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Many organisms, such as humans, ingest food to get the nutrients needed to maintain life. Cooking and preparation are often a necessity, but also a joy for many people. The Food and Cooking category includes questions and answers on the ingredients in food, recipes, nutritional information, cooking utensils, where to find certain foods, and much more. Bon Appetit!

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What is the shelf life for wheatgerm?

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If it's not frozen or refrigerated, probably a few months as the oils in Wheat Germ can go rancid. You will know if you smell it. It will get a rancid smell that is distinctive. If it still smells fresh and wheaty, it's likely fine.
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What are The Market forms of Chicken?

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Chicken is sold in a number of forms. Hens and roosters are sold live. They are also sold dead, with feathers on and guts still inside, in many parts of the world. Whole chickens, chicken pieces and chicken meat are sold fresh and frozen. Chicken is also sold as cooked, processed chicken, like chicken meat in tins, cooked and frozen chicken and sliced chicken deli meat.
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How did pasteurization impact the world?

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The impact of pasteurisation was most on industries and exports. With the introduction of this technique, milk products could be stored for a longer period of time before becoming sour.This ensured a healthy and safe delivery of various products to distant areas for sale and hence increasing exports.
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Is there a list of certified master chefs and where they are working?

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Yes there is a list of master chefs You could write the name of the chef
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What time do they stop serving alcohol in Chicago?

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Well, in most returaunts somewhere between 9 and midnight. For bars, whenever they close.
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Can you eat the skin on smoked ham steak?

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Apparently, yes. But it might not taste that good since it tends to be salty.
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What is the Mexican early evening meal called?

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It is the main meal of the day, called comida (As in desayuno = breakfast, comida = dinner, cena = supper).
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Who is Maeve O'Meara?

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Maeve O' Meara is the director who designs all of the food indulgence tours for Gourmet Safari's. She is a respected telvision food presenter and broadcaster. Not to mention even an author.
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Can you eat a peanut butter sandwich the day after wisdom teeth extraction?

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I wouldn't recommend doing that. After your wisdom teeth are taken out, you should eat soft food, like, applesauce, pudding, etc. Ask your dentist for more details.
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What is fish glaze?

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Fish glaze - fish stock reduced by boiling until it becomes a sticky consistency.
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What is zensai?

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Zensai is a very sweet bean-and-mochi dish resembling porridge that is served as part of the Japanese New Year's celebration.
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Describe the process of cooking a puree of lentil soup?

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Soak dry lentils 8hrs in unsalted water, after, remove any irregulars, drain and just cover with heavily salted water, simmer gently until tender (20~30 min.), puree in blender/food processor/food mill, add water to reach consistency as required, season to taste carefully (soup will easily absorb a great deal of seasoning at this point). For non-vegetarians, simmer soaked lentils in ham stock, omitting salt, adding pieces of cooked ham. Just before serving, add large dollop sour cream/yoghurt in centre of bowl. I also enjoy adding Lebanese hot sauce (optional).
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What is top pan balance?

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A top pan balance is a weighing device with a flat or curved surface (pan) at the top for holding the item being weighed.
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How many pints in a fifth?

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There are 1.5856236786469344608879492600423 pints in a gallon. And now, one from the lighter side: Not enough! The original "fifth" size liquor bottle was 4/5 of a pint, 1/5 of a gallon, or 25.6 ounces. The modern liquor bottle that we still call a fifth is actually 750 mls, which is 25.4 ounces, just a tiny bit less than the original fifth.
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How do you bast an egg?

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A basted egg is one cooked sunny-side up, but with the top cooked by "basting". It's often basted with hot fat from the pan, but some people do it with hot water instead. You cook the egg in a fair bit of fat, and spoon some of the hot fat over the egg while it cooks. You can also get a "basted" egg just by covering the pan with a lid as it cooks, steaming the top to make sure it gets cooked. That's the way I do it. The idea is that a plain sunny-side-up egg is often too runny on top, though many people like it that way, and an over-easy egg can over-cook the yolk if you like your yolk. You also risk breaking the yolk when you flip it. Basted eggs are best if you prefer an egg which isn't slimy on top but you still want a thick sauce of lightly-cooked but not solid yolk.
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How do you correct too much mustard in a recipe?

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That really depends on the dish/recipe, but sugar will offset too much mustard
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How do people get food in the desert?

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I estimate that 99.999% of those living in the desert are residing in numerous towns and cities and have no problem going to the neighborhood market or restaurant for a meal. Very few people live a desert life away from the cities and even they come to town for provisions when needed. I live in the Chihuahuan Desert and my home is a half mile from a Wal*Mart Supercenter and have no problems keeping food on my table.
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What is the definition of a course meal?

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You might mean to ask about a 3-course meal, 5-course meal, or something of that sort. The term "course meal" is never used without specifying how many courses are involved, because that is the point of the word "course" in the context of a meal. For example, a 3-course meal would include a soup or salad course, a main course (with meat and a starch such as potatoes) and a dessert course. A 5-course meal might include separate soup and salad courses and a fish course as well as the meat and dessert courses. a meal served in sequential courses, for instance: salad, then soup, then appetizer, then a "palate cleanser" such as a few bites of sorbet, then an entree, then a dessert, then coffee and/or brandy. i think that's 7, which is probably the most common number of courses you read about.
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How do you take a lid off a pot with pressure?

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If you can not open a pot let the pot cool, if it is a pressure-cooker the rubber may be ruptured JUST LEAVE until completely cooled. If it is just a stuck lid you may be able to pry it off, with a knife. Just be sure to pry it off on a side of the pan so any steam that escapes will not hit your face or hands.
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Where can you buy buckwheat flour?

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Whole Foods or Sunflower. Any natural foods store should have it. By the way, Buckwheat isn't actually a wheat, which makes it gluten free and safe for all celiacs.
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How long does it take for an onion to go bad?

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Depending on the climate conditions, onions can stay good for several months. They keep better in cool, dry temperatures in the dark, but are unlikely to last more than a couple of weeks in hot and humid conditions, out in the open and the light.
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How to make tamarind jam?

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You will need: 500g sweet tamarind (regular tamarind is better if like more sour flavour) 6 cups water or a little bit more 1½ cup golden caster sugar You Will: Peel tamarind, place in a pot over low/medium fire, add water and sugar and cook for about an hour and half. Add a little bit more water if needed. Optionally press through the strainer to remove seeds, then place in the jars and close immediately. You do not have to remove the seeds but some do. This will make about 2-3 medium jars of jam. To make sure that there is no air in the jar you may also pour over the top a little bit of rectified spirit, set it on fire and close the lid while the spirit is still burning (Polish method).