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A machine for generating compressed air, typically for use by air-powered tools or paint sprayers. The compressor takes in air at atmospheric pressure, and increases it to any pressure between 1 psi above atmospheric, and 10,000 psi above atmospheric. Air compressor motors can range from fractions of a horsepower, to multiple thousands of horsepower.

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Air Compressors
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How are materials cooled to cryogenic condition?

  1. Air is compressed to very high pressure until it liquifies.
  2. This produces hot high pressure liquid air in a pressure vessel.
  3. The hot liquid air is allowed to cool back to ambient temperature.
  4. This reduces the pressure some, but it still must be stored in a pressure vessel to keep it liquid.
  5. The pressure vessel is now carefully vented to permit the gasses in the liquid air with higher boiling points evaporate.
  6. This causes the temperature of the remaining liquid air to drop, stopping evaporation.
  7. The liquid air can now be transfered to a dewar at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature, with minor loss to evaporation.
  8. By allowing it to continue to evaporate and collecting the gasses that evaporate off and recompressing them as above, you can get colder and colder cryogenic gasses as well as recapturing with little loss the warmer ones that evaporated. This process is called fractional liquefaction.
  9. To get to the coldest liquid helium, you must let it cool itself by self evaporation of the warmest atoms in the liquid. After this point is reached laser beam traps can hold the helium and kick out more barely warmer atoms taking the residue down to about 10E-6 Kelvin.
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Air Compressors

How long does oil free air compressors last?

I own my third oil less air compressor. I give them heavy use and it seems that switches or regulators wear out before motor or compressor.

Air Compressors

Can you fill a scuba tank from a dental compressor?

No, even though dental compressors have very clean air, it is still not water-free enough to go in a steel tank, though it shouldn't cause problems in an aluminum, but mainly, even the high pressure dental pumps only go up to 175 psi, and even the lowest pressure scuba tanks are 2400psi, going up to 3300 in North America and 5000 in Europe.

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Air Compressors

How do you install the air conditioning parts to the compressor on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

what parts

Air Compressors

Who makes Michelin air compressors?

Fiac Italy

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Air Compressors

How do you repair the Heater Air Conditioner switch?

go to the salvage yard and put that one in and it will work. It's not hard to get out just two wires you unplug. Make sure you take off the neg from you battery before you install the one you got.

Try replaceing the a/c relay. On my Chevy S-10 blazer the relay is on the firewall passenger side.

Your blower motor is failing and is only working on high speed.

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Where do you put the oil in a compressor?

In the reciprocating compressors, you fill the crank case with the lubricante.

In screw compressors, there is a reservoir to separate oil from compressed air, that reservoir works as the oil sump of the screw compressor.

in big centrifugal compressor oil is placed in an oil tank, and than is pumped to bearing casings by means of mechanical or electrical pump.

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Air Compressors

What is multistage reciprocating air compressor?

A multistage reciprocating air compressor is a compressor that compresses air in a number of stages. A multi-stage reciprocating air compressor may contain 2 or many cylinders, like low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure cylinders.

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Where is the air ride suspension compressor for a 1992 Lincoln Town Car located and how do you install it?

the compresser is located on the left hand side of the car under the hood.

once you open the hood remove the air cleaner housing and windshield washer resivor.

there is a panel that you lift up under both of thoese that is where the compresser is located

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What is a compressor contactor?

it is the switch turns the compressor on and off if you look in your unit follow the power wires from disconnect the should go straight to the contactor

Air Compressors

Can you use air tool oil for your air compressor?

Yes you can actually and it's much cheaper than using compressor oil that is non detergents.

The nice thing about air tool oil is you can use it for up to 7000 hours on the air compressor before needing to chang it.

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How to obtain a craftsman 33 gal 15 hp standup air compressor manual?

Go to and get into the parts order section. Have your model number ready. They have parts and manuals for almost everything they've ever sold.

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Does removing the belt that drives the air conditioner compressor on a 1993 Hyundai Accent cause any problems with the operation of the vehicle?

no it does not cause any problem.belt just make the A C work otherwise it do not have any work what so ever
i have done it just try it

T not running the compressor for extended periods of time can give you AC leaks because the seals can 'dry out' when not spun for a long time. I turn my AC on once and a while during winter just to prevent this.

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When a bladder is going bad in an air pressure tank for a deep well does it give off small black particles as the pressure kicks on and off?

No the particles are probably sand or metal. This could indicate a failed backflow preventer or failed pickup screen A failing bladder would be loosing pressure and cause the pump to run constantly.

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Where is the evaporator drain tube on a 2000 Dodge Durango and is it OK to blow backwards with air compressor to clean the blockage?


The evaporator is on the firewall. I wouldn't advise blowing backwards into the line as you'll likely push any blockage farther up the line.

Yes, just do not blow very hard.

Air Compressors

How do Air compressors work?

mathemetical derivation

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Where the air conditioning relay for a 1998 Ford Escort Wagon is The compressor is not starting.?

Most of the relays for the ford escort are located under the hood in a black box with white labelling on it. Also check your underdash fuses. If this doesn't repair the problem, then you might have to replace the air compressor, as they sometimes do set up.

