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Fighting games are a genre of games that focus on close combat. There are usually rounds, and the player must learn special techniques, combos, blocks, and attacks.

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Fighting Games
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How do you get vouchers on dd tank?

You can earn Vouchers by beating Quests and Sports

Fighting Games

You want ghost recon advanced warfighter 16 digit multiplayer id?

I bought a copy and it didn't come with the id.

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How do you high 5 scientists in jet pack joyride?

Just run into them. They automatically high five you if that is a current challenge

Fighting Games
Moshi Monsters

How do you get the Flaming Sword of Awesomeness on Moshi Monsters?

Flaming Sword of Awesomeness: 9mt4gmc4nm4y

Type in the code correctly with no mistakes in the box third from above on the 'Moshi Monsters - Sign In' page, where it says "If you have a secret code, you can enter it here: " When you reach your house, open up the inventory/treasure chest to find a special item.

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Fighting Games

Why do most computer game beat em ups have female scrawny fighters?

It generally is meant to work as fanservice so that those stuck watching people play the game or people playing the game can have something nice to look at.

Fighting Games

How do you download roblox studio?

To download Roblox & Roblox Studio, go to:

Fighting Games

How do you make a Tumblr account?

1.go to

2. type in your email, a password that you will remember, then type in a url and click start posting

Fighting Games
Cheat Codes

What are the cheats for the online game 'The West'?

hit F3 and type::

pisota -lots of money.

this is a lie there are no cheats for the west and wit is the point in playing if you try to cheat

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Fighting Games

Why do you have female scrawny fighters in beat em up games and no other type of female fighter to choose from?

Scrawny female fighters are more visually pleasing than other fighters, it is a normal thing in those games, but, there are mods you can find that provide non-scrawny female fighters.

Fighting Games
Call of Duty
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Is Call of Duty MW3 available for Playstation2?

no I am a little girl who hates justin bieber and loves to roughhouse so no it is not availbe os ps2

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Sony Playstation 3
NBA Live

Where is the AOSS button on PS3?

A ps3 does not have a AOSS button the AOSS button is on your wireless router
The button if available would be on your router and not the PS3 which does not have a router or the router's AOSS button

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Naruto Video Games
Battlefield Heroes

Hero rising a real game you can play?

So there isn't a real game for the ps2 or xbox but you can play at

There are games like it. I know one, and it's kinda like it. No story mode though. It's called Quake Live, but it's FPS.

Fighting Games
Horse Isle

How do you make carrot treats on HorseIsle?

Others have said "You need 10 carrots and 1 pitted horse date for each treat you want to make. Then take them to the Hare Isle Craft Center. "

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Fighting Games

Can you play just dance 2 online?

well, you can go on youtube and look up some Just Dance 2 songs, make it full screen, and copy the dancer, but of course you won't get a score.

Fighting Games
Teaching Resources

CAn anyone give you the answers for kumon level J test?

I can!!!! 1. (x-a) (x+a+b)

2. (x+y-1) (x-2y+3)

Usually they do not give you the answers for the test as people will not achieve if they look at the answers. The only hope is that you will FAIL !!!!!!! Just kidding... Ive done the test about 3 times and its not that hard. Its only because you need to do a lot of revision before J100 as most of the test questions are before J100... I think you only get about 30 questions so you need to revise. If you ask your tutor to give you some extra work I think it may be very helpful as this is what I asked my tutor. Usually, I go to my tutor centre after school but I find that I am too tired or I can't really concentrate. Try to do your test without any distractions or listen to some music so that people or surroundings won't distract you. Some of the questions were like really hard but just revise as though its for a normal test. Remember all the formulae and probably remember the formulae for discriminant etc...

Fighting Games

How do you install tekken 3 games?

A person can install the Tekken 3 game on their computer with an install CD. They will also be required to enter in an installation key.

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Fighting Games
Creator and Simulation Video Games

How do you unlock lord iczzy on hero fighter?

there is no lord....tros bien

Fighting Games

How not to lose a fight?

Try ro make them trio and fall over and you will win.

Fighting Games

How do you find diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds can be found by digging down 16 blocks. Once you have done this, make a stairway all the way down to bedrock. Make hallways in the walls of the staircase and put other hallways inside the main hallway. after many time of mining, you will eventually find diamonds. Do not dig strait down. Make a staircase down to the 16th layer and start your hallways there.

Fighting Games
Sony Playstation 2
Grand Theft Auto 3

Cheat code for taking car in water in Grand Theft Auto 3?

In PS2 the cheat of Car Ride cheat is Up,Down,Left,up,r1,r2,l2,l1,left,right,left,right,r1.

Math and Arithmetic
Fighting Games

What is the square root of onions?

shallots this question is derived from the impossible quiz, therefore this belongs in online gaming. as the quiz is considered a game.

Olympics Boxing
Ancient Olympics
Fighting Games

Which ancient Olympic event included both wrestling and boxing?

Pankration (pan = all, kration = power, 'no holds barred').

Fighting Games
Street Fighter

How do you block in street fighter 4?

thanks, but that makes me walk backwards. or is the back button where select should be?

Fighting Games
Horse Isle

Directions HorseIsle fire flower maze?

First you get off your horse, go forward 1, down 2, right 5, up 2, left 1, up 2, right 4, down 2, right 1, down 1, right 2, up 3, right 5, down 2 , left 2, down 2 , right 7, up 2, left 2, up 3, right 7, down 2, right 5, down 2, right 3, up 2, right 15, down 5, left 2, down 1, left 3, down; you're done!


Fighting Games

What is the secret code for Motor Rush 2?



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