Night (book)

Night was written by Elie Wiesel, and shares his experiences with his father in a Nazi German concentration camp. The book was first published in 1955.

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Night (book)

How were the Jews moved out of Sighet in the Night by Elie Wiesel?

They were all moved out when some Hungarian Soldiers came into the ghetto and called all the Jews out of their homes. Elie's family was the last deport from where he was from. They were marched out, but when they weren't moving fast enough, the soldiers made them run. Elie's mom had told them to get a good night sleep, so they'd have enough energy for the next day, but even after a good night's sleep, Elie became exhausted.

Salary and Pay Rates
Elie Wiesel
Night (book)

What were the objectives of the medical examinations?

to determine who was fit to work, if not they'll be left to kill.

Night (book)

How was the Jews' humanity in the book of night?

The Jews humanity was taken from them in Night. They were treated worse than animals, and starved. This led then to going against their beliefs, scrapping and killing just for a morsel of bread.

Night (book)

Why was moshe the beadle deported from sighet?

he was deported initially because all immigrants who lived in sighet were the for people being deported. he then escaped, and came back

Night (book)

What figurative language is in the book Night by Elie Wiesel?

Night (book)

What are examples of rhetorical questions in the book Night by Elie Wiesel?

In section one: "Poor father! Of what then did you die?"

Night (book)

What is the relationship between Elie and his father in the book 'Night' by Elie Wiesel?

Elie Wiesel and His Father in the Book 'Night'

Our users give their impressions:

  • Elie and his father were especially close at the death camps. They were inseparable, really. They loved each other and would not let that fade and be separated. They would die for one another if it was necessary. His father died. Elie was a witness to it. He never forgave himself for letting the SS man beat his father to death since his father was ill and cried for water to feel better.
  • Elie's relationship with his father is very close. However, the relationship between Elie and his father, Chlomo, changes throughout the novel. At the beginning of the novel, Elie and his father have a fairly close relationship, apart from his father's commitments to the community (not having time for his kin (family). Even in saying that Elie loved and respected his father just as everyone in the community did. But further on in the novel, they drift further and further apart. At some stage, Elie starts to feel that his father is a burden. And at the end Elie has no tears to cry when his father finally dies.
Night (book)

Why is Elie Wiesel the protagonist in Night?

The woman "seeing" the flame from the crematories

Night (book)

How did moshe the beadle escape his near death?

He got shot in the leg when the Nazis tried to kill him. He played dead for three days and when there were no more Nazis around, he escaped.

Night (book)

Upon his return what story did Moshe tell?

  • moshe is a poor religious man from the book Night by elie wiesel. moshe is a Jewish man that gets deportated first because he wasn't born in romainia, he returned from one distant place that the nazi ss soulders where going to shot at the Jews ("un-romanians) and use the "un-romanian" babies as shoting practice by throwing them in the air and BAM! they'er dead. the story he told was of the men and women that dug trenches and where shot to death, and fo the babies and smaller children. i think that will help if you didn't get it already.

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Night (book)

It is in man's nature to..... What does the book Night by Elie Wiesel say about the nature of man?

The nature of man is cruel and undefined. They do dumb and harsh things maybe to prove a point but end up hurting so many others.

Night (book)

Why did Elie Wiesel call his book Night?

I think Elie Wiesel named is book night, because he wanted to tell the world and let them know that these were the most darkest and most painful times of his life. He picked night as a metaphor for how he felt. After what he went threw he probally felt alone, scared, anrgy. So he wanted to compare that to nightime, were its dark,scary and eeri.

AnswerThe Holocaust was sad, depressing, and full of gloomy and "dark" memories like the night sky is dark.


In the book Elie says that during the holocaust his life was a dark endless night.

Night (book)

Why is Elie Wiesel's book Night relevant today?

Because the holocausts haven't stopped with WWII. Today, children, women...anyone unlucky enough to be born into a religion, ethnicity or race that is hated continues to die in every corner of the world. As "civilized" countries look the other way and think that sending "humanitarian aid" is enough of a response to atrocity. Genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. Wiesel's book Night, can show what it is like for people in other countries, living in times of genocide. If people read about the struggle Wiesel went through, they are more likely to help people in places like Rwanda, and Darfur. Someone in this society cannot even momentarily comprehend the violence that we witness on television, and can therefore see it before comfortably sitting down to our dinners. We have everything to live a comfortable life, and can't imagine living without the luxury of many of our possessions. One might feel bad for a Tutsi killed in Rwanda for awhile, but cannot understand what they are going through without having firsthand experience. Night provides us with this firsthand experience. Through Wiesel's experiences we can see through the eyes of every oppressed, hated, humiliated, and suffering person around the world.

Night (book)

Where is a irony in night by Elie Wiesel?

Pgs. 40 and 9 have irony. 40-He talks about an ironic poster that's hung up around the concentration camp. 9- His father talks about how the yellow star has brought the community closer together and how it should have done the opposite.

Elie Wiesel
Night (book)

Describe Elie Wiesel's father.?

He was a store owner and high-up officila in the Jewish community. He is very devoted to keeping his son alive

History of Africa
Charles Darwin
Night (book)

What are some modern-day examples of continued European influence in Africa?


