Death Certificates

A death certificate is an official document usually issued by a doctor or other medical practitioner, which certifies the death of an individual. The death certificate includes such statistics as the date, time, place, and cause of death.

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Death Certificates

Does an informant on a death certificate have to be present at time of death?

In the UK. NO. As you can imagine sometimes this is just not possible anyway.

Death Certificates

How do you get copy of death certificate in France?

When a person dies in France a "certificat de deces " is drawn up at the town hall of the place where that person died by the department of the "Etat Civil". It seems to me the easiest manner to ask for a copy of the certificate is to get in touch with that part of the town administration by letter or phone. In principle the obtention of a copy of the "certificat"is free but you are well advised to make sure to pay for the postage for sending you the "certificat" In case of necessity the French Consulate nearest to your residence may be helpful.

Death Certificates

Is it legal to falsify a death certificate?

No it is illegal. Penalty for doing so is dependent on individual state statutes. Penalties may include, but are not limited to jail time and large fees.

Death Certificates

What does FND mean on a death certificate next to date of death?

That may be an indication that the death was unattended and the decedent was "found" on that date.

Death Certificates

What happens if death certificate is not signed?

It depends. If the certificate is not signed due to an unintentional omission, a court can reform the document or order the issuing authority to execute the certificate. If the certificate is not signed because the proper signing authority believes the content is inaccurate or fraudulently entered, then it is a nullity until such defects are cured.

Death Certificates

Do you need cause of death certificate to close deceased account with your name on the account?

Yes. If a joint account held by multiple parties is to be closed, the bank would require the signature of both or all parties involved. In this case, since one of the account holders is deceased, their death certificate is required for the bank to know that they are dead and you are now the only holder of the account and you can close it without any issues after you show them the document.

Death Certificates

On death certificates what is the importance of listing disease entities as official causes of death?


Families who lose loved ones to death also get a copy of this record and it's important to list diseases in family for future reference. This also helps your doctor to know what is a genetic problem in the family and to keep a close eye on the family member. Example: Heart problems in many of the family members at an earlier age, ovarian cancer, diabetes, etc.

The cause of death is only on the death certificate signed by the Physician that certified the death and is used to register the death. This is for statistics. The one given to the family is proof of the registered death which does not have the cause of the death on it.

US Presidents
Death Certificates

Which US presidents died while in office?

Eight US Presidents have died in office: four by assassination and four from other causes.

9th President, William Henry Harrison (April 4, 1841 Natural Causes )

12th President, Zachary Taylor, (July 9, 1850 Natural Causes)

16th President, Abraham Lincoln (April 15, 1865 - assassinated)

20th President, James Garfield (September 19, 1881 - assassinated)

25th President William McKinley (September 14,1901 - assassinated)

29th President, Warren G. Harding (August 2, 1923 natural causes)

32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt (April 12, 1945 ) natural causes

35th President, John F. Kennedy (1963- assassinated)

No US president actually died in the Oval Office. Harrison and Taylor died in bed in the White House.
A total of eight US presidents died in office: William H. Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.
All the Presidents from George Washington down to Ronald Reagan have died at some point AFTER swearing in as President. Several died while serving as President:

# in

officePresidentYear(s) electedLength of term (days)

Date of deathCause of death9William Henry Harrison184031April 4, 1841Pneumonia and pleurisy

12Zachary Taylor1848491July 9, 1850Acute Gastroenteritis

16Abraham Lincoln1860, 18641,503April 15, 1865Assassinated by John Wilkes Booth

20James A. Garfield1880199September 19, 1881Assassinated by Charles Julius Guiteau

25William McKinley1896, 19001,654September 14, 1901Assassinated by Leon Frank Czolgosz

29Warren G. Harding1920881August 2, 1923Heart attack

32Franklin D. Roosevelt1932, 1936, 1940, 19444,422April 12, 1945Cerebral hemorrhage

35John F. Kennedy19601,036November 22, 1963Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald

Of these, William Henry Harrison died rather soon after being sworn in. He got sick shortly after his swearing in (ostensibly from exposure to the bad weather that day).

Death Certificates

Is a death certificate without a cause of death a legal proof of death?

Yes. In many jurisdictions anyone can order a death certificate. Therefore, for reasons of privacy the cause of death is not always recited in a copy or the cause of death is redacted. The death certificate is still valid as proof of death when used for legal purposes where proof of death is required. In that case, one would not know if the cause of death was included in the original death record.

