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The Lincoln Navigator is a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1997 to the present. The Navigator has proven very popular with approximately 44,000 units sold in its first year.

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Why does the floor on the passenger side get wet when it rains?

I had a '92 Corsica that had that problem, it was the weather stripping along the door that was causing the problem. If it doesn't seal properly, or if the weather stripping is coming loose in some place it won't work as well as it should.


Many ford escorts have that problem from a leak where the rain water is not draining completely from cowl area and dripping into the vent system around the blower fan on the passenger side. I also saw a Chevy cavalier with a wet floor from the a/c condensation not draining & it was overflowing into the passenger area.

Our 1999 Grand am had a small pinhole in the floor allowing water to come up under the carpet. Pull your carpet back a little and take a water hose spray under floor boards see if you can see water coming in.

well many of the older cars have drains from the vents they can be difficult to locate but look at the bottom of your wind shield and remove the plastic cover that covers the air filter take a vacuum a suck it all out pour a glass of water in there well not into where the blower motor is just at the base of where the filter was a see if the water drains out if not the drain is still plugged and that is how the water is getting in it floods the compartment and backs up in to the motor shroud and in turn leaks out onto the passenger side floor so try an air hose or just keep on vacuuming until you find it good luck

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How do you remove passenger mirror 2003 navigator?

I know yours is not a 2001 Ford Expedition. Nevertheless, they are similar. Anyways check out the related links below for the Side Mirror Replacement.

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Where did Abraham Lincoln go to college?

Abraham Lincoln did not attend college. He had very little formal schooling and was pretty much self taught. He estimated that altogether he had had one year of formal schooling. He educated himself by reading and passed the bar exam.

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How do you change the air filter on the 1998 RAV4?

I just did this on my '99 RAV4. Very simple. With the hood open, you'll see a large black plastic "box" on the mid-right hand side. There are two metal clips on the right hand side of it holding the lid closed. Pop them open and lift the top which bends back to the left. You'll have to use a little force and manouver since there is a hose attached on the left but it bends. Pull the old filter out, slip in the new one. Top down, clips back on. Done. Just be sure that you haven't dislodged the cap on something right in front of the air filter box. Not sure what it is - for coolant? It's a small cap I noticed popped off when I pulled the air filter lid back. Just put it back on if it comes off. Maybe mine wasn't securely tightened to begin with.

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Where can you find a 1978 Corvette head light vacuum hose schematic?

you should have a diagram in the engine compartment passenger side front in the radiator area.if yours is damaged or missing try Arts corvette parts they are located in FT.Lauderdale florida,they are very helpful,telephone (954)763-1123.

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Where is the fuse box for a 1963 Ford Falcon wagon located?

I have a 1967 Ford Galaxie, i know different models, but i couldn't find it, until i looked in the glove compartment, so try looking in there.

I the trunkThere are fuses on top off the headlight switch. There is a button on the side off the switch housing you push to remove the knob and handle. Then remove switch from dash for access. I have never had one blow.If your adding a radio there are some hot leads you can tie into. Check with a volt meter to see if they have constant voltage or are activated by the light dimmer switch or come on with the ignition.


I added a 2nd fuse block and mounted it on the drivers kick panel for add on power leads

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Where is the transmission dip stick on a 2007 navigator?

I don't think it has one.

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Why would the passenger window not roll up using either driver or passenger switch in a 2000 Lincoln Navigator?

First thing I would check is the fuse panel. Usually located under the dash.

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Where is the fuse box located on a 1967 Lincoln?

It is on the right side of the glove box it is kind of hidden.

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How do you change brakes on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator?

It should not take you long to do this. First, remove the tire. Second you will see two bolts behind the brake caliper (one on top and one down low). Once you've done this just gently pull it off, there is a metal tube so don't bend it. After you have done this you can either pull off the rotor to replace it or continue to change the pads. If you are looking from the backside, you will see two bolts with seethes these are your caliper mounting bolts. Just pull from where they are connected and it will slide right off. Almost there, the only thing that is holding the pads in are two pins that are weirdly shaped. Take a pair of pliers and pull them off. Finally slide the pads off and put it all back together. **BE SURE TO PUT BRAKE GREASE ON THE PINS BEFORE PUTTING THEM BACK OTHERWISE YOUR BRAKES WILL SQUEAK.** good luck

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Where is the suspension button or switch on a Lincoln Navigator?

On the 1998-2002 it is located on the passenger side front up behind the dash board.

