Urban Planning

Urban planning combines transportation planning and land use planning to enhance the structure, social and economic environments of communities. This type of planning includes urban renewal, wherein urban planning methods are used to existing communities suffering from lack of investment.

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Urban Planning

In what month do Americans drink the least milk?

Probably one of the summer months. It's not very refreshing to drink milk in the heat.

Los Angeles
Urban Planning

What are the names of the Los Angeles CA suburbs?

The largest ones by population include: * Long Beach * Glendale * Santa Clara * Pomona * Torrance * Pasadena * Palmdale * Lancaster * Ingelwood * Downey * West Covina * Norwalk * Burbank.

Urban Planning

Who are the top ten richest people in Africa?

Top ten in 2009 are:

Johann Rupert & Family (South Africa)

African Rank No.9 - World Rank No.601 - Wealth $1.2 billion

Femi Otedola (Nigeria)

African Rank No. 9 - World Rank No.601 - Wealth $1.2 billon

Patrice Motsepe (South Africa)

African Rank No.8 - World Rank No.559 - Wealth $1.3 billion

Onsi Sawiris (Egypt)

African No.7 - World Rank No.430 - Wealth $1.7 billon

Mo Ibrahim (Sudan)

African No.6 - World Rank 334 - Wealth $2 billion

Aliko Dangote (Nigeria)

African No.5 - World Rank No.261 - WeaNaguib Sawiris (Egypt)

Nassef Sawiris (Egypt)

African No.3 - World Rank 196 - Wealth $3.1 billion

Nicky Oppenheimer & Family (South Africa)

African Rank No.2 - World Rank No 98 - Wealth $5 billion

Mohammed Al Amoudi (Ethiopia)

African Rank No.1 - World Rank No. 43 - Wealth $9 billion

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Urban Planning
US Census

What is the life expectancy of a white male born in 1947 in the US?

eighty years old

Urban Planning

What do you mean by urbean planning?

Urbean . . . hmmmmm! Maybe U (you) R (are) BEAN (something that grows on a vine and good to eat) PLANNING (deciding what you want to do before doing it). That would probably mean that deciding where to plan yourself so you had the best possibility of growth and a good harvest. Urban planning, on the other hand: Planning the growth of cities before they expand into surrounding areas. ie streets, utilities, zoning, etc.

Urban Planning

How does Urban Sprawl occur?

Urban sprawl occurs when the dense populated area of a city overtakes what were originally suburban or rural areas adjacent to it. It is characterized by increases in commercial and industrial activity as compared to typically residential land use in suburban neighborhoods.

This is common to most metropolitan areas of the US that experienced growth in population or in commercial activity, leading to the increased use of high-rise housing.

Urban Planning

Advantage of population growth the economy?

the advantages of population growth on the economy can be that there is a lot of man power available so if used properly then the economy can develop at a faster rate than it is developing

Urban Planning

What are characteristics of urban naturalism?

Think of Central Park. Other parks near you could provide the answer.

Urban Planning

What does the word subnational entities mean?

A subnational entity is an organization that operates inside of a nation but does not include the entire nation; a faction.

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Urban Planning

Everyone has helped someone out before Tell us about a time when you went above and beyond the call of duty to help someone?

i helped my sister out when she needed a babysitter, but i wanted to go to this party

Urban Planning
Master of Science MSc

Ph.D in urban planning?

Urban Planning is the science of managing and directing city growth. There are a number of specializations within the field to include:

1. City Design and Development (CDD);

2. Environmental Policy and Planning (EPP);

3. Housing, Community, and Economic Development (HCED);

4. International Development Group (IDG)

There are also areas that are specific to the PhD levelwhich may include:

1. Urban Information Systems

2. Regional Planning

3. Transportation Policy and Planning

However the above may differ somewhat depending on the college or university the student attends.


Urban Planning

What is age structure?

According to the textbook Biology by Campbell and Reece, published in 2002, age structure is defined as the relative number of individuals of each age in a population.

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Urban Planning

What are the advantages and disadvantages of colonialism?

Advantages: In theory, Christian theology promotes equality and education for all. The killing of twins is exposed as a primitive and horrific practice and stopped in the name of the colonizers. The Evil Forest used as a depository for abnormalities. The way in which newborn and toddler deaths are dealt with and the ways in which their cadavers are mutilated. The sexism and the violence with which women are treated. Disadvantages: unfamiliar system of government a complete loss of culture loss of land ownership in general a lack of respect for traditions enforced religious views risk of disease taxes imposed by the colonialists dominant class that comes with the colonial power The native people are considered savages and of no worth whatsoever; therefore, lack of respect. living conditions drastically change because land gets taken away Native way of life is forcefully changed.

New Jersey
Urban Planning

Which Northern New Jersey areas are expected to benefit most from gentrification?


Urban Planning
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What are the differences and similarities between Manpower Planning and traditional human resource planning?

Manpower planning is a procedure or tool for forecasting the number of workers a company will need in future years. It is a traditional function of a human resources department. If you are referring to the company Manpower Planning, then the difference would be external planning as opposed to internal HR planning. You'd essentially be outsouring the job to someone else. The methods of forecasting, whether done by an independent analyst at Manpower or an internal HR manager, are basically the same.

Urban Planning

What are the advantages of urbanization?

Urbanization gives more housing, jobs and services to people. It prevents more poverty with homeless shelters, stops urban sprawl, gives humans more options and holds the Earth's population in order.

Urban Planning

What US city has the most city parks per capita?

san francisco


San Fransisco does NOT have more parks than any other city. Boulder Colorado has far more parks.


Albion, Michigan, population 8,700 (as of the 2010 census) has 17 public parks. This is approximately one park per 500 residents. This is thought to be the highest number of parks per capita of any incorporated city in the United States.

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World record for the most jumping jacks?

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How the population can be an advantage?

1. population is the actual process of data collection of material or animls

Urban Planning

What are the types of organisms from least to most complex?

Single cell paramesium would be the least complex then up through cells of the blood and brain onto multi cellular slugs. Once you get to levels of orgainisation that have speciallised cells for motion, digestion, vision etc then where the creature can live becomes a factor. What is called the 'tree of life' gives more detail but it is a long and increasingly complex ange of creatures involved

Urban Planning

Which continent has the greatest population?

Asia, with over 2.5 billion. The majority residing in India and China

Urban Planning

What does urbanization mean?

An increase in the proportion of the population living in towns.

Urban Planning

How did the elevator change peoples lives?

Elevators allowed residences and businesses to exceed the reasonable heights that could be accommodated by stairways (5 to 10 stories). Elevators allowed the construction of skyscrapers and vastly increased the population density of cities. This resulted in a huge growth in commercial and retail services to serve the additional people and companies.

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Urban Planning

What are three general factors that affect rural settlement patterns?

1. the type of resources found in the area (eg. rich agricultural land, commercial forests, minerals)

2. the transportation methods available at the time of settlement (eg. roads, railways, rivers)

3. the role played by the government policy (eg. survey system)

Urban Planning

What is a primate city?

A primate city is a city twice as large as the next biggest city in that country.


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