A popular lunch dish, a sandwich consists of meat and cheese between two slices of bread.

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What is the best way to cut a sandwich?

Diagonally is the definitive best way to cut a sandwich, I will not hear any other opinions, and there’s science to back it up. Surveys and studies show that the people demand a diagonally cut sandwich.

The reasons why people prefer the triangular sandwich halves are a little more speculative, but experts say it probably has to do with surface area and aesthetics.

The diagonal cut is, of course, longer than a straight up and down cut, meaning the available crustless biting surface is greater on each half, giving the illusion that there is less crust, which is always a good thing.

Some chefs argue that the diagonal cut makes the sandwich look bigger, or that it’s harder to spot imperfections on a triangle than on a rectangle, but the aesthetics thing is really something you have to feel in your heart.

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Why are people freaking out over the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

Popeyes released their new chicken sandwich on August 12, 2019, and so many people bought it that the company actually sold out in two weeks. After a two-month hiatus, the sandwich returned to the menu on November 3, and customers are already reporting absurdly long drive-thru lines.

The initial launch of the sandwich began what was dubbed online as “The Chicken Sandwich Wars,” with Popeyes main competitor being Chick-fil-A. Customers took to social media to cast their vote on the superior chicken sandwich, and the chains themselves exchanged some light-hearted banter via Twitter.

The Popeyes sandwich sells for $3.99 and is made with fried chicken breast, two pickles, and a dollop of mayo on a brioche bun.

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How do you eat a ham sandwich?

These are the 10-step instructions on How to Eat a Ham Sandwich:

1) Remove sandwich from plate with both hands and bring close to face.

2) Survey said sandwich for the most appetizing bite. (Personally I like corners, but others I know like to go straight for the middle.)

3) Open mouth and insert sandwich.

4) Bite down hard enough to chew through all layers while simultaneously withdrawing sandwich away from face. This is to allow adequate airflow while chewing. (Trust me, unobstructed breathing is quite important to fully enjoy the ham sandwich eating experience.)

5) Chew all sandwich ingredients thoroughly. (Note: It is rumored that the medical community recommends 32 times each bite so as to improve digestion.)

6) Swallow and place sandwich again on plate to rest briefly.

7) Partake in a sip of a refreshing beverage, if necessary or desired. If not, then proceed to step 8.

8) Meditate briefly on the flavors you just experienced and take one deep breath.

9) Repeat steps 1 - 8 until sandwich disappears

10) Make another sandwich if necessary and repeat steps 1 - 10 until your bodily organs no longer haunt you with the phrase 'one more bite'.

Finally, pause for a brief moment of silence to give thanks to the hard-working ranchers and farmers, and to the fauna and flora that were sacrificed to make this beautiful euphoric moment possible.

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What nutrient does egg and cress sandwich have most of?

I would assume, protein.

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What is a hot sandwich?

Any type of sandwich that has hot ingredients in it or that is heated after it is put together, for example, like a meatball sub or a panini.


What filling goes in a bookmaker sandwich?

Grilled minute steak with mustard.

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How can you make Oscar Mayer Sandwich Spread?

All you have to do is put the Oscar Mayer hot dog in a blender and then spread it on a sandwich.

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What questions to ask in an interview about tuna sandwich?

now this is a hard question indeed as most people when nervous in an interview resort to asking random questions and saying things most likely you wouldn't. to keep your cool you must avoid the nervous wreck you might be!

When hungry in an interview you will always talk about food or (as some already know) look up to say the basic lines like "wonderful whether isn't it?" when its raining or "how are you mate?" who then calls security and asks you to leave "mate"- if you want to risk the tuna sandwiches this would be the top 6 to use:

1. " I have a tuna sandwich today, tuna is a fish and fish helps the brain, do you like tuna?"

2. "I heard tuna is a source of income, what do you think of this?"

3. "what do you think of the standard of using tuna in a basic dish? how about a sandwich"

4. "what dish would you make if I gave you a fish as in a tuna, most people would say a sandwich. would you make a tuna sandwich"

5. "Do you have a tuna sandwich? sorry its just I can smell tuna, that fishy smell does stink I apologise- its something I very much dislike- do you eat tuna?"

6. "Are you using dolphin friendly tuna? I hope you are as it is important for the environment"


What cheese is best to use for grilled cheese sandwiches?

American cheese is the most common cheese used to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Calorie Count

How many calories are in a chick-fil-a sandwich?

That would depend on the sandwich as they have several; but, a regular Chic-fil-A Chicken sandwich has 440 calories.

Calorie Count

How many calories in a grilled cheese sandwich?

