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Local cuisines that develop international reputations result from population shifts and worldwide communications. Examples of regional signature dishes that have become international cuisines are Euskadi's Basque tuna fish stew; and Asia's meaty dumplings of China, Mongolia, and Tibet. Typical questions relate to the culinary traditions, cultural contexts, proper preparation, and serving methods of the world's drinks and foods.

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International Cuisine

What is tako su?

It's a cold plate of sliced and cooked octopus with sticks of pale cucumber, bathed in ponzu sauce. There are sesame seeds sprinkled on top and it is drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise :) Basically, it's octopus salad XD

International Cuisine

What country eats the most vegetables?


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International Cuisine

What American food will I not find in Germany?

C&H Brown Sugar

International Cuisine
Australian Food

What are some Australian foods?

Australia doesn't have a specific national food. Foods which may be considered traditionally Australian are those of its indigenous citizens, which vary widely throughout the country. Other Australians may have different views about what constitutes "traditional" foods.

The only food native to Australia that has become particularly popular world wide is the Macadamia nut.

What might be, or once have been, considered 'typical' Australian food is basically English in origin and could include roast meat and vegetables, meat pies, vegemite on toast, and lamingtons for morning tea. Having said that, very few families eat like that regularly.

The food that Australians eat is much the same as that in the rest of the world. Australia is a richly multicultural country and its citizens represent all parts of the globe. Barbeques are popular, whether at home, or at parks or beaches. Barbequed meats, seafood and poultry, vegetables and fruit are all enjoyed, and this is typical of many Australian families.

'Fast foods', or convenience foods, are popular, and the same major chains operate here as in the rest of the world, with many local outlets also operating. The traditional English-style fish 'n' chips shops are always popular, and still sell the Chinese-inspired Chiko Roll, now US-owned, but considered a local cultural icon.

Australia is known for its 'damper and billy tea'. Damper is a simple bush bread, rather like a large scone, cooked on an open fire and served with butter, honey, or syrup. Together with billy tea (tea boiled in a tin can on an open fire), it was popular among swagmen - itinerant 'bushies' - as well as stockmen and other outback workers in Australia's colonial years. These two items are still popular camping fare today.

See the links below for excellent information on Australian food, including a damper recipe.

International Cuisine

What is ground rice?

It is simply known as powdered rice or rice powder

International Cuisine
Japanese Food

What would be a typical meal in Japan?

A typical meal in japan consists of steamed rice, pickles, some sort of cooked meat or fish, vegetables, and miso soup.

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International Cuisine

Where is moussaka grown?

Moussaka is not grown it is a Greek dish that is made with ground lamb and eggplant and topped with a bechamel sauce. Delicious!

International Cuisine

What is the staple food of nigeria?

jollifries(fried rice with chicken)

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Is Kummel and Caraway the same spice?


Kummel is also an alcoholic drink, a liqueur/digestif flavoured with caraway. Caraway is very good as a carminative (it helps you get rid of wind/gas) hence its use in a digestif.

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International Cuisine

What is the native delicacy in Ilocos?

International Cuisine

Where did the word fondue come from?

It is French; it means "melted". In French, "fondue" is the past participle, feminine gender of the verb "fondre" (to melt).

International Cuisine

What foods look like triangles?

Samosas and toblerone! And some sandwiches.

International Cuisine

What is traditional Portuguese food?

Traditional Portuguese food is predominately meats or fish and starches. Many dishes are casseroles. Pork is especially popular, with dishes like roasted suckling pig (leitão), pork and clams (carne porco à Alentejana), tripe stew (dobrada), and pork and rice (arroz de porco). Non- pork meat dishes are grilled chicken (frango assado), chicken blood rice, steak Portuguese style with an egg on top (bife à Portuguesa). Seafood dishes consist on many fishes and shellfish, but codfish is most popular and can be cooked in many different ways- boiled, grilled, fried, and baked, and almost always with potatoes and collard greens. Also popular are paehla and mariscada. The most important side dishes are potatoes (boiled, roasted, french fried), and rice. Portuguese desserts include pastries such as pastéis de nata, and also chocolate mousse or flan.

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Central America

When was Honduras founded?


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Where is Lengua De Gato found in the Philippines?

Baguio (:

International Cuisine
Onions and Garlic

What recipes are there for onion weed?

Try the recipe in the website in the sources and related links below.

The recipe sounds delicious.

International Cuisine

What is the traditional dish for Tuvalu?

The traditional food of Tuvalu is like most of the Pacific a root based dish called pulaka( a carbohydrate root). It is boiled and also steamed in an earth oven called an umu. To make it more palatable for the traditional feast it can also be grated and added to coconut milk ( lalu) and then wrapped in pandanus leaves and steamed to create palusami.

International Cuisine

What foods do Germans eat?

Germans eat a wide variety of foods.

Traditional German foods include:

Bratwurst (a traditional German sausage)

Braunschweiger (sausage)

Hendl (grilled marinated chicken)

Hasenpfeffer (rabbit stew)

Kartoffelsalat (potato salad)

Knödel (dumplings)

Kohlroulade (cabbage rolls)


Pfannkuchen(pastry similar to a donut)


Sauerbraten (a beef pot roast)

Sauerkraut (fermented shredded cabbage)

Speckpfannkuchen (thin pancakes with diced, fried bacon)

Spätzle (noodles)

Springerle (hard cookies)

Stollen (bread like cake with dried citrus peel, dried fruit, nuts, and spices)

Weihnachtsgans (roast goose)

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Word and Phrase Origins

What is the origin of Cannelloni?

Cannoli originate in the Palermo area of Italy.

International Cuisine

What is eclectic cuisine?

Nobody knows for sure but the name suggests a style of cooking which draws its dishes from a wide range of sources across the world in a random uncritical manner.

International Cuisine

What time do they eat breakfast in Nicaragua?

They eat horse hooves soup for 3 meals a day. If there lucky they will feast on a whole horse if it doesn't go rotten, due to the fact they lack the intelligence of refrigeration technology

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International Cuisine

What are some food specialties in Rouen?

Some specialties are Crepes Suzzete. Hering, Saurkraut, Foie gras, kougelhofs.

International Cuisine

What does feijoada look like?

Imagine a large serving pot full of black beans cooked in its thickened sauce, seasoned with red chili, onions and bay leaf, mixed with pieces of a delicious Portuguese sausage called "paio" and sliced pork meat - that's the "feijoada". To garnish, we use white rice, sliced kale, toasted manioc flour and peeled oranges. You can also make a Brazilian drink to seduce your guests, the "caipirinha", made with squeezed lemon, sugar and "cachaça", our national liquor. It is a fantastic meal, I guarantee!

International Cuisine

What does la cuisine mean?

Literally it means the kitchen.(French) More generally it is used to encompass the dishes and styles of cooking of France and other regions.

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International Cuisine

What is the staple food of Gujarat?

Normally, it would be chappati, curry and rice. It also includes dhokla, khakra, paatra.


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