Although invented in Germany, hamburgers and cheeseburgers are a quintessential part of American cuisine. A hamburger is a sandwich style dish with a ground beef patty between bread (called a bun). Ask questions about this popular food here.

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Fast Food
Calorie Count

How much fat does a double cheese burger from McDonald's have?

18 grams. See McDonald's nutritional information available in every restaurant, online, and on every placemat.


How much hamburger to make 40 sloppy joes?

1 pound makes about 5 . . . soo 8 pounds i guess?? (1 pund per can i mean)


How many people will 15 pounds of hamburger feed?

The rule of thumb is 1/2 pound per serving. So 15 pounds should feed 30 people according to the books. BUT, this is based on a SERVING and a real human being's idea of a serving and a cookbook's idea of a serving is almost always different. If you're planning on feeding children, 30 is a good number, but if you're planning for adults, I would cut that number to 20 to allow for second helpings. I think it depends on what you are putting it in? I cook for a living and I would base your amounts on 3 people per lb.


How much does a hamburger cost in Romania?

In popular fast food restaurants in Romania, usually 2€ or more.

Currency converter says 2€ is...

  • $2.68 in USA
  • $2.70 in Australia
  • $2.69 in Canada
  • £1.70 in UK
  • $3.50 in New Zealand
Macaroni Noodles

What is the recipe for hamburger helper-type cheeseburger macaroni?

I make this fairly often. I cook and drain the noodles while I brown the ground beef. It's best to use a soft cheese such as Velveeta. When the noodles and meat are cooked and drained, I mix them together and add lots of the cheese (don't over-do.) I place it back on the burner on very low heat and stir occasionally until the cheese is melted. I also sometimes cook chopped onions with the meat as it cooks, or add a packet of onion soup mix or dried onion flakes after I mix it all together. Salt and pepper to taste and remove from heat when the cheese is melted and combined with the other ingredients well.

Beef and Veal

How much potassium is in a McDonald's hamburger?

go to the McDonald's official website for more recent food information from the packages.

Elements and Compounds

Is hamburger an element or compound?

Well, since HAMBURGER or Hb isn't in the Periodic Table, a hamburger is a compund. It is made up of many diff. substances

Beef and Veal

What are some slang terms for hamburger?

cheesey weezy


How long does cooked hamburger last sitting out?

only about 24 hours


What are school burgers made of?

soy bean


How long does hamburger helper last cooked?

About five to six days


What is a good team name for a hamburger cook off?

Here are some names that would be fitting: * Beef Cakes * Burger Boys [All Male Team] * Burger Girls [All Female Team] * Big n' Juicy * Big n' Tasty * Hot n' Juicy * Full O' Flavor * Carnage * Total Carnage * Would You Like Fries With That? * Cow Bells * Betsy Bells * Bulls By The Horns * Bulls By The Balls [If you're a little risque] * Hoofin' Grinders * Full Service * We Got Beef * Flame Broilers * Super Seerers * Sizzle * Fry Boys [All Male Team] * Fry Girls [All Female Team] * Tasty or Tastee * Hamburger Helpers * The Cowboy Way * Chomper Champs * Just Add Beef * Hold The Pickles * Flip & Flop * You Pick It, We Grill It * Beef, Beer n' Boobs [Female Team] * Beef, Beer n' Babes [Female Team] * Beef, Beer n' Balls [Male Team] * It Kicked Me... Once! * Cow Patties * Moo Moos * Something Meatier * Rare Please * Serve 'Em Up * Special Sauce * Special Recipe * Secret Sauce * From Field To Grill * Grill Masters * Greasy Spatulas * Flame n' Hot * Beef Wranglers * Rustled Up Grub * Grease n' Grissel * Mad Cows * Your Beef Is Cooked


Which is healthier pan fryed or oven baked hamburgers?

A grill is your best best because it allows the fats to drip from the burger and the burger won't cook in the fat and oil. A George Foreman is best.

Calorie Count

How many calories in a white hamburger bun?

In a plain hamburger bun there is 120 calories.


How many servings are in 1 hamburger bun?

There are At least 2 servings in a hamburger bun. Trust me i found like 5 different websites saying 2 servings.

Fast Food

How long can you leave a mcdonalds cheese burger in the fridge for?

