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Questions about wind-propelled water vessels, their maintenance, handling and rules governing their use.

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What is power driven vessel?

A boat driven by power, such as an inboard or outboard motor. This answer is good! The only reason I typed the internationally recognized term was for testing purposes. The first person who answered was correct. COLREGS 1972 Navigation Rules -International- General Rule 3 Definitions (b) The term "power driven vessel" means any vessel propelled by machinery. ...
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What is a fast sailing ship called?

A Clipper was the fastest of all sailing ships. For a sailing ships to be faster draught of that ship must be low. Other fast-sailing ships are: Carrack Caravel Sloop Schooner Brig Brigandine Barque ...
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Why is Sailing fun?

Modern day sailing is recreational, and harnessing the power of the wind to accelerate and direct a craft in almost any direction can be stimulating and enjoyable (unless you are in Jaws 2, then it is not so much fun). ...
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Is green bad luck on sail boats?

Not in the least. The starboard navigation light is green and many decks are painted green. ...
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Parts of aft end of the ship?

The aft end of a ship, the stern, will usually have a steering gear for each rudder. There will usually be mooring equipment on deck. Many ships have free-fall lifeboat davits mounted on teh stern as well. There will usually be an aft peak ballast tank. ...
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What does the mast do for the sailboat?

It holds (supports) the sails. You can also mount navigation systems on it. ...
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What is a person who sails boats?

Sailor. Ans 2 - A yachtsman
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What is the price of an Optimist Sailboat?

Around 100 U.S $$$. I know this because I am a pro sailor who sails daily. ...
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What is sailing on the briny?

Saltwater is briny, so any ocean-going vessel is said to "sail the deep and briny". ...
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Sail on sail on sailor by what band?

1973, The Beach Boys, album "Holland", actual title = "Sail On, Sailor".
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What is 'crique' when translated from French to English?

"une crique" is a creek in French.
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How long has sailing been around?

Pre-history. They think it goes as far back as using a basket or log for a boat and using a woven basket-material for a sail. Anyone who has paddled a boat with a strong wind at their back has realized that with a bit more of something to catch the wind they need not paddle at all. ...
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What hardships did sailors face in the 1500s?

Being shanghaid, being flogged, being keel-hauled, being starved, dying of scurvy or other ailments, and... the harsh language of their "superior" officers. ...
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Sailing route US to UK?

It depends on which coast you are starting from.
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How long did wooden sailing ships last?

That would depend on how well they were cared for. Many of the sailing ships from Europe in the 14th through 18th century were damaged or sunk because of accidents, pirates, and wars. When Spanish ships first sailed the waters of the Caribbean, "shipworms" (teredo boreworms) became a major problem. In the early 1800's, the service life of a wooden warship was between 10 and 15 years. With proper care (and some replacement of timber), well-built ships can last hundreds of years, as...
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What hempisphere did he sail to did he sail to?

Please say who he is who sailed where to.
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Does a recreational fishing vessel have the same right of way as a commercial fishing vessel?

The commercial vessel has right of way if conducting fishing or trawling operations. When not fishing or trawling, right of way is awarded as with two power boats. ...
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Where did the Titanic sail from?

British luxury passenger liner that sank on April 15, 1912, on route to New York from Southampton, England, on its maiden voyage. ...
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What is a leach on a sailboat?

It is a part of the sail.
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If you would like to do some sailing on the Oregon coast near Portland where can you get lessons on a sailboat there?

I think your best bet that far North is in Garibaldi Bay which is not too far from you. I live in eugene and plan on taking my sweet bluewater boat out to Newport this year which is closer for me. i suppose if you wanted to come down to Newport you could get some lessons with me but check out garibaldi bay first. have you sailed before? you probably want to do some protected sailing first (lakes, on the Columbia,...
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Where does the phrase shanghaied come from?

Shanghai itself is a city in China. At one time, sailors were kidnapped & used as slave labor on ships bound for Shanghai. ...
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Where did the Titanic set sail from on its first voyage?

The Titanic set sail April 10, 1912 from Southampton, England on its maiden voyage to New York. ...
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Bow of the boat?

The bow is the front end, also called a 'prow'.
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A three-masted sailing vessel developed by the Portuguese?

The caravel (also spelled carvel) is the triple-masted Portuguese innovation of the late 1400s. Two of Christopher Columbus' ships were caravels. ...
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How can you extend the life of your halyard lines?

Most modern sailboats are using low stretch braided materials for halyards rather than wire. Modern halyards have a terrific strength to weight ratio, and they don�t chew up your hands like wire. However, these materials are less resilient to "UV" damage than wire. One way to extend the life of halyards is to keep them out of the sun when they are not in use. One way to do this is to fasten a sacrificial line to the end of the...