use a deck of playing cards as the main device. The game has standardized rules which often vary by person, region, and culture. Numerous card games like Solitaire and Spider can now be played online.

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What does the king of hearts in a deck of cards?

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it means the card is King and its hearts

Is there a 4 card game in poker?

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In standard poker games, like Texas Hold'em and Omaha, each player is typically dealt two private cards (hole cards) and then a combination of community cards is used to make the best possible hand. This results in a 5-card hand for each player.

  1. However, there are variants of poker that use 4 cards, such as "Omaha Hi/Lo" or "Omaha 8 or Better." In these games, each player is dealt four hole cards, and they must use exactly two of them in combination with three of the five community cards to make the best high hand and/or the best low hand. So, while these games involve 4 cards for each player, they still ultimately form a 5-card hand for the purposes of determining the winning hand(s).

Answers with Ralph Anderson?

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What's your background with board games?First, I prefer to refer to them as tabletop games as I include card games. For me this is a fun, entertaining and mentally challenging hobby played with friends around a table. I started at around 5-years old with my dad playing dominoes, checkers and then chess. With family and friends, I played many of the Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, American Heritage, 3M Book Case Games all the other assorted games from the 1950's and '60's. In High School and College I played Tournament Bridge and Chess and board games like Panzer Blitz and Diplomacy. I also always played a lot of card games like Hearts, Spades, Oh Hell Euchre and others. Acquire was (and still is) a favorite. As a Young adult in the 70's and 80's I added on games from Avalon Hill and SPI - dozens of them. In the late '70's I got into Dungeons and Dragons and in the '90's Magic, Legends of the Five Rings, Shadowfist and Battletech Collectible Card Games (CCGs) and, of course, joined in to play the new "Euro Games" starting with the Settlers of Catan. Over the last 25 years I have been a huge participant in the game playing world including going to game conventions, play testing tons of games, a 17 year game group that played EVERY Thursday night at my house, translating and editing game rules, designing my own game (Chimera) and now working with Eagle-Gryphon Games to publish games.

When a player plays a card that requires them to discard from their hand but they do not have a hand can they still play the card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

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The answer is NO. If there is a cost requiring you to discard a card, you cannot play it. You also can't, for example, play a Card Destruction if there are no cards in either players hand or play Raigeki when your opponent controls no monsters.

Are Pokemon cards in the thousands fake?

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If you are referring to card numbers, no. Pokemon cards have been produced for at least the past twenty years. There are 649 Pokemon, each has multiple cards.

Is Pokemon still the most popular card game?

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Absolutely. Over 60 million handheld games have been sold. The newest generation, Diamond and Pearl, sold almost 19 million copies, not including Platinum.

Pokemon gets a bad rep for being "kiddy" but strong sales prove that everyone, even much older teens/adults, still love and play Pokemon.

I may be only be 11, but Pokemon is AWSOME!!!!!!!!

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Well im 17 and i secretly still watch and play Pokemon, its just one of those things that's you'll love forever. ive been watching and playing it for 12 years and still going strong!! ♥♥POKEMON♥♥

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In yu-gi-oh the card game when you use a spell or trap card to destroy a spell or trap card does it negate the destoyed cards effect?

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Yes; by the effect of certain cards, you can change the target of your opponent's attacks. Examples include Patrician of Darkness, Astral Barrier, Magical Arm Shield, and Magician's Valkyria, though there are many, many more.

How many 8 of clubs are in a deck of cards?

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4. Each deck contains 52 cards that are distributed among four suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. Each suit contains 13 cards, a card for numbers 2 through 10, jack, queen, king, and ace.

Name of card game beginning with o?

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Old Maid is a popular card game for children.

What is the name of the five-headed dragon in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game?

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Yes. In the OCG, the card is named Five God Dragon or F.G.D. In the TCG, the card bears the name Five-Headed Dragon.

Five-Headed Dragon

Attribute: DARK

Type: Dragon/Fusion/Effect

Level: 12

ATK: 5000

DEF: 5000

The Fusion Materials Monsters for this card are any 5 Dragon-Type monsters. This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summoned. This card does not take any Battle Damage, and cannot be destroyed by battle with an EARTH, WATER, FIRE, WIND, or DARK monster. (Battle Damage is still inflicted to players.)

What is the difference between the origonal Yu-Gi-Oh card game and the Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds card game?

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Assuming you don't mean the Japanese original game, then the answer is technically nothing. As the anime changes, the packs have been updated to say GX and 5D's, to show those characters and base the cards around them.

But the game itself is the same. A card printed in the first set is exactly the same as cards printed in the latest set.

Although you can now summon tuner monsters in 5D's. Something you could not prieviously execute

Card game beginning with the letter e?

