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Mathematical finance is a field in applied mathematics that focuses on financial markets. At present, several universities around the world offer research programs and a degree in mathematical finance.

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What is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a market activity in which a security, commodity, currency or other tradable item is bought in one market and sold simultaneously in another, or order to profit on the price difference between the markets. ...
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What is 20 percent of twelve thousand one hundred dollars?

I never saw much point in giving the answer to a mathematical question if the person didn't explain how to get to that answer. With calculators today many mathematical equations are easy to figure, but I am a strong believer in the person understanding the formula and how it works, not just typing numbers into a calculator and magically getting an answer. The question is what is 20% of $12,100. First we must change the percentage to a decimal, this is easily done...
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What is a shape called that has 10 sides?

A ten-sided polygon is known as a decagon.
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What is 30 percent of 80 dollars?

"30 percent of 80 dollars" is expressed as "30% times 80 dollars". Then: 0.3 * $80 = $24 ...
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How much is 14.50 an hour yearly?

If you get paid $14.50 an hour, and you work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, then over the year you get paid 14.50 * 8 * 5 * 52 = $30,160 before tax. ...
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What is 70 percent off of 145?

Note that if something is 70% off, then we are left off with 30% of the original value. The 70% off of $145 is: $145 * .7 = $101.50 If we want to determine the remaining value after 70% off, then we have: $145 * .3 = $43.50. ...
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What are two basic financial statements.Explain their importance to the various uses?

The two basic financial statements are the Income Statement or Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet. The Income Statement reflects the revenues and expenses for a period in time such as January 1, 20xx through the date you are working on say August 31, 20xx. These revenues and expenses give you the net income or (loss) for that particular period. The Balance Sheet is a report of the business for a point in time, August 31, 20xx. The assets and...
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What is personal finance?

Personal finance is 2 and personal. The finance thing is money. Money is logical and financial success requires that you pursue specific behaviors to properly manage your money to that end. One of those specific behaviors is using the dynamics of compound interest and compounding financial gains. There are 3 finance tools...the personal budget, the personal balance sheet and the personal life plan. For success you need to spend less than you make (budget), own more than you owe (balance sheet) and...
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How many inches are there in 355 millimeters?

1 inch = 2.54 centimetres = 25.4 millimetres. This means 355 millimetres ~ 14.0 inches. ...
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How long is 1203 minutes is hours and minutes?

60 minutes = 1 hour so 1203 minutes = 20 hours and 3 minutes
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What is 1 percent of 5 billion?

The answer depends on which country you come from. A billion in most of the English-language world (and some other countries) is considered to be 1,000 million (short scale). In much of continental Europe, South America and Africa a billion is 1,000,000 million (long-scale). The determination of how much a billion is depends on which naming system your respective country uses; long-scale or short-scale. Using the short-scale system, there are 100 units in a percent so divide 5 billion (5,000,000,000) by 100 (which...
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If I make 15.96 an hour what's that in a year?

Assuming 40 hours a week and before taxes and other deductions, that's 33,288. ...
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Are there 100 pennies in 1 dollar?

Technically the official name of the American coin is cent. The penny was never the name of any US currency. A penny is British currency. In the past the penny had a relatively low value. It still isn't worth much. At this time a penny is defined as one hundredth of a British pound. But many people refer to the cent as a penny. ...
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Jon deposits 1000 in an account that pays 8 percent interest compounded annually How long will it take to double your money?

1). My money will never double. Let's talk about Jon's money instead. 2). It doesn't matter how much he deposits into the account. The time required for it to double is the same in any case. 3). At 8% interest compounded annually, the money is very very very nearly ... but not quite ... doubled at the end of 9 years. At the end of the 9th year, the original 1,000 has grown to 1,999.0046. If the same rate of growth were operating continuously, then...
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How do you write 150 parts of one billion in numbers?

15/100000000 or 0.00000015 or 1.5 * 10^-7