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This category covers questions about the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, commonly known as simply Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States. Originally a Spanish colony, the United States acquired Puerto Rico as a territory from the Kingdom of Spain on December 10, 1898. Since then, both the United States and Puerto Rico have maintained close, friendly ties, even once considering the admission of Puerto Rico as the 51st state, although this was eventually decided against.

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Ruta y transito de banco santander de puerto rico?

Numero de Ruta para cuentas de Banco Santander : 021502341

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Is there a cruise direct to Puerto Rico from Miami?

There are no cruises on the major cruises lines that simply sail from Miami to San Juan and back. There are many that leave Miami that stop in San Juan. Per the discussion, the original poster wanted to know about direct sailings, staying for two weeks in Puerto Rico and then sailing back to Miami. There are no such commercial offerings. You could possibly charter a boat on your own.

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What nation owns Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a United States Territory ceded from Spain after the Spanish-American War.

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Why do Spanish people leave Puerto Rico to come to America?

Most for greater economic advantage and employment.

And they're not Spanish. The Spanish are from Spain, which is in Europe.

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What do you call the people in Puerto Rico?

They are called puertorriqueños

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Is Tyga Puerto Rican?

No, his biography says that he is of Jamaican and Vietnamese heritage.

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Is there volcano in Puerto Rico?

No. There is no active volcano in Puerto Rico.

However, Puerto Rico is itself the top of a dormant volacano. :)

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Is Puerto Rico a Pacific island?

No, it is in the Caribbean.

There is the city of Puerto Rico on the island of Saipan, in the Pacific Ocean.

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Why does Puerto Rico have on Olympic team when they are part of the United States?

Puerto Rico has a team because it is a political entity which has its own National Olympic Committee. Even though it is not an independent country, and for most purposes it is equivalent to the 50 states and the District of Columbia, it is distinct enough politically and culturally to be able to have its own Olympic team. Guam, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands.

The two main reasons why those four territories have their own Olympic committees are firstly, because the locals were able to raise the money and develop the infrastructure to have a team and secondly, because the USA's Olympic committee had no objection to this.

Usually, a nation-state has only one Olympic team, but there are other exceptions. Israel & Palestine have separate teams. So do the People's Republic of China, Taiwan ("Chinese Taipei") and Hong Kong. France has several Overseas Departments which have their own teams.

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What does the Puerto Rican word cachetero mean?

I am pretty sure it means freeloader. Like someone who eats and drinks at the expense of others. The type of person that you never see his wallet.

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Where can I buy a Boost Mobile phone in Puerto Rico?

You can buy it at any Radio Shack store.

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Who is the minister of health in Puerto Rico?

Michel Gonral

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How many US territories are there?

Under U.S. Jurisdiction (14)

* American Samoa

* Baker Island

* Guam

* Howland Island

* Jarvis Island

* Johnston Atoll

* Kingman Reef

* Midway Islands

* Navassa Island

* Northern Mariana Islands

* Palmyra Atoll

* Puerto Rico

* Virgin Islands

* Wake Island


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In what continent is Puerto Rico in?

Puerto Rico is part of North America, physically and politically.

Puerto Rico is part of Insular America. The Caribbean is not considered North, Central or South American.

The British Virgin Islands are part of the UK, politically, but they're not considered Europe. Ergo, the same is applied to any other colony in the Caribbean.

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How many times can Puerto Rico fit in New York?

New York is 54,556 Square Miles in size.

Puerto Rico is 3515 square miles in size.

54,556 / 3515 = 15.52

You can fit 15½ Puerto Ricos into New York State.

For reference in size, Puerto Rico is just over double the size of Long Island, New York in square miles.

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Nicky Cruz nickname called by his mother?

what was nicky cruz nickname

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How long is the flight to puerto rico from los angeles?

It is anywhere from 8 to 11 hours long, it depends if you make a stop or not.

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Are there many churches in Puerto Rico?

Yes, and synagogues and mosques.

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Is calling Puerto Rico an international call?

If you calling from the states... no.