  • That depends on variables such as the thickness of the bread, the type of bread, and how much cheese you use (whether grated cheese or sliced cheese.) In addition, will you use one slice of cheese or two, how thick will you slice your cheese, and what type of cheese will it be. Then there is the question of buttering the bread and if you do butter the bread how much butter will you use.
  • You are looking at a minimum of 250 calories in a thin grilled cheese sandwich. It depends on the type of cheese, bread and butter (or margarine).
  • There are about 250 calories in a small grilled cheese sandwich. Each slice of white bread has about 50 calories in it and each slice of American cheese has about 67 calories in it. So that 167 right there.
  • But usually a grilled cheese sandwich will have two slices of cheese... so that puts you at 234. In addition, butter used for cooking, you are looking at about 300 calories overall for a thin grilled cheese sandwich.
  • The cheese ALONE is going to be about 200 calories if you use say 2-3 slices of American cheddar. Whole grain wheat bread is generally 75-90 calories a slice as is white only it has more starch/sugar. I eat stone ground roman meal wheat, which is a whopping 90 calories a slice.
  • In total, it could be as much as 500 calories just from ONE grilled cheese if you use say country crock whipped oil spread, which is a healthy oil based spread, to "butter" each slice of bread as you need this for frying.
  • It is a meal in itself with the calorie count being so high and it is 65-75% bad calories. It is not a snack.
  • Therefore, it is high in fat, high in sugar and high, high, high in calories. It is best considered a treat to have maybe a couple times a month when you know your activity level will be high. You can always sort of cheat and slice a single slice of bread in half and make a half sized sandwich.
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Is egg sandwich good for you?

Yes, conkers is a fun game.

Beef and Veal

Where did the sloppy joe get its name?

One legend suggests that it was named after a Green Bay Packer team member Joe Krzrwinski ... aka "Sloppy", a nickname given to him for his sloppy play on the field. The first creation was made with ground sausage during the year 1930 in Iowa.


How much is a chick fil a sandwich?



Where does the word sandwich come from?

The naming goes back a long way- 1726. It was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an 18th-century English aristocrat, although he was neither the inventor nor sustainer of the food. It is said that he ordered his valet to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread, and because Montagu also happened to be the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, others began to order "the same as Sandwich!"

The classic answer is that it is named for a habit of the Earl of Sandwich, who when engrossed in games of chance, would not spare time for eating a formal meal, so he would put any meat being served between two slabs of bread and eat that while wagering.
The word sandwich first came from London, when a man named John Montagu when he was to busy gambling even though he was hungry. He told the waiter to get him a piece of roast beef between two pieces of bread, and that was the first sandwich supposedly.

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How did the club sandwich get its name?

There are a couple different theories on this. My personal favorite is that “club” stands for “Chicken and Lettuce Under Bacon,” which is fun but not all that plausible—a club doesn’t have to have chicken, after all, and the earliest recipes didn't follow that order or make any references to an acronym.

A better theory is that the first club sandwich was cobbled together at the Union Club or the Saratoga Club House in the late 1800s. Both places claim that coveted “first club sandwich” title, and, of course, both have “club” in their name. Either way, the sandwich’s broad popularity at country clubs around the turn of the 20th century could also account for its name.


Is a sandwich a homogeneous or a heterogeneous mixture?

A heterogeneous mixture.


What is the best lettuce for sandwiches?

Iceberg lettuce


Is bologna good?

Bologna is a popular lunch meat and many people love it. It's a matter of individual personal taste. Bologna is a processed food, and therefore, not considered a nutritious or healthy food.

Calorie Count

How many calories are in the average tuna salad sandwich?

It really just depends upon how one makes the sandwich. For example; one cup of tuna salad has 383 calories -- of course it depends upon what they have put in the salad -- mayonnaise, boiled eggs, onions, etc. . Two slices of bread has about 200 calories or 100 calories per slice. This totals about 583 calories for the average tuna salad.

But it depends on how you make the Tuna. Canned Tuna in water has about 40 cal. per serving. A whole can is 2.5 servings. So a Whole can is 100 calories. If you use Low fat mayo it 40 calories for 1 tbsp which is really all you need to mix one whole can of tuna. Which makes it 140 calories. The Bread is where alot of the calories come from. But if you use low fat bread it wont be so bad. Or you can do what I do and Wrap the tuna in a leaf of Romaine Lettuce which is almost no calories! Its so Good!


What are the origins of bologna?

The origins of bologna can be traced right back to the Bronze Age. Around three thousand years ago, a population of unkown origin settled in the Appenine region, on the banks of the Apose and Ravone rivers. During the Iron Age, this population developed its own authentic culture and came to be known as the Villanovan Culture.

The Italian city named Bologna does date back to the Villanovan culture, but that answer is a bit of a stretch; for all practical purposes, the food we call bologna can be traced to a similar Italian sausage named mortadella, which does come from the Bolognese region of Italy. Bologna is an American sausage that dates to the late nineteenth century.


How many finger sandwiches for 50 people?

50 sandwichs for 50 people easy and im a 5th grader


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