On the 2003-2006 it is at the rear of the vehicle. Open the rear hatch, behind the driver's side 3rd row seat, on the side wall with the rear AC blower, is an access door, open it, the switch is in there.

On the 2007-up the main computer controls the suspension, turning it off is done through the message center.

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Where are the fuse boxes located on a 1999 Mercury Cougar V6?

the fusebox is located under the dash on the left of the steering wheel there is a bax that looks like an electrical box a black button is attached push the button and the fusebox swings down and exposes the fuses.

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How do you change the air filter on a 96 Civic LX?

how do i change that air filter on a 2001 civic?

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What causes ABS light to come on in a 2000 Lincoln Navigator?


Replace the speed scensor on the rear differential. It is about a $20 switch.


Check related link below for more information... _____________________________ ABS Control Valve

The valve is located on the frame rail, under the vehicle on the driver's side on the 1997-98 F-250HD F-350 and F-Super Duty. The valve is located in the brake lines, below the master cylinder.

1. Disconnect the brake lines from the valve and plug the lines.

2. Disconnect the wiring hardness at the valve.

3. Remove the 3 nuts retaining the valve to the frame rail and lift out the valve.

4. Installation is the reverse of removal. Don't overnighter the brake lines.

Bleed the brakes.

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How do you change transmission oil on 99 Malibu 4-cylinder?

The easiest fix is to go to any Jiffy Lube or quick lube and ask for the transmission service. Otherwise it is a real pain.

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How do you key programming infinit qx4?

You cannot do this yourself. It must be taken to a dealer.

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How do you remove factory sub woofer on a Lincoln navigator?

remove plastic strip at base of back door, unscrew knobs that hold cargo net, remove third row seating and last remove side panel covering subwoofer. hope that helps its easier than it sounds. should need no more than a 1/4 inch nut driver I changed the subwoofer just last week and discovered some real fun stuff. If it is the factory subwoofer you will also have to remove the side panel and the subwoofer enclosure and remove the bolt from the back of the speaker itself. It's a pain, but only takes about one hour. I swapped it for just a regular 8" subwoofer and it works great.

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What would cause the brake pedal to be hard and not go to the floor and still engage the brakes?

You could have a clogged brake line, most likely one of the front rubber ones.

The Brake booster might not be working correctly. Run the engine for a few moments, then turn the key off. Once the engine dies, press the brake pedal a few times. You should hear a hissing noise each time you press the pedal. Then hold the pedal down and start the engine. The pedal should move and get softer. If none of this occurs, verify that the booster has a vacuum source. If the booster has a vacuum source, and still does not boost the pedal effort, the booster is more than likely bad. One other alternative would be a bad check valve. Simply remove the valve and blow into it. It should blow easily in one direction, and not at all in the other.

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How do you clear roof drains on 1998 Navigator?

I have cleaned my 98 navigator every weekend since i bought it 2 years ago, and have found it most annoying that when i spend hours cleaning every detail on the vehicle, including the windows, water drips forward from the roof drains and stains the windshield as soon as i brake for the first time. The only way i have found to stop this is to literally climb ontop and dry them with a rag or shirt. If you are trying to avoid the problem i face about the windshield, make sure you carry an extra roll of paper towels in the vehicle so just in case your as picky as i am, as soon as the water falls forward, you can get out and wipe up the streaks (or have your gf do it and tell her you cant help cause your driving).

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Where is the fuse box located on a 1998 Mach 4 Golf?

Open the driver's door and look about middle ways down on the side panel. You will see the fuse panel door about 4" x 4" in size. Use a screw driver to pry open the door.

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How do you reset the computer on a 2000 Lincoln Navigator?

Disconnect the battery - wait a few minutes and reconnect


Your best and correct way to clear your computer of any codes is to have a code reader. Auto Zone will check and clear your computer codes for FREE.

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Where are the sensors located for the air ride on a 2001 Cadillac DTS?

attached to a link to one of the rear lower control arms

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Where are the fuse boxes located on a 1995 cutlass ciera?

most likely in the glove box, under driver's side dash, under hood or in trunk

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Wiring diagram for jenn-air?


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What happens if you drive a 2001 Navigator's without the air suspension switch turned on?

I assume that the switch also turns off the air compressor for the suspension. The effects will not be very clear for the first 5-10min. of driving, but eventually the ride will become more and bumpier because the compressor is not re-pressurizing the system. The suspension will be bottomed out constantly, because there is no air holding the truck up, and the truck will look like a low rider. That's what happened when our 2004's air compressor failed. I could be wrong if it does not turn off the compressor, but if it does, this is what will happen.


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