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A ship is commonly defined as having a bow (front) and stern (back), and is built for ocean travel for the purpose of commercial or military transport. Ocean liners, container ships, and destroyers are classified as ships.

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What is the charge for a moving service to move a shipping container?

Cost of Shipping a Container
Costs vary according to destination, size, weight, shipping class, and possibly other factors. The charges of various moving/freight companies for the same container can vary greatly, too. To find the best price, you will need to know the shipping location and destination, size and weight of the container, and perhaps other information. Many companies will give a price quote online. The related links below can provide you with a place to compare rates and companies.
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How much does the Queen Mary 2 weigh?

The QM II has 151,400 gross tonnes
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Parts of aft end of the ship?

The aft end of a ship, the stern, will usually have a steering gear for each rudder. There will usually be mooring equipment on deck. Many ships have free-fall lifeboat davits mounted on teh stern as well. There will usually be an aft peak ballast tank.

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What will be the next biggest cruise ship?

Symphony of the Seas cruise ship retains the title of the world's biggest cruise ship in 2020.

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What is the ships storeroom between decks called?


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What is the commercial cargo of a ship?


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What is the lower floor of a ship called?

Usually the lowest part of a ship that you can get to without going into the tanks is called the 'tank top'

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What is the name of a ships kitchen?


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What are shipping containers for moving?

Shipping containers are used for trains and ships for efficiency.

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Which ship has the largest bulbous bow?

Queen Mary 2

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What are the disadvantages of container ship?

Bilge water is always a problem with shipboard life.

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What is the name of a ships medical room?


  • Ward
  • Sick Bay
  • Infirmary
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Working principle of synchronus motor?

A synchronous motor is a three phase motor, which uses a magnetic field created by permanent magnets or a DC electromagnet on the rotor (usually). The stator windings have 3 phase voltages applied, and coupled with the DC field, create a rotating magnetic field that drives the motor at synchronous speed.

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What carries no weight but can sink a ship?

a hole.

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What do you call a waiter on a boat?


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What is a jackstaff on a ship?

The jack is the spar pole on the bow of a ship, where the Union Jack or other Jack (a type of flag is flown).

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Who invented the steamboat?

Robert Fulton was the first to COMPLETE the first steamboat
Robert Fulton.

Robert Fulton did not invent the steam boat. John Fitch invented it, but he died before he fixed the problem in the engine. Robert Fulton is given credit for it because he finished John Fitch's design, and tweaked the engine.
She was built by the wealthy investor and politician Robert Livingston and inventor and entrepreneur Robert Fulton. Source: Wikipedia "North River Steamboat" page

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What does SS mean on a boat?

Steam Ship

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Why do some surfboards have more than 1 fin located on the underside of the board?

Fins control the surfboard, its depth helps it hold in turns, a longer fin base will give you more speed, and a longer rake angle gives tighter turns, additional fins increase these attributes, tight turns especially require fins that are positioned close to the outer edges of the surfboard as a good portion of the bottom will be out of the water, that is why most single fin boards are for cruising or medium wave riding.

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What is seaworthiness of a ship?

the ability to stand firm on the sea.
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What is the largest US battleship?

The four battleships of the World War II-era USS Iowa class (includes Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin) are the largest "battleships" built by the United States. However, modern US nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, including the USS Enterprise and the USS Nimitz-class carriers, are the largest "warships" built by the US. The Iowa-class battleships are approximately 890 feet long and displace some 45,000 tons. The Nimitz-class carriers are approximately 1100 feet long and displace some 90,000 tons.

Adding on to the last answer, the Montana class battleships would have been the largest US battleship class, weighing in at 72,000 tons, but were canceled in favour of the Essex Class Carriers. But to be exact, the largest battleship of the US Navy, not battleship class was the USS Missouri, weighing in at 45,700 tons, 890 feet, just 700 tons heavier and 3 feet longer than the other Iowas. The extension allowed it to fit a couple more anti-aircraft missiles during the 1980's.

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Explain why controlling the buoyancy is a critical feature of a submarine?

Controlling the buoyancy of the boat allows her crew to ascend, descend or maintain depth.

How it works: Let's say we are at sea on a sub that has a volume of 100 cubic meters. Our water density gauge says the boat is in water that weighs 1025 kg per cubic meter. If we adjust the weight of our boat to 102,500 kg (the weight of an equal volume of water to the volume of our vessel), it will maintain the depth we want to be at. We can also use fairwater planes to climb and dive. The problem is, if we want to surface the boat and have part of it above the surface we've got to reduce the weight, so we pump some water out and the boat will float to the surface. If we want to efficiently dive the boat it needs to weigh more than the water, so we pump in some water and it goes down.

