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A meteorologist is the person who studies the Earth’s atmosphere. He also observes and studies its effects on the environment; examines climate trends; predicts the weather; and compares temperature readings and precipitation patterns.

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What are scientists who study weather called?

Atmospheric Scientists study weather, ozone, climate change and pollution of the atmosphere. Climatologists study climates. Meteorologists study the atmosphere and weather. Operational Meteorologists forecast the weather. Physical Meteorologists study the properties of the atmosphere, the transmission of light, sound and radio waves, and the factors that affect the formation of weather. Synoptic Meteorologists develop new tools for forecasting weather. Meteorologists study the weather....
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How long do you have to go to school to become a meteorologist?

A bachelor's degree (four years as a full-time student) in meteorology or atmospheric science, or in a closely related field with courses in meteorology, usually is the minimum educational requirement for an entry-level position. Federal Civil Service rules specify that you have to have one to be hired as a meteorologist by the US National Weather Service, and that has a pretty big impact on the whole profession. If you want to be on TV and get an AMS seal and call...
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What is the role of a meteorologist?

To use special instruments to predict or forecast what will happen to the weather and to use their knowlgde and predict weather ...
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Why do meteorologists use symbols to indicate weather conditions?

They use symbols due to the fact that if they used the maps and data they look at to come up with forecast you see on the television the public would not understand it. So they use symbols so the public viewers will understand better at what is going on with the weather. ...
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Why is it important to study weather?

It is important so that weather can be predicted in advance. Just about everyone everyday is affected by weather, and often make decisions based on what the weather will be. There is a financial element to this as well, with most forms of commerce in some way affected. In fact, the US's National Weather Service is located within the Department of Commerce for this reason. If weather could not be predicted, many billions of dollars would be lost each year as a...
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Why do meteorologist track hurricanes thousands of miles out in the ocean?

There hurricanes may at some point threaten land, including small islands. They can also be a major hazard to boats and ships at sea. Even if a hurricane does not approach land it can produce large waves and rip tides. Such conditions have killed a number of people. Additionally, we can conduct research on these hurricanes so that we can better understand and predict future hurricanes when they threaten land. ...
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When was meteorologist john marshall let go?

Because NBC is a bit screwed up and is playing the game "Now you see you don't". Sad what they did to Conan O'Brien after stringing him along and handling the situation so poorly. Sue Simmons is another person I miss and always seemed to "have the night off." Then there was the TODAY show shuffle and whatever that is about. They also changed the Evening News with no news on 5:00 pm. I do like seeing Jane back again....
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What does a meteorologist make?

If you are talking salary then they can make anywhere from $60,000 upwards to $120,000 a year. ...
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What does a person have to do to become a meteorologist?

To become a meteorologist you must have a major in science with a minor in media studies. Hope it helps!:) ...
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What do meteorologist study?

They study the weather and climate.
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What kind of technology do meteorologists use to help predict the weather?

Satellites and radar are remote sensing tools that are vital because it allows meteorologists to see what the atmosphere is doing from a distance. They also need to know what the atmosphere is doing at all levels, which is why they send up weather balloons that track different meteorological variables as they rise, including temperature, wind, and moisture. Finally, they use computer models to input all these data and simulate future weather. Also, ground based weather stations are used to monitor local and remote...
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What classes should you take if you want to be a meteorologist?

You'll have to check your individual college's curriculum, (for example the fine universities listed in the related links) but in general you'll have to take calculus, physics, and chemistry. Then you'll take some courses in physical and dynamic meteorology, climate, boundary layer, and perhaps a few electives like tropics. Answer It would depend on the country, but in Australia meteorologists generally have a science degree majoring in maths and physics (fluid dynamics and the like) and then do a postgraduate diploma in meteorology. ...
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How do meteorologists predict the weather?

In The Online World It Says That, "Meteorologists use a variety of observation methods to first assess the initial condition of the atmosphere, including satellites and radar, automated observation networks, and especially 12-hourly radiosondes (sent up in weather balloons). Using these observations, the future condition of the atmosphere can be predicted with the help of computer models (supercomputers), which incorporate extensive knowledge of atmospheric dynamics and premised around chaos theory (that the atmosphere behaves stochastically). " In The Online World It Says That, "While...
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How old is glenn hurricane schwartz?

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz was born in 1952.
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What education and training do you need to become a meteorologist?

A meteorologist falls under the category of Atmospheric Scientists. Therefore, the following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for Atmospheric Scientists. A bachelor's degree in meteorology or atmospheric science, or in a closely related field with courses in meteorology, usually is the minimum educational requirement for an entry-level position as an atmospheric scientist. A master's degree is necessary for some positions, and a Ph.D. degree is required for most basic...
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What does a meteorologist do?

A Meteorologist works within a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting. Meteorologists are scientists who study the causes of weather and try to predict it. They interpret information and use maps, charts, and computers to analyze data. After this research, the meteorologists prepare the weather forecast. They get to study weather and the atmosphere. Meteorologists study the variations in atmospheric conditions that produce weather. From The American Meteorological Society's website: "What is a Meteorologist? The American Meteorological Society...
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What happened to phillip Williams wnct-tv-9 meteorologist?

The station couldn't afford to pay his salary anymore so they hired one fresh out of college to replace him. He was awful, so they ended up bringing back Dave Sawyer. Phillip is now selling real estate and has his own weather blog on the web. ...
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What instrument measures clouds?

There are instruments called Ceilometers which can measure cloud height and cover, but they're not especially accurate for cover (they are quite good for cloud height, especially at night) as a cloud can sit over the instrument and give a false reading. Also, unless cloud passes over them they give a false negative. The best instrument for measuring cloud cover is a trained Mark I eyeball (or two). ...
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Did Bill Evans break his right arm?

Yes, while in the dressing room he got into a verbal argument with Al Roker over a weather template. The situation escalated when Al Roker threw what he thought was cold coffee in Bill's face, and they began to shove each other. Bill fell backwards into to vanity counter and banged his arm on the way down. ...
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How do meteorologists predict thunderstorms formation?

the monitoring of low/high pressure systems (which are responsible for the storms) by weather stations ...
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What happened to Jennifer carfagno on the weather?

Nothing! She's on the WC right now!!