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The Republic of Lithuania is a North European neighbor of Poland. It is a major biotechnology producer, and has the world's fastest internet upload speed. Questions typically refer to the country's ancient descent from Ice Age settlers of 10,000 B.C.E.; economic successes in high technology and value added production; educational achievements and multilingualism; and neolithic musical traditions.

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Do they celebrate Halloween in Lithuania?

Not exactly. Lithuanians have an All Saint's Day called "Vėlinės" on November 1st, which is a day when lithuanians mourn people that have passed away. Something closer to Halloween would be "Užgavėnės". It is a Lithuanian festival that takes place during the seventh week before Easter. Children would go to other peoples houses, usually asking for pancakes or money. ...
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What is Lithuania's average humidity?

Exact figures are not available, but average humidity in Lithuania varies between about 75% and 84%. For the last year or so the average relative humidity of Lithuania covered a large range from 56% to 93%. Broken down by month and time-of-day it was October to February in the morning from 87% to 93% and from 79% to 88% in the evening. For March to June 75% to 89% mornings and 56% to 73% evenings. Finally July through September 80% to 89%...
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Where is Linas Kleiza from?

Linas Kleiza is from Lithuania (Eastern Europe). He was born in Kaunas - the second biggest city of the country. ...
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What are Lithuania's-main-landforms?

it's the plains
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Was Russia originally called Lithuania?

No. The two are separate countries with quite unique, yet soemtimes intertwined, histories. Russia evolved from the area first called Kievan Rus (pronounced 'Keh-yi-van Roos') in the ninth century. After its disintegration that area of Eurasia became dominated by Moscow under Mongol rule, which eventually established the Russian Empire, becoming the major partner in the Soviet Union and finally settling as the Russian Federation. Lithuania was a separate kingdom first known for certainty in the early eleventh century, growing to become the Grand Duchy...
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How long did a train ride take from Lithuania to Germany in late 19th century?

2 hours. However, that would not have taken you very far into Germany. Lithuania and Germany (Ostrpreussen) bordered each other in the 19th century, so depending where you were in Lithuania - it could take as little as 5 minutes. The district of Klaipeda (previously Memel) in Lithuania was part of Germany in the 19th century, as was the area round Tilsit. ...
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What percentage of the Lithuanian population speaks Russian?

It's hard to say, but since Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union, citizens had to use Russian. Therefore, almost every citizen of Lithuania who is in his thirties or older speaks Russian. The new generation however, mainly speaks in English (as well as Lithuanian of course). My estimate is 60%-80% ...
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What US state compares in size to Lithuania?

Lithuania with an area of 25,174 sq. mi. is about the same size, although somewhat larger, than the US state of West Virginia with an area of 24,230 sq. mi. ...
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Is Lithuania a third world country?

No, Lithuania is a member of EU, and its rather wealth country.
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What is the official name of Lithuania?

The local name, in Lithuanian is Lietuva. The official name of Lithuania is Lietuvos Respublika, or Republic of Lithuania in English. ...
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What is the capital of Lithuania?

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.
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What currency was used in Lithuania in the late 19th century?

Lithuania had lost its independence in 1795 with most of its territory being taken by Russia. It remained under Russian domination until World War I, so in the late 19th century its currency would have been the Russian ruble. ...
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How old is Lithuanian language?

more then 2000 years b.c.
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What is the national currency of Lithuania?

It is called litas. £1 pound is around 3.80 litas. Lithuanian money is called Litas (LTL). Their own money, litas. ...
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How did Lithuania get its name?

Scientists aren't sure so far, but there are some theories. "Lietuva" reffer to: Litovnija - the land of seaside translated from (I don't know) language Litus - seaside Lietuva - lėtųjų kraštas - Lithuania is the land of slower ones Lietava - the river in Lithuania Lietis - join, unite Lietuva - there was a soldiery ...
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Vilnius is the capital of which country?

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.
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How do you say 'thank you' in Lithuanian?

Aciu. (Pronounced AH-chu)