Most jurisdictions require that the cause of death be included in the original record of death for purposes of vital record keeping. However, it is not always included when a copy is ordered. An example of the rules regarding access to the cause of death for New York:

  • For all other death certificates, cause of death is available for deaths occurring on or after January 1, 2010. You are entitled to the cause of death if your relationship to the decedent is the spouse or domestic partner, child, parent/legal guardian or the person in control of disposition as written on the death certificate. To obtain this information, check the appropriate box (# 20) on the death certificate application.
Death Certificates

When filing a life insurance claim should documents be received from the insurance company before sending the death certificate?

If you want to be sure your claim gets paid, and not denied, get the death certificate before you send anything to the insurance company. Many times we see death certificates that state causes of death, such as "head trauma...due to intoxication", that are not accurate but will certainly get the claim denied. If you get the death certificate first you can deal with any issues of improper reporting. I work at the Center for Life Insurance Disputes and we help clients collect death benefits.

Death Certificates

Is it illegal to put a false father's name on a death certificate?

Yes. It is illegal to place information you know to be incorrect on any official document.

Yes. It is illegal to place information you know to be incorrect on any official document.

Yes. It is illegal to place information you know to be incorrect on any official document.

Yes. It is illegal to place information you know to be incorrect on any official document.

Death Certificates

Is a divorced spouse entitled to a death certificate in Ca?

If the spouse can prove that a death certificate is needed to prove that the ex-spouse is deceased in order to clear up legal issues. Such as support (alimony), property, etc.

Death Certificates

What does htw mean as cause of death on a death certificate?

Not HTW but HTN which is hypertension.

Death Certificates

What does adverse reaction to drugs mean on a death certificate?

It means that there was a severe side effect attributed to the drug (legal or illegal) which caused the death.

Death Certificates

How long does it take to get a death certificate after a person dies?

It depends on the state and the backlog. I personally experienced two weeks (Texas), and I have had clients experience about the same time. I know in Texas you can order online in many circumstances, or you can obtain in person, which may involve traveling to your state capital. Some services will do the in person for you, for a fee, of course, and that can be obtained the same day.

Death Certificates

How do you go about getting a death certificate?

Don’t know

Death Certificates

What is General Paralysis on a death certificate dated 1903?


General paralysis is another name for neurosyphilis, which is the neurologic syndrome caused by tertiary syphilis.

Death Certificates

Do you need a death certificate to sell mom's house to sibling?

You need to probate the estate in order for title to pass to the heirs. The authority to sell the real estate will come either from the will or if the power wasn't granted in the will or if the decedent died intestate then the court must issue a license to sell the real estate. A death certificate will be filed in the estate. In some jurisdictions a death certificate will also need to be recorded in the land records. You could also wait until the probate proceeding has been completed. The heirs would then own the real estate and could all convey their interests to one sibling.

Death Certificates

How long does it take to get a death certificate if they were burned and unidentifiable?

35 mins

Death Certificates

When referring to someones death certificate do you capitalize the words death certificates?


Death Certificates

Need clear property title 4 names on title 1 deceased 1 divorced -have Quit Claim and 2 living kids Why won't title company give clear title with death certificate?

There is a special form (ask title company) that you have to have filled out (its easy) and then have it notirized (wr. spelling, sorry) You take that with the org. death certificate to the recorders office where the property is located . I did this two weeks ago and they cleared it the same day.

The answer depends upon how the four owners held title.

Citizenship and Marriage
Death Certificates

Could a person lie about a parent's death on their own marriage certificate?

There is no need to go into detail as to how your parents passed away. Just put "deceased." If you are underage then use a guardians name or with the permission of a relative use their name.

Lying under oath is a crime. It could result in criminal charges and invalidate the marriage.

Death Certificates

If your father passed away ten months ago and you sent the credit card company his death certificate why would they still keep sending a statement every month?

I am sorry to hear of your father's passing. Unless your father had insurance on his credit card(s) and has an outstanding debt, and he has left a Will, then usually the Will goes to Probate. Probate makes sure all properties and monies have had taxes and interest paid and all creditors are paid. What is left after this is divided by the heirs of that Will. If your father didn't have a Will, and he left his house/property it's best to see a lawyer. Debts have to be paid off. If your father left nothing then you are not responsible for his debts. If the latter above is true, then send a Registered Letter to Management of that Credit Card Co., and a copy of your father's death certificate and tell them if they do not stop harrassing you your lawyer will be contacting them. Good luck Marcy

Death Certificates

What does the abbreviation Dk mean when written in the space for a father's name and birth date on a 1943 West Virginia death certificate?

That could be a typo it might be UK or unknown.

Death Certificates

If you freeze to death what does it say that your cause of death is on your death certificate?

Hypothermia is probably going to be the reading.


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