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The Machinery and Tools category covers questions regarding hand tools, power tools, workshop machinery (such as lathes, milling machines, etc), welding and cutting tools and equipment, measuring instruments, earth-moving machinery, furnaces, factory and industrial machinery.

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Why is diamond not used to line furnaces?

The price of diamonds means that lining a furnace with diamonds, sufficient to accomplish the task of insulating the furnace would be exorbitantly expensive. The other issue would be diamond's extreme hardness: it would not be possible to form the diamonds in such a way to conform to the interior shape of a furnace. ...
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The meaning of rope vs line?

Line is a nautical term for a rope. But a rope can be a line attached on only one end in normal use. The bell rope, the bucket rope, the tiller rope, the bolt rope, check rope, foot rope, monkey rope, and the dip rope. ...
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What is the basic function of a megger?

A Megger is a device that will test the insulation of the circuit it is connected to. It produces a DC voltage to check for leakage current from the conductor to ground. It then will give you the value of insulation in Mega Ohms. Generally anything less than one Mega Ohm per thousand volts is poor insulation. Be careful when using this device because it does produce high DC voltages and it can give you an awakening jolt. It is most...
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What is CNC engineering?

it is a specialisaton in mechanical engineering. CNC refers to computer numerical control. so, using the computer codes (G codes and M codes), a program is written for machining operation. these codes describe the movement of tool while machining. ...
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How do you test tensile strength of rope?

The same way that you test the tensile strength of anything - break it in a universal testing machine! You have to be careful how you hold the rope though - you obviously cannot grip it the way you would grip a metal specimen (since the grips will cut the rope). Therefore the rope may be locked into special rope-testing grips or tied around a T-bar or pin in a particuar way. As long as the rope breaks n the central "guage...
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How do you use socket wrench?

Depends on what you are needing it for. First you should determine what size socket wrench [ratchet] to use. If using a small socket in a small place, try either a 1/4" or 3/8" drive ratchet. Second will see a square piece on the head of the ratchet. You take the socket, and match the two squares together. (Note: On some ratchets, you may simply be able to push the socket on, while others, there may be a small circle on the opposite...
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Least count of theodolite?

5 mm is the least count of theodolite.
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How to convert propane engine to a gasoline engine?

To convert propane engine to a gasoline engine, you will have to buy the conversion kits. The conversion kits usually come along with the instructional booklets. ...
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Hilti Dx 200 gun which uses a 25 caliber shot has four different power levels by color Name them in order from low to high?

Not sure where Hilti starts their lowest level, so I will start at the absolute lowest. From low to high, grey, brown, green, yellow,red. I think they start at brown. ...
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What weapons were used to fight the cold war?

war of words, buildup of arms, satellite nations, space race, and propaganda ...
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What tools or equipment are needed to be a veterinarian?

Veterinarians are medical professionals, so they use many of the same tools and instruments that human physicians do - syringes, scalpels, stethoscopes, etc. However there are species-specific tools that are unique to veterinary medicine, including emasculators, dental floats and trocars. ...
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How do you restring a rope bed?

Two useful websites: How to Rope a Bed Tips and information on rope bed issues Rope beds have holes through the side of the rails. Beds with pegs were designed for sacking bottoms, a piece of canvass with grommets laced to the pegs. For more information see ...
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Can you turn urethane on a lathe?

Yes, It can be achieved by using a knifing tool.
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What is a lathe cutting tool made from?

Now a days verities of materials are using for making lathe cutting tools. In earlier days Hardened high carbon steels were used. High Speed Steel (HSS) came next to HCS. Ordinary carbide inserts of different grades came after HSS. Coated carbide inserts of various grades suitable for machining different metals and alloys are predominant now. Ceramic and diamond inserts are the latest cutting tool materials using for the machining of materials having very high hardness. ...
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What is the difference between hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor?

A hydraulic pump uses an external mechanical force to pressurize the hydraulic fluid. A hydraulic motor uses the pressurized hydraulic fluid to apply a mechanical force an external machine. See the difference between a pump and a motor. ...
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What does cnc mill do?

A CNC mill has a table that moves by Computer Numerical Control (CNC), to drill or mill parts that are very accurate and repeatable. On a CNC mill the material is clamped and the tools are rotated into or against the material to cut into it. Apart from the first clause, the second sentence describes milling-machines generally, but a further aspect of CNC machines is that the tools are also changed, and the speeds and feeds set, by the code. The feeds are driven...
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What is a power press machine?

The amount of pressure that can produce a power of the press and the amount of press say that it can soar with the body. ...
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What is bondage rope?

Bondage rope is a rope used in practice of tying people up, sometimes for sexual pleasure. Of all bondage equipment, rope is probably widely available; it is also relatively cheap and versatile. There are several different styles of rope: Natural materials (usually twisted): Hemp Jute Cotton Sisal (Agave Sisalanis) Manila Flax (linen) Seagrass Rice Leather (rawhide reata) Horsehair Grass / straw Synthetic materials (usually braided): Nylon Polyester & Dacron Polypropylene Tubular Webbing ...
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How do you use mitutoyo digital micrometer?

A digital micrometer is used exactly the same way as a standard micrometer. The only difference is the way the measurement are viewed. Here are the steps to follow for using a digital outside micrometer: Clean the anvil and spindle faces. Push the "On/Off" or any other button on some and turn it on. Use a test piece (supplied with the micrometer) and close the micrometer on it using the ratchet on the back of the thimble. Push the "Zero" or "Reset" but to...