No more than 2 days, they can be frozen and will last up to 3 months.

Slogans and Mottos

Whose slogan was more burger than bun?

Dairy Queen Brazier.


What is the difference between a hamburger sandwich and a slider?

Technically any burger-style sandwich with a patty 5 oz or larger is a burger and any burger-style sandwich with a patty smaller than 5 oz. is a slider.


Where was O'Henry's hamburger stand located in Chicago?

Chicago's O'Henry's Hamburgersi thought i was the only one who remembered henrys. they were located on western ave right behind riverview near belmont ave. they kinda got lost when the city built the overpass. there is a used car lot there now. i understand they had some other locations too. i still thing they were better than mcdonalds. btw, the only place i have found that has a pickle that tastes like henrys is at father & son pizza.

Don't know about O'Henry's, but in the early 60's there were some Henry's hamburger stands. As I remember they mixed the catsup and mustard to produce their sauce. They may have added something else, but the popularity of McDonald's did them in.

I do recall an O'Henry's hamburgers situated on Western Ave. just east of Route 30 in the early to mid 1960s, in Park Forest. It occupied a location just north of Illinois St. and ironically was situated near a McDonald's. My dad used ot take us there.

There was a Henry's Hanburgers on Skokie Blvd. and Golf Road. It was on the Southeast corner. Behind it was an amusement park with the Wild Mouse. Right now, the Doubletree Hotel stands there.

There was an O'Henrys on Western and Foster on the NW side of the corner in the late 60's

There was also a Henry's at Fullerton and Central Avenues across the street from Hansen Stadium. I worked there. 1962

My dad grew up on the South Side in Slag Valley on Commercial Ave. He said he remembers O'Henry's hamburger stand on 95th and Jeffery Ave on the Southwest Corner.

I remember when there was one by Riverview---but I was from Waukegan, Ill and I would go to one on Washington Street and Lewis Ave.- Across the street from EDI Electronics --I would go there after school--they had the best $. 25 burgers--I was told they were horse meat. The USA did at one time use horse meat for burgers. When I talk about O'Henrys no one remembers this place, but I do.

Turtles and Tortoises
Beef and Veal

Can turtles eat raw hamburger?

Turtles are carnivores that must eatlive food like snails, fish and worms. They shouldnot be fed hot dogs, raw hamburger and food that they would not normally.

although i have heard of people feeding raw hamburger to turtles and it not hurting them but i would not recomend doing so.

Cooking Techniques
Food Spoilage

How long can you make hamburger patties in advance?

If your meat is very fresh, you can make patties up to one week in advance - but I'd recommend no more than a day or two (unless you intend to freeze them).

I prefer to make patties the day before and refrigerate them - they tend to hold up better on the grill. They will fall apart more easily if they if they go on the grill immediately after being formed by your warm hands.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

How long to grill hamburger patties?

It depends on what ways you use for grilling the hamburgers. Here a short guide on how to grill hamburgers.

Ingredients: before everything let's get all the things we need to grill the hamburger.

Ground Beef. The amount required is up to your requirements.




Meat Thermometer


Wax Paper

Creating the Beef Patties : Get a bowl to put the ground beef. Add to it, salt and pepper as per your need and mix it. Create patties by your hand. Make the size of a tennis ball and flatten it. The patty must be 3/4 of inch thicker. They need to be 1/2 inch bigger. When you start to grill they will start shrinking.

Get a nice plate and put the patties on it. Get the wax paper in between each one.

Now the preparing the grill part comes. Firstly you have to turn the grill on and start oiling it. Get the hamburger patties on the grill as per how much you need. Heat it on a high temperature and cook each patty's side for five minutes. Once done, cook the other side similarly for another 5 minutes. Once done, get some cheese to spread on them and toast them for a minute. Get a nice plate to serve them.

For additional information, check the link in sources. Happy to help you.


What maximum temperature should raw hamburger be received at?

it should be under 40 %


How many McDonald's hamburgers have been served?

There is no way to know for sure. Roughly 245 Billion hamburgers served as of March 31st 2010. I use the history of the number McDonald's used to put on their sign and a complex calculation involving monthly and yearly sales data put out by McDonald's.
over 247 billion


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