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Does Rome still use 1000 dollar bills for currency?

Rome never used 1000 dollar bills for currency, seeing as how the Dollar is a particularly US denomination (as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a few others). Italy, where Rome is, uses the EURO.


Rome, Italy has never used any "dollar" bills as currency; the euro is the official Italian currency.

Bills of $1,000 US Dollar denominations are no longer in circulation; the largest US banknote is $100. Distribution of high-denomination bills ended in 1969. This was intended to make it inconvenient for drug traffickers and other criminals to carry large amounts of cash.

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How many banks in the UK can issue banknotes?

The UK consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Bank of England is the sole issuing authority for banknotes in England and Wales.

Scottish banknotes may be issued by the Bank of Scotland, the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale Bank.

Four Northern Ireland banks practice their right to issue banknotes, being the Bank of Ireland, the First Trust Bank, the Northern Bank and the Ulster Bank.

The banknotes of all Northern Ireland and Scottish banks are backed by the Bank of England.

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How much is 100 hundert schilling worth from 1984?

5 - 10 $

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Is the Bank of England Fifty Pound note being withdrawn?

A new Bank of England Fifty Pound note featuring Matthew Boulton and James Watt was issued into circulation on the 2nd of November, 2011.

The older style Bank of England Fifty Pound note featuring Sir John Houblon will be progressively withdrawn from circulation at a date to be advised after a public announcement from the Bank of England.

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What is the value of a 1940 Chinese 100 Yuan note?

Chinese history was very turbulent during this period and multiple banks issued notes of this denomination. Without an accurate description, it would be very difficult to identify and value this note.

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What is the richest and most civilized country?


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What is value of 5 funf mark?

Please post a new question with more detail. Is it a coin or a bill? What's its date? If its date is from 1950 to 1989, is it from West Germany (BDR) or East Germany (DDR)?

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How much is a 200000000 German mark worth that is dated September 14 1923?

The 1923 German Mark 200,000,000, Note is very rare; High Grade Score, 90 in today U.S. Dollars can cost $250 and in good condition can be unlimited in the Auction or Collector's Market Value ! If one of 200,000,000 German Mark Note can be found. . . Living Life Enterprises Presents.

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What is a group of banknotes called?

currency or wad

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What is the value of a British Ten Shilling note?

To get an an estimate of value on a British bank note, you will need to provide the name of the Chief Cashier, serial number prefix, a description of the design and the date of issue if available (most British notes are undated).


The Ten Shilling note was the smallest denomination bank note of the British and most British Commonwealth countries pre-decimal currencies.

The Ten Shilling note was equal to half a Pound, a Half-Sovereign, 2 Crowns or 120 pence.

The first British Ten Shilling note was issued in 1914. Eight issues of the Ten Shilling note were made from 1914 to 1961.

The Ten Shilling note was progressively withdrawn after the introduction of decimal currency in 1971. It was replaced by the 50 New Pence coin.


The last series was brown with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front-right and a seated Brittania centrally on the back. It was signed by three chief cashiers;

L.K. O'Brien (1960-61)

J.Q. Hollom (1962-66)

J.S. Fforde (1966-70)

They are worth $12-16 in mint uncirculated condition and $4-5 in very good used.

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What is the value of a 1937 German 1 Rentenmark note?

The 1937 1 Mark note had two different designs. The most common had an 8-digit serial number and is worth $20 in mint uncirculated condition, dropping to $5-10 in good used condition.

The less common 7-digit serialised notes are worth considerably more, $150 in uncirculated and $30-70 in good/fine used condition.

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How much is a Jack Nicklaus Five Pound note worth?

The Royal Bank of Scotland, Jack Nicklaus Five Pound note is currently retailing for up to £40 GBP in mint condition and its original packaging, depending on the type of presentation set it was sold in.

There were 2 million printed.

Circulated, they are worth Five Pounds, having lost their collector appeal as an uncirculated note.

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Is there 1 hundred million dollar bill?


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How much is a 1000 Ezer Pengo 1945 Budapest paper bill worth in U S currency?


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What is the value of a Bank of England Ten Shilling note serial number R10 842268 Chief Cashier L K O'Brien?

Please check your note.

A Bank of England Ten Shilling note with serial R10 does not exist against Chief Cashier L.K. O'Brien.

It does exist against his successor, J.Q. Hollom.

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Are Old Russian banknotes worth anything?

Most banknotes have some value, depending on the age of the note, the denomination and the condition it is in. Old notes are not necessarily worth large amounts of money just because they are old - it depends on the number of notes issued at the time and how many survive.

A 1961 Russian 100 Ruble note in mint condition would be worth $10, whilst a good used one would be worth $3. The same denomination from 2001 would be worth $30 - the same price for one dated 1912.

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How much is 100 mocambique cem escudos worth in American?

I just sold one of these for usd11759. Would like to buy some more

My name is Joana, and i have one to sell. If interested, please contact me!

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What is the value of a 1937 Canadian one dollar note?

The value would depend on the signatures on the note and the quality. A mint condition 1937 with the signatures of Coyne/Towers would be worth $65 (and a Good condition just $8). But a mint condition with the signatures of Gordon/Towers would be worth $1000-$2000 depending on serial number prefix.

These will sell from a couple of dollars in circulated condition to about $100 for a nice crisp uncirculated one.

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How much is a counterfeit 1938 5 pound note worth?

If it is one of the more notable counterfeits such as the "Operation Bernhard" Nazi forgeries, it may have quite a bit of value depending on condition and the authenticity of the note.

It it is just one of the run of the mill, back street forgeries, it will have no value other than as a curiosity.

A reputable coin dealer will be able to assist with identification of your banknote and give a more accurate valuation based on inspection.

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Are old Mexican notes worth anything?

Mexican notes issued before 1992 are worth 1/1000th of their face value in current Peso - so a 10,000 Peso note from 1983 is worth about $0.80.

Very old notes, especially in mint uncirculated condition are worth more to banknote collectors.

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How much is an duarte paper peso worth?

Juan Pablo Duarte, the founding father of the Dominican Republic, is featured on the Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana 1 Peso Oro note. Last issued in 1988, this is worth $2 in uncirculated mint condition.

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What are disadvantages of polymer banknotes?

There are no major disadvantages of polymer notes over paper notes. About the only annoying feature of them is that they tend to stick together when wet or moist and are quite difficult to seperate.

Advantages of polymer notes are that they extremely difficult to counterfeit, they are cheap to produce, they are longer lasting than paper notes and they are recyclable.

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What is the value of a 1963 Suriname 1000 Gulden?

In perfect uncirculated condition, it would be worth $12. A Very Good condition would be worth $1.

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What is a 1000 won bank of Korea bill worth?

1,000 SKW = 0.91 US Dollars

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Confederate States of America

100 Dollar Bill Confederate States of America 1864 value?

if not #834, 125-279 on ebay


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