Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 90 mi south of Cuba and 119 mi west of Hispaniola. It has an area of 4,244 sq mi and an estimated population of 2.8 million as of 2010.

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Nova Scotia

Branch transit number list scotia Jamaica?

Here are the transit numbers for Scotiabank's Jamaica locations. Frankfield- Transit #: 00125a, May Pen-Transit #: 30205, Christiana- Transit #: 00125, Park Crescent - Transit #: 50195a, and Mandeville- Transit #: 50195. Hope this helps.

Passport Requirements
Green Cards

Do you need passport to go to Jamaica or just green card?

You need a passport

Air Miles

What is the distance between Texas and Jamaica?

The flight distance from Texas (TX) to Jamaica is:

1,541 miles / 2,480 km

Olympic History

Where did Jamaica first compete in the Olympics?

London, UK in the 1948 Summer Games.


Is Jamaica in Asia?

No, Jamaica is not in Asia. It is in the Caribbean, south of Cuba.

History of France

Did the French try to colonize Jamaica?

They did !

Latitude and Longitude

What time is Ghana's capital city 0 degree when it is 12 noon in Jamaica 77 degree W?



Names of some Anglican churches in Jamaica and the parishes they are in?

Anglican Church Hall - St Thomas

St Benidicts Anglican Church - Bull Bay

Central America

How do you say hello in Central America?

Most of Central America has an official language of Spanish, so you would say hello in Spanish, which is "hola."

Countries in Central America:


Costa Rica

El Salvador





Law & Legal Issues
Job Applications

Where do you download Jamaica constabulary force application forms?

You could try the Yardy.com site, they have a lot of information about the JCF and the recruitment forms..

Postage and Shipping

How many stamps for a letter from the US to Jamaica?

It would be 98 cents for a normal size letter under an ounce.

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in Jamaica?

English is the official language of Jamaica.

Patois ("pat-wah"), which is a combination of the African languages twi and kwa but based on the English language, is generally used in informal speech.


Although English is now the official language of Jamaica, most citizens possess the ability to speak a strong underlying local language that represents the country's multicultural and multi-ethnic history. Jamaica is also well known for a patois or pidgin language spoken by 90% of the residents and formed as a result of 500 years of intermingling languages. Jamaicans refer to the language as "Jamaican Patois." The development of the patois stems from the English and Spanish colonization and enslavement of people from many countries in West Africa, and forced labor of people from India and China, and the indigenous native Arawak (Taino) people.

Patois is a French term meaning "very local language." Jamaican patois is spoken by most Creoles of Jamaica. The term, creole, was originally applied to descendents of Europeans born in colonies in order to separate them from high ranking well-to-do citizens of the mainland, either of European or mixed ethnicity and race. Jamaican patois is derived from old English (British, Irish, and Welsh English), Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Tamil, Arawak, and the tribal dialects of numerous West African nations.

While followers of the Rastafarian religion also speak a version of Jamaican patois, the groups' longstanding residency and isolation in the high mountains of Jamaica has created a separately evolved version of the dialect that incorporates terms of the native languages of Ethiopia, Amharic and Ge'ez. The Rastafarian movement initiated by Marcus Garvey follows a combination of Semitic beliefs and the principles and philosophies of Ras Tafari Makonnen who was crowned king of Ethiopia in 1930. It is reported that upon coronation, Makonnen claimed the titles of "Emperor Haile Selassie (Power of the Trinity) I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God and King of the Kings of Ethiopia."

It must be noted that unless the intent is to fully insult a citizen of the country, Jamaicans do not speak "Rastafari" as this is NOT a language, and should not be used as a general term. Followers of the Rastafarian religion constitute less than 7% of the country's population.

Jamaica prides itself on not mixing politics and religion and does not claim an official religion of the country. Citizens enjoy the freedom of religion in the privacy of their own homes and religious dwellings. The majority of the population is Catholic, followed by Episcopal, Methodist, Baha'i, Seventh Day Adventist, Jewish, Hindi, Islam, and others. A true melting pot.

Jamaican's Speak ' Jamaican Creole ' But Not All People speak it ... && Trust Me They SERIOUSLY dont be saying ' MON ' ! Some people prefer to speak ' Enqlish ' Than Creole / Patois . '!!

English is Jamaica's principal language.


English is the official language. However, locals typically speak Jamaican "Patois" (pronounced "patwah") which is a combination of (mostly) English, along with the African languages Twi and Kwa.

All official business is done in English, and most locals know and speak Patois (very few don't). Less educated Jamaicans know only Patois, but more educated Jamaicans are fluent both in English and Patois. Some upper class Jamaicans will look down on Patois, while others just see it as appropriate in certain arenas, and inappropriate in others, where only or mainly English is appropriate.

