Officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, this country consists of 29 islands, 2,387 islets and 661 cays. The Bahamas is a sovereign independent country with a population of about 330,000. Its capital is Nassau.

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Cruises and Ocean Liners
Passport Requirements

Do you need a passport to go on a cruise?

US Passports on CruisesIt depends on your itinerary:
  • Cruises that begin at a US port and end at the same US port: No passport required
  • Cruises that begin at a US port and end at a different US port: Passport required
  • Cruises that begin or end at any foreign (non-US) port: Passport required

Always check with your travel agent or cruise line about identification requirements. When in doubt, bring your passport. It can't hurt to have it.

The US State Department released the newest cruise guidelines in June 2009:

"Effective June 1, 2009, the following rules take effect for cruise passengers:

U.S. citizens on cruise voyages that begin and end at the same U.S. port (closed-loop itineraries) must show proof of citizenship* and government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license). A passport will not be required for passengers that fall into this category.

*Proof of Citizenship documents include: Original or certified copy of birth certificate; Naturalization papers; Consular Report of Birth Abroad issued by Department of State

All other passengers and/or itineraries (such as cruises which begin in one U.S. port and return to a different U.S. port or any cruise that begins or ends in a foreign port) will require a passport or other recognized document. For a list of accepted documents, see"

It should be noted the above only applies to US citizens. If you visit a country of which you are not a native, you should always bring a passport.

Further, it is recommended that you get a passport anyway. If for some reason (illness, other emergency) you must leave your ship and fly back home early, you must have a passport to do that. With passports being valid for 10 years (for adults), the cost works out to around $10 per year. Why would you want to take a chance and not have one?


Why do bahamian men wear a black ankle bracelet?

It is the fashion naturally. Sort of like how women wear earrings or bracelets.

Cruises and Ocean Liners
Vacation Packages

When is the best time to take a cruise to the Bahamas?

Because the Bahamas are located in "Hurricane Country" you want to avoid the summer for trips to the Bahamas. Spring and winter will have the best weather and best temperatures! The best time to cruise in the Bahamas with the best weather is sometime between March and May. Pricewise, the cruise would be cheaper if taken in September or October.

The average high temperatures for the Bahamas drop below 80 degrees Fahrenheit from December through March, according to the World Weather Organization. They get into the upper 80s from May through October.

Rainfall is a different story. Rainfall is quite low during the winter, but it spikes in the late summer because of the hurricane season. Historically, August is the worst month for total rainfall and number of days that it rains. May has the best combination of warm temperatures and low average rainfall.

Medication and Drugs

Can you buy codeine over the counter in Bahamas?

yep. co- codamol, but it is combined with paracetamol, which is called acetaminophen in the U.S. It's like 8mg codeine with 500 mg acetaminophen.

You can also purchase Panadol Ultra, with 500mg paracetamol and 12.8mg codeine and Rokacet Plus, with 500mg paracetamol, 15mg codeine, and 50mg caffeine (similar to Tylenol #2) without a prescription in The Bahamas, but ONLY at a pharmacy.

Cruises and Ocean Liners
Caribbean Islands

What is the best time to take a Caribbean cruise?

It depends on what you want for the best time- best time to get the best deal or the best time to go period. It also depends on what you are looking for as far as your cruise. If you are someone who doesn't want to go when a ship may have a lot of children or if you are hoping to go in a less crowded time. It really depends on what you are looking for.

There is hurricane season which can lower prices but also there are 3 day weekends during hurricane season where the prices are higher due to the demand. Hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th with the majority of hurricanes in August and September.

The winter season is popular (and more expensive) because people from colder climates want to get out of the cold and spend some time in the Caribbean where it is warmer. Also, people that think the Caribbean is too hot during the summer will travel there during other times of the year to be a bit cooler.

Consult a good travel agent (and when I mean good.. I mean someone who will take the time to listen to what your needs are). Websites like Orbitz etc.. won't give you that personalized attention and counseling a good travel agent can offer!