The AC compressor relay, and the AC wide-open throttle cut-out relay are in a box under the air cleaner. It is called the multi-function relay. Try tapping on it while the AC switches are on and see if it will start to work.

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Air Compressors

What is the typical thermal adiabatic efficiency of a sliding vane compressor?

In discussing adiabatic efficiency, it is best to first define efficiency. In its broadest terms, efficiency can be defined as the ratio of work output to work input normally expressed as a percentage. With regard to a compression application, one measure of the efficiency of a compressor is the adaibatic efficiency (Volumetric Efficiency being the other). Adiabatic Efficiency is the ratio of the amount of horsepower required just to compress a particular gas (Adiabatic Horsepower) divided by the total brake horsepower required for a praticular type of compressor to accomplish the desired compression. Note that Adiabatic Power is the same regardless of the type of compressor used because it is a function of the physical properties of the gas being compressed, and not the type of compressor doing the work. In other words, it takes a specifc amount of energy to compress a specific volume of gas to a particular pressure and this energy is the same no matter what technology you use to accomplish the compression. Adiabatic HP is the numerator of the equation and is the same no matter what kind of compressor is used.

The denominator of the equation is total brake horsepower (BHP) and it is the total power required for a compressor to accomplish the desirder compression. This will be a larger number as BHP includes adiabatic power plus all the other energy required by the compressor to overcome other losses requiring energy such as drive losses, mechanical friction losses, intake/discharge valve losses, heat exchanger losses, lubrication system power, etc.

Therefore, to answer the question specifically would require information on the specific gas being compressed, flow, pressure, atmospheric conditions, etc. To answer the question in general terms, the rotary vane type compressor will typically have a higher adiabatic efficiency than screw compressors and reciprocating compressors by virtue of the fact that other losses from friction, lube systems, valves, etc. which tend to be significant with screws and recips are not substantial and sometimes not present at all with vane technology. As such, vane compressor total BHP is normally lower than other technologies resulting in higher adiabatic efficiency. Another reason vane machines often have higher adiabatic efficiency is that they are limited to a maximum compression ratio of approximately 4.5 to 1, (depending on the type of gas and the application requirements). As is documented in Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineering, as compression ratio increases, both adiabatic efficiency and volumetric efficiency decrease on screws and recips. Therefore, for discharge pressures up to approximately 125 psig, the vane technology, even in a two stage system, will likely be more energy efficient than other compression technologies.

The above is a broad answer to a specific question and the degree to which the efficiency is greater (or not) will vary with the specifics of the application. Adiabatic efficiency is however, a good measure of efficiency and a good indicator of how energy efficient equipment will be once in operation. All the compression technologies mentioned are viable and proven and some are better suited than others depending upon the specifics of the application. For example, as noted above, the vane machine is well suited for relatively high flows and for compression up to about 125 psig. For processes requiring compression above 125 psig discharge pressure, the vane technology is not suitable and screws or recips are likely the more appropriate technologies. Finally, in addition to power cost, buyers should also other factors that impact the cost of ownership such as parts, service, and maintenance requirments when considering compression equipment.

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How does air compressor work?

An air compressor transforms electrical energy into kinetic energy. Air that is stored under pressure is the basis. It delivers energy in cubic feet per minute.

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How do you easily repair the flap on a Ford Mustang air conditioner that is stuck in the defrost position?

That is all steel down there, check to make sure it is not rusted shut by moving the lever by hand, you can see it if you look under the dash on the passengers side.

The most likely problem is a broken cable, a new one is fairly cheap, but the easy fix is to buy the set from a classic mustang restoration outlet.

You can get the entire heater control bracket and replace it all at once for a little change.

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How do you replace an air compressor on a 2002 Chevy K2500 truck?

You need a refrigerant recovery system so take it to a garage.

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Who manufactures craftsman air compressors?

I have three Craftsman air compressors, and on all three, the tank is marked with DeVilbiss. I can't say who manufactures the COMPRESSOR portion, but the TANK comes from DeVilbiss, who also does make compressors.

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How do you bypass the air compressor on a 1992 Chevy Silverado?

Hey Anthony==It isn't as easy as it sounds. You can install a belt for a car without a/c but you have to have an idler pulley installed. If the compressor is bad but the clutch is good, simply unplug the compressor so it won't run. If the clutch is burned and noisy, a trip to the wrecking yard might be in order and you can find a car without a/c. GoodluckJoe

yes, you can buy a pulley that goes in place of the a/c compressor so u can run the stock belt.

im a female and it's SO EASY i did it with NO help and NO directions at ALL

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Where is the suspension button or switch on a Lincoln Navigator?

On the 1998-2002 it is located on the passenger side front up behind the dash board.

On the 2003-2006 it is at the rear of the vehicle. Open the rear hatch, behind the driver's side 3rd row seat, on the side wall with the rear AC blower, is an access door, open it, the switch is in there.

On the 2007-up the main computer controls the suspension, turning it off is done through the message center.

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How do you service or perform maintenance on an AC compressor for a 1999 Firebird?

Personally if you dont know the answer to this question I would advise you to take the vehicle to a pro that is certified in auto ac's. , EzForJesus


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