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Does puerto rico have the same postal rates as the us?

in most cases yes

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Is Puerto Rico part of the United States?

Yes, although it is located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States. Puerto Rico's official status is "Free Associated Commonwealth of the United States Of America". Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States by Spain as a result of the Treaty of Paris of 1898 ending the Spanish-American War.

Residents of Puerto Rico hold on to much of their Spanish culture and are torn between a desire for autonomy and statehood.


People born in Puerto Rico are automatically American Citizens with all the rights and responsibilities of any American Citizen born in a state. (Jones Act of 1917)

Right to Vote

Puerto Rico does not have any electors in the Electoral College therefore Residents of Puerto Rico are unable to vote for President of the United States even if they were born in a state and moved to Puerto Rico as permanent residents. A person born in Puerto Rico who becomes a permanent resident of any US State has the right to vote for President in that state.

Representation in US Congress

Puerto Rico does not have voting representatives or senators in the US Congress. Puerto Ricans elect one delegate to the US House of Representatives to speak for the territory. The delegate can vote in committees but cannot vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.


Permanent Puerto Rican residents are exempt from Federal income tax on money earned in Puerto Rico from companies with a presence in the territory. This does not mean Puerto Ricans do not pay federal taxes. Puerto Ricans pay payroll tax, social security, medicare, excise taxes, road use tax and capital gains tax among others. Money earned off the island and from companies without a presence on the territory is not exempt from federal income tax. There is also a very hefty local state income tax and sales tax.

Travel Document Requirements

Persons traveling on commercial airliners, or ships on direct transit from any US State or Territory to any other US State or US Territory are not required to have a passport. This includes travel between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Identification requirements vary, but in general a state issued driver's license or state issued Identification card will suffice. Travel between any US State or territory and any foreign country or territory does require a passport. This includes travel between Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, or any other Caribbean Island other than the US Virgin Islands.

Political Status - Statehood Referendum

Puerto Rico has had 4 plebiscites dealing with the question of statehood, independence, or continued territorial status with the US. They were held in 1967, 1993, 1998, and 2012. The highest number of Puerto Ricans to actually vote for independence in a plebiscite is about 4%. The average number of voters to seek independence has been around 1½%. The rest of the electorate is evenly divided between statehood and status quo (keeping the current status, or some other form of autonomous territorial status with the US). "None of the Above" narrowly won over statehood in the 1998 plebiscite. About half of the population wanted a different political status which would grant the territory more autonomy, but do not want to lose American Citizenship in the process.

In November 2012 a two tiered referendum was held to address the issue raised by the 1998 plebiscite. The first question asked between maintaining the status quo or seeking a different political status. Two thirds of the electorate indicated they wanted a different political status. The second question asked which status should be sought: Independence, Statehood, or Sovereign Commonwealth (like Republic of the Marshall Islands). A majority of those who voted on this question chose statehood. However, there was a large number of "undervotes" in the second question, allegedly due to confusion of those who voted for status quo in the first question. A giant political battle erupted. In the same election, the "status quo" party narrowly won the governorship of the territory. Because of these developments, it is unlikely that the Puerto Rican legislature, or the Governor, will petition the US Congress for statehood anytime soon.

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What does it mean when people wiggle their nose in Puerto Rico?

It means "what?" or "I don't understand what are you saying"

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Is Puerto Rico in the tropics?

Yes. Puerto Rico is below the Tropic of Cancer (on about the 18th parallel). Therefore, it is in the tropics (along with all other land masses - whcih are also in the tropics if they are below the Tropic of Cancer (about the 23rd parallel), and above the Tropic of Capricorn.

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What are the sports nicknames for the five universities in Puerto Rico that participate in NCAA Division 2?

The five Puerto Rican universities that are in the NCAA Division 2 are: * University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez...the Bulldogs. * University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras...the Roosters. * University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon...the Cowboys. * Interamerican University of Puerto Rico...the Tigers. * American University of Puerto Rico...the Pirates.

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Can you bring pasteles on a plane from puerto rico to new york?



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