Language. French is the working language in a number of African nations, as is English. Neither is native to Africa.

Administration. Many African nations use the British form of justice courts and police ranks and military establishments and structures. Many African national leaders are styled " Prime Minister ".

Education. Many well to do African families send their young people to University in Great Britain if they speak English, or France if they speak French. This usually gurantees that they will get a good position at home, in either the Government, or private business. This helps to maintain the status of the ex-colonial nation as a place of higher education.

Social life. The ex-pat social circle in Africa is a powerfull force that can make it's self known to the government, if things are allowed to go to far, as in Zimbabwe. The government there was warned by Great Britain that it would use military force to protect those UK citizens who were being threatened by un-ruly mobs in the interior of the country. The Zimbabwean P.M. took this news very seriously and immediately took measures to solve the problem.

Economics. In many African countries, the real day to day running of the country is done by European people who work either for non-government agencies, or for the government of the country. Highly technical work is rarely done by Africans, who tend to be no more than middle level managers or Government appointees, who owe their jobs to a family or tribal connection.

Infrastructure. Many roads, railways, dams, airports, electricity supply grids and much more, are from before self rule.

Developing countries in Africa become more westernize by the day.This is simply an continuation of western influence witch started during the colonial period.It touches every aspect of live in Africa,there is a shift away from traditional values,the African culture is slowly but surely replaced with American hip hop and bling.Role models like Mandela made way for Obama,I can go on for ever but it would hardly change anything.

Night (book)

Where was the book 'Night' by Elie Wiesel published?

Hill & Wang.
Night was published by Hill and Wang, a division of Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Night (book)

What is a night prayer?

AnswerThe night prayer or "salatul kiyam" or "salat tahajjud" is an extra prayer done by Muslims who want to do it. It's highly rewarded by God.In a Muslim prayer you would stand, bow, prostrate to God, read Qur'an, praise God, ask God for help....The prayer in Islam is done in a specific manner but you can add supplications to it.AnswerAbdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Al-As narrated:

Allah's Apostle (pbuh) said to me:

"The most beloved fasting to Allah was the fasting of the Prophet Dawud, who used to fast alternate days.

And the most beloved prayer to Allah was the prayer of Dawud, who used to sleep the first half of the night, and pray for one third of it and again sleep for a sixth of it.'" (Sahih Al-Bukhari).


This is a somewhat good answer but I can provide a bit more in depth response God willing.

Assalamu alaikum, (Peace be upon you)

Thank you for your question.

In Islam we have Tahajjud which means the optional late-night prayers.

These are extra prayers one can make and is encouraged to do so. the night prayer or Tahajud can be only one raka or more. If we are burdened, need guidance, have a special request, or are upset; we seek freedom from the stress and worry by giving it all to Allah since he is he Best Provider. We focus solely on the worship of God. Since it's generally a very quiet time of the night it's easier to focus.

When you start praying little by little you feel more of a connection with God, to become more religious, more of an internal peace. You can be guided and forgiven

The night prayer can be done at any time. However, the best time for Tahajjud is to delay it to the last third portion of the night .(generally a time before 4 a.m.)

In the Qur'an, Allah tells us to beg of him, to ask from him, to make Dua.

Making Dua (our own personal prayers and supplications)reminds us to rely on Him, to not be stressed, and that we need Him.

Night (book)

What is the meaning of the quote The yellow star Oh well what of it you don't die of it Poor father of what then did you die in the book Night by elie wiesel?

== == It means that it was the wearing of the yellow star itself that "killed" the Jews. Their identity and fate were sealed. By designating the Jews with the negative marker, the Nazis removed them from the norms of society, making them the "other". From that point, removing the Jews altogether was just another step towards the logical conclusion.

Night (book)

Why does Eliezer pray?

he need help from god

Night (book)

How is the novel Night by Elie Wiesel about survival?

The novel Night is about survival because 15 year old Elie Wiesel is put face to face with S.S. Guards in Nazi concentration camps. He has to adjust his life from being a normal 15 year old boy who went to school, ate dinner on a regular basis and was treated as a human to being caged with his friends and family and everyone was being starved, beaten, burnt alive and hanged on a daily basis. Elie learned that his only way to survive the concentration camp was to adapt to that accept the fact that people were dying and not to let that ruin his own chance of survival.

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Night (book)

In the book Night what is the symbolism for the word night?

night symbolises Elies lose in faith

Night (book)

What did Elie not do on Yom Kippur?


Night (book)

Who is moshe the beadle and why does wiesel begin the story with him?

Moishe is a Jewish man living in Sighet. He is somewhat like a teacher to Elie, helping him to learn Kabbalah. He also returns to Sighet and warns the Jews of what is to come but they do not listen. He is like a prophet.

I believe Elie began the story with him as a way to introduce religion, faith, and also to show that nobody listened when they were warned. His loss of faith sets a theme for the book.

Night (book)

What was the flashback in the book Night by Elie Wiesel?

Elie was in the cattle car, and the guards were throwing bread to the prisoners, and then watching them fight for it. Elie had a flashback of when he was on a boat, and the women were throwing coins into the river so that they could watch the natives wrestle for the money.


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