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Poland is a country in Central Europe bordered by Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine to the east and Germany to the west. It has a total area of 120,696.41 sq mi and an estimated population of 38.19 million as of 2010.

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What are the 10 culture traits of Poland?

happiness friendship and more happiness
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Does Poland use the Euro?

No, the currency of Poland is the Polish złoty (PLN), but like most other EU member states, Poland is obliged to adopt the euro once the Polish economy meets certain criteria. However, the predicted date of this adoption is gradually put back by the ruling politicians and Poles are increasingly sceptical about the common EU currency. ...
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How do you call collect from Poland to US?

dial 001800 111 1111 and then they will ask you for the number youwant to call ...
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Is Polands Currency the Euro?

No, the currency in Poland is Polish Zloty (PLN). However, Poland is expected to join the Euro by 2017. ...
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Is Poland East or West of Germany?

It is neighbouring Germany from the East.
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What are the numbers '1-10' in polish?

1. JEDEN [ yeden] 2. DWA [dva] 3. TRZY [ tshi] 4. CZTERY [chiteri] 5. PIĘĆ [piench] 6. SZEŚĆ [sheshch] 7. SIEDEM [shedem] 8. OSIEM [oshem] 9. DZIEWIĘĆ [dchieviench] 10. DZIESIĘĆ [dshieshiench] * polish sound for "sh" shall be spell like in "shield" ** "ch" like in "charm" or sometimes "chocolate" *** "e" always like in "end" **** "a" like "arm" ...
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How do you say where have you been in Polish?

If you talk to a male person: Gdzie byłeś?, or Gdzieś ty był? (the last one is rather colloquial but kinda common). If you talk to a female person: Gdzie byłaś?, or Gdzieś ty była? respectively ...
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Famous artists in Poland?

* Katarzyna Gajewska * Marek Petryk * Krzysztof Radziewicz
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How do you say great in the polish language?

There are a few ways to say "great" in Polish: "świetnie", "wspaniale", "super" (if you mean "great" as an adverb) If you mean "great" as an adjective, well, I'm afraid it depends on the noun it preceeds. If it's a male noun, it's "świetny" or "wspaniały". female: "świetna" or "wspaniała" neutral: "świetne" or "wspaniałe" Plural male: "świetni" or "wspaniali" Plural female or neutral: "świetne" or "wspaniałe" ...
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Where can I find the country specific domain names for Google like for France and for Poland?

The official Google page, lists all the country specific domain names below their respective country flags. ...
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How do you say thanks in Polish?

Dzieki Dziekuje Dzienks
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What is the capital of Poland?

The capital of Poland is Warsaw (Warszawa). Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. ...
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Poland value of 20000 zloty note in British currency?

20000 złoty banknote (with Maria Curie) is from before "denomination" that took place in 1995. Then, 20000 "old" zlotys became 2 new zlotys (PLN). 2 PLN is worth about 0,40 GBP at present. However, this banknote is not valid anymore (perhaps one can exchange it for 2 PLN coin in the National Bank). ...
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What is Poland's national tree?

The national tree of Poland is an Oak. That is the symbol of ancient Slavic god Perun, so the holy-oak-groves were to be worshiped (still some of them remains). The oak is also connected with the emblem of Poland, the White Eagle. Is said that the founder of the state saw the White Eagle's nest on the Oak tree, and he decided to establish the first Poland's capital there, because he thought that the place must be "royal" if the white eagle...
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What did Pope John Paul ll do in Poland during World War 2?

In 1938 Karol Wojtyla started studying in the University Jagiellonski, which was closed down in the beginning of the World War 2 by the Germans. He then worked in a quarry (1940-1944) and in the "Solvay" chemical factory in order to avoid being deported to Germany. During WW2 Karol Wojtyla was also studying in a secret Catholic seminary and was active in an "underground liberation movement" in a "Rhapsody Theatre". he also wanted little boys that would "help" him with his study ...
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What are benefits of learning the Polish language?

well the most important benefit is you can speak Polish like a professional. another is if you have a friend that speaks Polish then you guys could use it as a secret language :P the last one is that if you fall in love with a Polish person and you want to talk to them-even if they speak your native language- they will be surprised of your knowledge. other than that.. speaking Polish can just be a talent. ...
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Where is Gdansk located in the world?

Northern Poland
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How many chimney sweeps are there in Poland?

As of 2004, There has been 3 chimney sweeps
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Where is telephone country code 48?

Country code +48 (dialed as 00 48 from many places) is Poland. All phone numbers in Poland are 9 digits after country code +48. Warsaw is area code +48 22. Kraków is area code +48 12. Gdansk is area code +48 58. Mobile numbers begin with +48 50, 51, 53, 60, 66, 69, 72, 73, 78, 79, or 88. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the...
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What languages are related to Polish?

Polish is a West Slavic language, so it's closest linguistic relatives are other Slavic languages, and particularly other West Slavic ones. These, among others, include Czech and Slovak, as well as two official minority languages of Poland - Kashubian and Silesian. Polish is even partially mutually intelligible with Silesian and, to a limited degree, with Czech and Slovak. ...
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What does the name Lodz mean in English?

Łódź means boat.