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Bleach is a series of manga by Tite Kubo. It was also made into an anime. Bleach follows a young male character named Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo was given the powers of a Soul Reaper, and defends humans from evil spirits. The series started in 2001.

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What does 'Kurosaki' mean?


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What is ichigo's full name?

Ichigo Kurosaki .


That depends on which Ichigo you mean, Ichigo Kurosaki (or Kurosaki Ichigo) is indeed the name of the protagonist of Bleach.

However if this isn't the answer you were looking for you can find some other characters named Ichigoin the related link given.

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What is the title of Shukuro Tsukishima's book?

His fullbring - The Book of the End

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What does substitute soul reaper means in bleach?

This means that the soul reaper can go on as a soul reaper but he/ she doesn't have the authority of one.

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Does rukia become a hollow?


but in the Movie: Fade to Black Rukia is combined with two kids (Or teens?) that somehow had a hollow inside both of them. so people call her: Demon Rukia, Hollow Rukia, and other stuff i can't think of now

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What episode is rukia sentenced to death?

Rukia is sentenced to death in episode 23 "14 Days Before Rukia's Execution"

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Where in Australia can you get Bleach costumes?

I cant really give a certain answer as I don't cosplay (yet)

But your best bet is is to see if you can get a costume made at a costume store (I think they call them Tailors). If the store can make costumes than all I think you'd have to do is supply them with a picture of the character and your measurements and voila they should be able to make one.

A much more easier way would be ordering costumes online as there would be a drastic decrease in time you would have to wait to get it.

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Will bleach heat the soul be available in the UK?

I think it will never come out, as it should have come out already. But you can can get it from japan video games or eBay but it will only be in Japanese.

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Is there a real Soul Society?

It's a matter of opinion. It is like asking a Muslim is there really a god. There could be but that doesn't mean that he/she has o believe in it. But in this case as it is purely fictional so in my OPINION I will state that soul society is not real.

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How do the people in Bleach walk on air?

They do is by evening their weight with the air by releasing spirit energy through their feet an you could say using jet propulsion stay on air. It is he same principal how Naruto walks on water.

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What is original air date of the first episode of bleach the anime?

"The Day I Became a Shinigami" had a original Japanese air-date of October 5 , 2004 ; in the US it was September 8 , 2006 .

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When did ichigo mom die?

A hollow killed Ichigo's mom when he was 6 years old.

To be more exact Ichigo's mom dies June 17th ,two days afterIchigo'sbirthday, when he was 6 years old

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What is the full storyline of Bleach?

(SPOILERS)... 15 year old ichigo kurosaki has the abilitys to see ghosts one day he met shinigami "death god " known inthe anime soulreaper rukia kuchki she saves him from a hollow (malovent soul) and rukia gave some of her powers to ichigo and he becomes a soul reaper leaving rukia powerless for a short period of ichigo has toget rid of hollows and the soul society lieutenant renji rukias child hood friend and captin byakuya kuchki are sent to the world of the living (earth) to get rukia because it is illegal for a soul reaper to touch a human.ichigo loses his soul reaper powers fightning byakuya,but gets his powers back.uruyu the last of the quincys,orihime with healing,shield and summoning powers and chad are ichigos friend and helps him get rukia back along side a cat named yoruichi.they meet ganju who wants revenge on soul reapers for killing his brotherand joins ichigo.another friend of rukias named hinatoro helps ichigo as well.we find out that yoruichi is a girl that was aformer soul reaper and can tranform into a cat.ichigo defeats renji and become allies.ichigo has a new move calles "bankai'.renji battles byakuya and loses ichigo defeats byakuya.captin sosuke aizen,gin ichimaru and kanamebetray the soulsociety and goes to the arrancar army (hollows who have shattered ther mask and obtained soul reaper powers)the soul society free rukia from execution and form an allience with ichigo.rukia stays in the soul society.we find out that ichigos dad was a former captin soul reaper.soul reapers want to know how things are in earth so they have "gigais" bodys that look like your soul and when in soul form another soul inhabits your body.a new student arrives at school named shinji who is a soul reaper with hollow powers he is in a group called vizoreds.ichigo finds out he has a hollow lurking inside him and askes shinji to help him control hollowfication powers.he denies the offer from shinji to be in the espada the strongest of arrancars named ulqiorra kidnapps orihime.ichigo asks help from the soul society but denies his request but renji and rukia went with ichigo anyways.ichigo,chad,uryu,renji and rukia goes to hueco de mundo world of the arrancars.they find nell and her brother they are good arrancars and goes with ichigo.ichigo defeats ulqiorra,grimmjow and nnotiora with the help of soul reaper captins and vizoreds.we know aizen,gin and kaname are at hueco de mundo.kaname gets killed.gin was not really evil he thought that he was the only one who can beat aizen but gets killed by aizen knowing from the start that he was going to betray him.aizen defeats the captins and vizards. he also defeats yamamoto the captin of all soul reapers.ichigo learns a move that can only be activated by losing your soul reaper powers he learns it from his zanpaktos (sword) spirit named zangetsu.he uses it but aizen is still alive kisuke urahara a former soul reaper captin also ichigos fighting teacher seals aizen in another dimension where he wont be able to be free for 20000 years.rukia says her good byes to ichigo.17 months later uryu was attacked and chad is missing.ichigo has got a phone call telling him to meet a person somewhere and says "welcome to our execution" ichigo meets him and finds out chad is part of the execution group there goal is to bring back ichigos soul reaper powers because there mothers got attacked by hollows and have hollow genes. so if they can transfer there hollow powers to ichigo as a soul reaper he will get stronger and they can get rid of having hollow genes.ichigo agrees and has to activate his "full bring" ichigo turns miniture and gets stuck in a doll house with a giant teddy bear chasing him so he can activate full bring something goes wrong and the bear turns uber crazy chad tells ichigo he needs an object he always carrys around with him which is his soul reaper badge. that's all for know but bleach has a long way to go tite kubo the creator of bleach said bleach will continue for 10 more years you can keep up on bleach every week with a new manga chapter on or