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Some card games that begin with the letter E include the following:

Earl of Coventry


Egyptian Ratscrew

Eight Game Mix Poker


Ekae (similar to Old Maid)


Elevator (similar to Oh Hell!)

Elevator Poker

Eleven Point Black Tile


Empat Satu

Emperors and Scum



Espanjalainen paskahousu



Answers with Maria Ho?

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Do you plan on writing another book in the EveryGirl's series?

I'll be writing till the day I die, particularly nonfiction help books in the EveryGirl series. It's probably the reporter in me but I have a deep passion for gathering and sharing information, especially with fellow women. I feel like many people's lives can be positively enhanced if they come in contact with the proper information. Growing up, my parents and I lacked information on a host of subjects that made life far more difficult than it needed to be. I want to help people, especially women, avoid that.

Card games that begin with k?

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Magarac, manipulation rummy, mattis, Michigan rummy, mizerka and myllymatti are card games.

Is Yu-Gi-Oh a card game?

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Yes, indeed it is a card game. It is almost similar to Magic the Gathering which is also a collectible Trading Card Game.

For basic information, there are 3 kind of Cards

if you need to know more about it, type " = What types of yugioh cards are there? = "

For basic Game parts here's what I can give you. Player: Depending on your game rule, there can be 2 to 4 players dueling.

Lifepoints: Normally, 8000 is the Lifepoint of each Dueler. In Anime, the LifePoint were 2000 then change to 4000 in Battle City and so on and so forth. so basically Lifepoint for me can be altered depending to what the two players agreement. in our neighborhood, 8000 is what we have agreed to be our starting Lifepoint. LifePoint is actually the players Life in the Duel. the Duelist may receive damage in a lot of ways. He can pay lifepoints for an activation of effect, take direct damage from an opponent's monster, take Differential Damage, or take Magic or Trap Card effect damage.

All in all, the Life point is the life of the player. when it's 0 you loose. when you make your opponent's lifepoint 0, you win.

Deck: Is the compilation of cards of a Duelist which he will use in the duel. It has a minimum of 40 cards and can be as many as the Duelist like. however, the more number of cards you have in your deck, the less likely to draw the card you need in it. The other deck is the Fusion Deck. which is basically the compilation of the fusion monsters that is needed by the Duelist.

Field: Field is where you duel. It's parts are 2 deck zone (one for each player), 2 graveyards (one for each player), 2 Field Magic Card zone (one for each player, 2 Fusion Deck Zone (one for each player), 10 Monster Card Zone (5 for each player) and 10 Magic or Trap card zone ( 5 for each player). Also, provide a place for those cards which will be removed from play because of card effects.

Some Cards needs Tokens and Dices also.

For gameplay, dueler takes turn alternately. Each turn is consist of phases:

Draw Phase: a player draws a card for his deck.

Stand by Phase: a player does nothing but some cards take their effect in this phase.

Main Phase 1: a player summons a monster, set some cards on his side of the field.

Battle phase: if a player has a monster, he declares attack using his monsters on the field.

Main Phase 2: is only activated if he has declared battle phase. if not, then after Main phase 1 he should declare end phase.

End phase : is the end your a players turn and is also the start of the other player's turn.

Countering: at any time on your opponent's phase, you can activate Spell, Trap or monster effects but be careful that you did activate it correctly or else your opponent may declare it wrongly activated making it's effect invalid and directly send into the graveyard.

Spell speed is very important in counter because it is the main difference of Spell cards to Trap cards. all Magic or Spell Cards has spell speed 1 except for those who has an Icon of Quick Spell which has Spell Speed 2. All trap cards has spell Speed 2 except for those that has the Icon of Counter which has the highest of all at Spell Speed 3. the rule is you can't Counter a card that has higher spell speed than you. Only those who has lower or the same Spell speed as your card has. Magic Cards cannot be use for counter except for Quick spell ones (but in the anime, spell speed is not followed allowing the magic cards to be activated even on opponents turn). Spell Speed 1 cards are used only in your own turn and not in you opponent's turn. Spell Speed 2 and 3 can be used as counter cards.

in Yugioh, what is chain effect?

What are the Rules for moans and groans card game?

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It's better known as Continental. That is easy to find rules for.

What color card is eaiser in the game Taboo?

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Blue is the easiest to answer and purple the hardest.

What card has the highest value in most card games?

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the Ace always has the highest value

How do you beat level 7 on b cubed?

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up,left,left,down,right,down,down,down,right,right,up,right,down,right,right,up,up,right,right,up,up,left,left,left,left,left,down,right,right,right,right End

Is playing cards considered hanging out?

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It may not seem like it, but yes it is.