Patois has not been standardized, though many are attempting to standardize it, and to have it taught in schools [some primary/ elementary level experimental schools use it now - English is taught in these schools as a second language, and it is easier to learn that way.

The Bible book of Luke is now translated into Patois {audio and print}, and the whole New Testament is being translated now, too]. The words that have been used in print vary in spelling from location to location (e.g. "kyaan" or "kaan" or "cyaan" or "caan" or *kyaah" or "kyaa" are variant spellings for the Patois version of "can't.").

Most Jamaican Patois words are English-based, but words such as "nyam" for "eat" are African-based. The exact accent and the pronunciation of most Patois words vary somewhat from parish to parish across Jamaica (just as different states in the USA have a variation in speech and accent), and experts can usually tell which parish someone is from by the accent (e.g. the Kingston drawl vs the more hurried speech in Western Jamaica).

English is the national language, but when most people think of "Jamaican", they are thinking of the dialect known to Jamaicans as Patois (and to linguists as Jamaican Creole, not to be confused with Haitian Creole). It is heavily based in English thanks to the history of British rule, but has influences from western African languages due to slavery. Although the Spanish ruled the lovely island nation before the British did, it appears their influence remains mostly in the names of cities such as Ocho Rios and Spanish Town.
Jamaica's official language is English.


English, at least the people did when I went there.
Officially English

informally we speak patois
patwa or broken English
Creol is the native language of Jamaica.
According to Jamaica Guide.com, "While the official language of Jamaica is English, native islanders typically speak in a regional patois, which is a combination of Spanish, English, and assorted African tongues."
jamaicans speak "patois" (patwaw) NOT CREOLE !!
The primary language in Jamaica is English.
English is the official language of Jamaica.

Patois ("pat-wah"), which is a creole combination of the African languages twi and kwa but based on the English language, is generally used in informal speech. But Patois has no official status.
No. Jamaica has only one official language, which is English. It also has a National language, called Jamaican Patois.
jamiacans speak English they have an accent

jamiacans speak English they have an accent
Jamaicans speak mostly English
Jamaican people speak English officially.

Climatology and Climate Changes

How does Ghana's tropical climate differ from Jamaica's?

Because Jamaica has a storm or hurricane season from June 1 to November 30 and Ghana's is from March to November.

Ghana is not an island, and is closer to the equator. The temperature, especially inland, will get hotter than that in Jamaica.

Countries, States, and Cities

What is the capital of Jamaica?

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica. It is the largest city in Jamaica. It's location is on the southeastern coast. Surprisingly, this city is the largest mainly English-speaking city located in the Americas, south of the United States.
The capitol of jamacia is Kingston.

Costa Rica
South Africa

What countries end in ica?


Flag of the United States

What does the Jamaican flag mean?

Jamaican Flag Meaning:

The Jamaican flag is symbolized by the motto: 'Hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth'. The black triangles represent the adversity Jamaica has overcome and for hardships it may have in the future. The green triangles represent hope and agriculture and the golden saltire (diagonal cross) stands for the mineral wealth of Jamaica and sunlight.

Personal Finance
Currency Conversions

What is the value of a Jamaican 1995 one dollar coin?

It values almost one cent in United States of America

Meteorology and Weather

Jamaica's HIGHEST temperature ever recorded?

Jamaica's Hightest temperauter ever recored is 37.8C (100F) in 1914.

Job Applications

Apply for the Jamaica constabulary force online?

yes i am applying for it.


How many times has Jamaica won miss universe?

According to Wikipedia, Jamaica has never won the Miss Universe Title. The top three title holders are the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, with seven, six, and five, respectively.

Air Miles

How many miles from Detroit to montego bay Jamaica?

1663 MI/ 2676 KM


How much does it cost to fly a dead body from London to Jamaica?

Ask a Funeral Director.

Travel & Places
Mapping and Cartography

Where is Jamaica located on a map?

off the Florida coast

Look below Florida in the Caribbean


Why is Jamaica a rich country?

It has Bauxite, the ore from which aluminum is obtained.

It also has vast agriculture that is exported; most famous is sugar which is derived from sugar cane.

African-American History
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What are three facts about Marcus Garvey?

1. Marcus Garvey dedicated his life to the "uplifting" of Black Americans by creating the Universal Negro Improvement Association(UNIA). He believed the only way for Black Americans to ever become equal in the world was to have their own businesses, government, industrial enterprises, etc. 2. In 1920 with the help of the UNIA he held a 31 day march in Madison Square Garden in New York promoting the Back to Africa program. This was designed to enlighten the Black Americans to return to the homeland of Africa. 3. A fanatic visionary with the belief that the Black's only way to survive in America was through the foundation of a unified separatist empire in Africa. This idea in fact made many African government officials dislike him.


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