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Does Renji kiss Rukia?


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When did ichigo lose his mom?

When Ichigo was nine, he went to karate class and one day when his mom takes him home from school, ichigo sees a girl stanind near the river and he went to save her but it was actually a hollow called grandfisher. His mom yelled to him and told him not to go there, but he still went to save him, then his mom ran to save him ( his mom can't see the girl ), by the time Ichigo blacked out. When Ichigo woke up, he saw his mom on top of him full of blood, dead. It seemed that his mom tried to protect him

i am pretty sure that Ichigo was 6 and i think his mom can see spirits because of well, she met isshin. a former captain of gotei 13 (13 court guard squads)

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Did they stop dubbing bleach?

They won't stop dubbing bleach until the last episode that they have to do.

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What is Toshiro Hitsugayas theme song?

Tite Kubo has stated that Toshiro's theme song is "Girl's Not Grey" by AFI.

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How old is Ulquiorra from Bleach supposed to be?

im gonna guess he's sposed to be young like in his 20's yet he's an Espada so think back to how long it took grimmjow to become an espada. CENTURIES! so he's probably senile...

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Is captain ukitake juushiro from bleach gay?

While they never really specify if he is gay or not, he doesn't ever show any signs of being gay. So, no.

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Does rukia turn evil?


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Where can you buy Bleach Blade Battlers 2 for a low price?

wellvyou could to a place that sell used games and could it there or you could gobto ebay

Add on: If you're American, I reccomend Gamestop, if you're English (Like myself), I reccomend Game.

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Who would win in a battle between Goku and Ichigo?

obviously GOKU

Reasons: goku can explode the planet, and loop the planet 6 times in less than 30 minutes, ichigo can't do anything of that magnitude.

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What is the newest Bleach ending song called?

It's called: Aimer by Re:Pray

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How old is Yoruichi from Bleach?

Well, I'm going to use comparison to Hitsugaya-Taicho, because it shows Hitsugaya-Taicho is about 10/11 years old and based off the time line and him growing up in SS, it took him about 100 to 150 years. Yoruichi looks like she's about 25, so i'm guessing about 300 years old. But don't hold me to it. -JunaLuna

We know she is well over 400 years old because of the flashback to when she recommends Urahara to become the captain of the 12th Squad, and the time her training probably took to get into the 13 Protection Squads, and such, during the time of her eventually working her way up to the rank of Captain. As we all know, Soi Fon is the Captain after Yoruichi left the 13 Protection Squads.

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What are the names all the espada swords in the anime bleach?

You want the Espada's zanpakuto names? Here you go. 0 through 9.

0-Yammy Llargo. Zanpakuto-Ira

1-Coyote Starrk. Zanpakuto-Los Lobos

2-Baraggan Louisenbairn. Zanpakuto-Arrogante

3-Tier Harribel. Zanpakuto-Tiburon

4-Ulquiorra Cifer. Zanpakuto-Murcielago

5-Nnoitra Gilga. Zanpakuto-Santa Teresa

6-Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. Zanpakuto-Pantera

7-Zommari Rureaux. Zanpakuto-Brujeria

8-Szayel Aporro Granz. Zanpakuto-Fornicaras

9-Aaroniero Arrurueire. Zanpakuto-Glotoneria.

Zanpakuto- Soul Reaper's/Arrancar's blade.


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