You might also want to take a look at the cruise line promos and discounts. The cruise lines provide a lot of them now as they want to increase the popularity of cruising. Just because there is a promotional discount doesn't necessarily mean you will end up on a less crowded cruise ship. The promotions are there so the cruise line can fill the ship. They never want to sail with any empty cabins. There are promotions that are not advertised. Some of these are age-related, based on where you live, if you are in the military or other public service (police, fire, etc.), or in some cases even if you are a member of a union. Not every category above has a discount on every sailing though. Check with your travel agent.

There are some good tutorials on youtube ... just put in search term cruise prices.
summer because its better.


How many ports of entry are there in the Bahamas?


Political Office Holders

Do hubert ingraham have any children?

yes he have 5 children


What is a song in the Bahamas?

Good Morning Mr Fisher. I get do right in. You get swing. Dis a Bahamian ting.

Da Barefoot Bandit.

Cruises and Ocean Liners
Air Travel

What is the least expensive time of year to take a cruise?

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually the cheapest. How about also when everyone else does NOT want to go! For instance to Alaska in May or Sept, because the popular times are June and July!


Where is Patti LaBelle's home in the Bahamas?

Her house is in Governor's Harbour, Eleuthra, Bahamas. I rented a house on the same street!

p.s my sister almost took a crap on it!

Travel & Places

What is the best time for Bahamas travel?

Weather wise, the Bahamas is gorgeous all year around, but spring and autumn are said to be best.

Winter and summer are peak seasons for tourism. Hurricane season spans from June to November, but doesn't seem to be of much concern to most travelers.Summers in the Bahamas can be warm and rainy, with daytime temperatures reaching about 95 degrees


How many island and cays make up the Bahamas?

The total of 700 islands and cays that make up the bahamas

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in The Bahamas?

Somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 persons of Haitian ancestry live in The Bahamas- most as immigrants who arrived without proper documentation but some 20- 30,000 who are citizens. This segment of the population speaks Haitian Kreyol and 'Bahamian' English.

There are a few thousand Spanish speakers who also speak English. Add to this another few thousand ethnic Chinese and you have a sizeable group of Mandarin or Cantonese speakers.

We are further enhanced with hundreds of other language speakers from Brazil and Europe as well as many Asian states introducing Portuguese, continental French, German, Italian, Hindi, Tagalog and a myriad of other languages.

The Bahamas is truly cosmopolitan in its make-up but we do have to deal with our apparent national reluctance to recognise the 25% of our population who are Kreyol speakers and who have contributed much to our national development over the past two hundred years, particularly with the success of the 1804 revolution which caused so many of our ancestors to dream of the end of nineteenth century slavery. Thank you Haiti.

majority of people there speak English.
The language that people speak in the Bahamas is English. It is considered to be the official language of the Bahamas.
Some and most speak english, but a lot also speak spanish it depends on what island you are talking about though... really though there is no official second language in the Bahamas (which is a good thing) everyone is allowed to speak whatever language they choose to speak:)

About one quarter of the people living in the Bahamas actually speak French. Because the Bahama's is a popular American tourist destination, many citizens there speak English.
English with an accent
The Bahamas colonised with England so Spain wouldn't go to war in 1718. They needed to learn English. And it has something to do with the slaves moving to Bahamas from New York, Florida etc.
English is the official language of the Bahamas.
The first language of the people in Bahamas is English. There is no official language and people are free to speak any language they want. So, chances are, you will find people who speak Spanish, but no guarantees.

they speak English, Spanish and different dialects
English and creble
they speak English in the Bahamas
The official language in the Bahamas is English with no official second language
They speak English and Bahamian Creole.
They speak English.
The Bahamians speak Bahamian Dialic F.Y.I its bad kind of miss up english
english @bahamian ceorle
English is spoken in the Bahamas
Hi, I am a local in the Bahamas and the main languages spoken in the Bahamas are: 1) English- Is our main language spoken here, we do not speak proper english however but we have a west indian accent. 2)Spanish- Many locals speak spanish because we are taught spanish in schools at an early age. These are our main languages spoken here in the Bahamas.

They speak english but some may call it bahamianese
Bahamians speak English.
They speak English, French, and some Spanish.