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Is an orlop deck part of a ship?

Yes; it is the lowest deck on a wooden sailing ship containing three or more decks.

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What are some tips for packing to work on a cruise ship?

What will you be doing and what cruiseline will you be working for?Working on large ships is very different than working on smaller ones. How much room you have can be relative to the size and age of the ship you are on. In general, consider the company and the age of their fleet. On older ships, you'll likely get smaller cabins.

The size and location of your cabin will depend on your position. Whether you are an officer or crew and whether you are in the Hotel or Marine department. Jr. Officers often share a nicer cabin with one other person while Sr. Officers can have cabin that are much nicer than premium passenger cabins.

In addition tot he cruiseline, the ships age and your rank, consider your position. As a hotel crew member, you may be sharing a cabin with 3 other people and may work 18 hours a day/7 days a week. That's pretty much the worst and it's likely that things will go up from there. When I worked on ships I needed a small truck to get all my stuff off but I did have more than most.

Beyond clothes, just bring the essentials. One BIG exception may be meds. You're likely pretty healthy if you got the job but any comfort meds such as vitamins, etc (or Snickers bars) may be hard to get so stock up on them.

DON'T bring anything embarassing or anything that you think can be illegal in ANY country. Your posessions are subject to search and they will be searched. Often right in front of a bunch of people who know you. Also no appliances such as microwaves, popcorn poppers, etc. and nothing that burns. Most crew (even many people who have worked onboard for years) travel with one really big suitcase and maybe a small bag. Think of it as taking a flight with one oversize/overweight suitcase.

In general, pack light. You won't need much. A couple pairs of shorts and shirts, maybe the same for cold weather depending on where you are, but you will have a uniform and you will be required to wear it anytime you are onboard. You'll go on and off-board through a separate crew gangway and will definitely have fun while you're off. You'll quickly learn what you need and buy whatever you don't have.

What to pack...Congratulations on your step to becoming a merchant marine! Working on a cruise ship is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences you'll ever undertake in your career!

So, you want to know what to pack for employment on a ship, eh? Well, the most important thing will be to determine what climate your ship operates in normally. If you're going to Hawaii you'll need far different clothing than Alaska! However, it is important to realize these points:

  • You will likely be sharing a cabin with up to 4 other crew members. Space is extremely tight - so don't bring large suitcases. There's nowhere to put them.
  • You will be wearing a company-provided uniform every day of the week. Your own clothing will be used only for your time off.
  • They have complimentary washers and dryers on the ship for you!
  • Many crew members wear the same casual wear a lot (the same t-shirts, jeans, shorts etc.) Don't feel like you have to be a fashion king/queen and wear a different outfit each day of the month.

So, with these tips in mind, you should consider 10-12 pair of underwear and socks, 3-4 t-shirts, 2 pair of shorts, 1 pair of jeans (unless working in a cold climate), 1 -2 dressy outfits for going out on the town or special occasions onboard, 1 pair of tennis shoes and 1 pair of dress shoes.

As far as extras, bring with you one full bottle of each of the sundries you normally use (shaving cream, gels, sprays, deodorant, etc.) - which will buy you some time to find where to get these items during your ship's itinerary. You should also buy a BATTERY OPERATED alarm clock, flashlight, a padlock for your locker, I reccommend a DVD player (most crew cabins don't have one installed in them) and as far as what to pack all of this in -- a collapsible piece of luggage like an oversized duffel bag.

Do not bring: Liquor, clothing irons, drugs without prescriptions, handcuffs, candles (or anything with a steady open flame), any electronics that turn energy into heat - except a curling iron, knives, pepperspray/mace or weapons of any kind.

Well, that's about the list. Remember, the basic rule is that you can likely purchase anything you need at the ship's ports of call. If you pack light, your trip to the ship will be easier and you can get some fashion with local flavor, too! Also remember that you can always ship some items home the week before you sign off, too!

Always bring a camera to have some pictures or videos of the amazing places that your cruise ship will bring you to.

Happy cruising! Hit me upon my message board (MmmDietCoke) for any other advice about working on a cruise ship!

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Did the Titanic really sink or was it the Olympic?

The Olympic sank


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