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Traditional Japanese dishes include sushi and sashimi. Rice and soup are important staples of their diet.

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What is zensai?

Zensai is a very sweet bean-and-mochi dish resembling porridge that is served as part of the Japanese New Year's celebration.

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What would be a typical meal in Japan?

A typical meal in japan consists of steamed rice, pickles, some sort of cooked meat or fish, vegetables, and miso soup.

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Where can you buy Japanese food erasers picture?

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What is shiro miso?

Miso is made with rice and soybeans and is a seasoning. "Shiro" miso is white or light gold and is one of the most sweetest misos. it is a Japanese ingredient.

Japanese Food

How much does tempura usually cost?

Type your answer here... 20$ to 30$

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What is the difference between maki and sushi?

There are many types of sushi; Nigiri -Sushi (hand shaped sushi), Oshi-Sushi (pressed sushi), Maki-Sushi (rolled sushi) and Chirashi-sushi (scattered sushi).

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What is Avo on a sushi menu?


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What is saki ika?

According to my snack package, it is dried squid snacks.

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Does sushi have to be refrigerated?

Yes because it's raw fish - and raw fish will rot if it's not refrigerated. Sometimes the raw sushi fish is soaked in rice vinegar to "cook" the fish with acid, but at the end of the day the fish is still raw and won't last an hour if left in a car in the summer with the windows up, in pheonix, arizona. Say "sushi fish" ten times fast!

Japanese Food

Where can you buy pocky in Minnesota?

Walmart, Kroger, or any local Asian store (CAM Asian market, Little Asiana, ect.) Chances are you have an Asian market near you even if you don't know about it.

Japanese Food

What is the most expensive sashimi?

The most expensive sashimi is in Japan and is called ohtoro in Japanese. Ohtoro is another name for bluefin tuna belly meat.

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Japanese Food

Does sushi have carbohydrates in?

yes sushi does have carbs, because its main ingredient is rice which is high in carbs
sushi rice however is low GI (48)

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What does miso soup taste like?

Miso soup tastes just like the beef ramen noodles.

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What is the name of the 'Fiery Japanese food paste'?


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How much does pocky cost at wal-mart?

Around 2 bucks

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What do Japanese people eat on certain holidays?


Japanese Food
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What is Japanese bento?

A Bento is a Japanese lunchbox.

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Is wasabi the hottest pepper?

No, Wasabi is a Japanese condiment that is made from a root vegetable that is like horseradish. Much of the "Wasabi" available in the US, however, is made from colored horseradish and not from the original Wasabi.

Wasabi is spicy, but it is not as hot as the hotter chile varieties like Habanero, Scotch Bonnets, or even Cayenne. And it is a different type of "heat" that is much more aromatic than chiles.

Japanese Food

What do people in Tokyo eat?

They eat Noodles.

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What is tempura batter?

Tempura is a Japanese method of preparing food. Meats, vegetables, and/or seafood are coated and fried in batter until golden. This style of cooking was brought to the Island by Portugese traders about 400 years ago. The recipe is simple:

1 egg or egg yolk or egg whites, beaten

1 cup cold water, about 40 degrees is fine

1 cup flour

A dash or splash of dry white wine, if desired

Beat the egg, then add the water and the flour. Mix until moistened, lumps will remain. Don't let it get sticky or the tempura will be oily. Dip the fish in flour and then the batter. Vegetables (squash, carrots, broccoli, anything you like) can just be dipped in batter directly. Fry in hot oil 2-3 minutes on a side until golden and drain. Don't crowd the pan, do in smaller batches.

Serve with dipping sauce of your choice. Soy sauce with a little mirin or wasabi are traditional in Japan.

Japanese Food

What does sukiyaki mean in Japanese?

The Japanese word "Sukiyaki" is a Japanese dish that consists of meat, vegetables, and is well seasoned.

Japanese Food

Where do you purchase kracie poppin cookin?

I've bought it off Amazon.com, I've only seen the Sushi, Cake/icecream cone, and the Bento kits. I've bought others off Ebay.com

Japanese Food

What foods do Japanese people eat?

Japanese People eat various foods such as Western food, Asian food, European food.

Japanese staple food is steamed rice (ご飯), Japanese pickles (漬け物), baked fish (焼き魚), Sashimi (刺身), Miso soup (みそ汁) , baked egg (卵焼き), Sunomono (酢の物) and more.

They also eat noodles such as Soba noodles, Udon noodles, Ramen noodles and pasta and so on.

Japanese don't usually eat sushi as daily food. Sushi is a kind of special food that we eat at a restaurant.

Sashimi is fresh raw fish, seashells, and other sea creatures. Japanese are enjoy to eat them with soy source or special soy source for Sashimi with wasabi. Some sashimi may be eaten with Ponzu or salt.

Sushi is fresh fish or other seafood topped with one bite size of vinegared rice. Sushi has different types; hand rolled sushi (Temaki sushi 手巻き寿司), rolled sushi (Maki zushi 巻き寿司), boxed shaped sushi (Hako zushi 箱寿司)

Some other common foods found in Japan are:

  • miso soup which is made usually without any form of meat. It is often seen as a side-dish though may be eaten as a meal.
  • Domburi which is a bowl of rice topped off with something else. At my local ramen shop, they serve Domburi with grilled beef on the top.
  • sukiyaki
  • shabu-shabu
  • takytori
  • katsu
  • omuraisu
  • And many other things
Japanese Food

How do Japanese people prepare sushi?

It depends on what sushi roll you want to make but if it a cooked traditional roll like Philadelphia or California then you start of with a sheet of seaweed then spread rice on it and start placing ingredients in then when your done with that you chop it up and serve. If you don't want rice or anything around it don't pace rice and if you want it deep friend then leave the roll whole, deep fry it the cut it up and serve.

Japanese Food

How do onigiri factories make onigiris?

Check the related link.

The video will tell you how to make onigiri with nori and tuna.


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