Environmental Issues

A list of the natural resources of the Bahamas?

salt, aragonite, timber (forestry and conservation lands), arable land, wetlands, freshwater resources agriculture: mangrove forests, fruit crops (especially citrus), vegetables for export; livestock for local markets economy of Bahamas depends greatly on tourism and banking


What is the capital of the Bahamas?

Nassau, on New Providence Island, is the capital and also the largest city and commercial center of the commonwealth of the Bahamas. The city has a popular of 248,948, according to the 2010 census.

The Capital of the Bahamas is: Nassau

Colleges and Universities

Are there any Dance Colleges in the Bahamas?

yes. the National Dance Academy of the Bahamas.

Cruises and Ocean Liners
Carnival Cruise Line

How is the Carnival cruise to the Bahamas?

The question you've posed is quite vague. Carnival is a cruise line and a trip to the Bahamas can vary by season. Soooo, the best advice would be for you to do some homework and select the itinerary and ship that suits you. Then visit an amazing website '' where you can read unbiased reviews from cruisers just like yourself and get their feedback on everything from food, service, cleanliness, activities, embarkation and more. You can even look for reviews from people who cruised around the same time you're planning to see more variables like weather and ports of call! After your cruise, why not contribute a review of your own to share with the world? Happy Sailing! On the "Love Boat" as seen in the popular TV series, the seven day cruise takes you to four locations, the Bahamas being one. Carnival owns a beach there where you will stop for the day. On the long white sand beach (the sand was shipped in I am told), there are tents for shade, chairs along the beach, a bandstand, and a place to grill out. The water is crystal clear giving excellent visibility for snorkling so bring your fins. You will never come in contact with anyone from the Bahamas as the beach is private, fenced, and the perimeter is walked by uniformed men with large guns and dogs. All of this is hidden with beautiful foliage. Well it depends what cruise you want to go on exactly. I went on the four day cruise to Bahamas. The first day you're sailing and you getting used to the boat. The next day you arrive at Nassau Bahamas, Approxitmately 8:00 am. You can get off the boat whenever you want but you must be back on the boat by 6:30 am the next mornig. On the third day you stay out in the ocean and there are parties and different events you can attend. On the fourth day you arrive back to Florida or wherver the dock is, at 8:00 am. The food is actually very good and the boat is clean. Room service does a great job also. Overall I loved the cruise and thought it was worth every cent. I hope this answers your question!You can also visit some blogs you can find in Google about all of those who had experience with the cruise on that place.

Hope You Enjoy!


Can you walk to the Bahamas from Florida?

No. There is water in between the Bahamas and Florida. You have to take a boat or plane (or any other transportation available).

Farm Crops

Name the crops gron in the Bahamas?

There are so many varieties. There is limes, cassava, sweet potato, okra, grapefruit, tomatoes, and my favorite: beets. There are also carrots. Yummy in my tummy!


How far is Florida from the grand Bahamas?

90 miles

Distances and Travel Times

What are 5 advantages of tourism?

1. The tourism industry encompasses many different areas. This results in the fact that in these areas a lot of jobs are created. Many different levels of employment are created for people given in a community with different social classes.

2. Tourism may increase the GDP / national income.

3. Economic and educational growth of people. This can be invested in desired categories.

4. Broadens people's understanding of different cultures.

5. There is a continuous exchange (flow of) money between countries / states / towns / cities.

Plural Nouns

What is the capital of the berry islands?

The Berry Islands district in the Bahamas is administered by a district council and town committee in Bullocks Harbor, on the island of Great Harbour Cay.


The Bahamas lie off what peninsulas?

I don’t know

Cruises and Ocean Liners
Passport Requirements

Do you need a passport to go in a cruise to the Bahamas?

you only need a passport if you are going to cruise to they place and fly back but it you were cruising from lets say Florida to the Bahama's and you don't stay in the Bahamas and cruise back then you don't need one


What are some advantages of jobs in the Bahamas?

meet tourists from all over the place

beautiful weather beautiful women in bikinis


Everything is expensive... it's one of the least friendly group of islands and they have figured out how to shake the last penny out of your jeans... I think they would strap a meter on your chest and charge for the Bahamian air you breathed if they could

I avoid the Bahamas whenever I can. They have managed to destroy their own business from the cruising fraternity because of their prices and restrictive policies


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