General Electric

General Electric is ranked the second largest company in the world by Forbes. The conglomerate employs 304,000 people around the world.

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What is the geographic location of general electric?

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General Electric is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

How do you contact GE pension benefits for personal help?

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To contact GE pension benefits for personal help, you can call the GE Benefits Contact Center at 1-312-204-7300. You can also visit the GE Benefits website and log in to your account for more information and assistance with your pension benefits.

How do you get proof of income letter for retiree of general electric?

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To obtain a proof of income letter for a retiree of General Electric, you can contact the Human Resources or Pension Department at General Electric. They should be able to provide you with the necessary documentation verifying the retiree's income.

Who received the coveted coffin award in 1936 at the general electric company in pittsfield ma?

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The "Coffin Award" was given annually at General Electric for the most dramatic or heroic act of the year. In 1936, the award was given to James Hale Jr. for his bravery in rescuing four unconscious men from a toxic gas leak at the Pittsfield plant.

What is the value of a GE Hotpoint vintage stove?

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The question is much too vague. There are hotpoint stoves from the 1920s through the 1950s all in varying condition. Please be more specific.

Who is the CEO of General Electric?

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Jeffrey Immelt is the CEO of General Electric.

Jeffery Immelt is the current CEO of General Electric and has held this position since September of 2001. Immelt has been named as one of the top CEOs in the world and is widely respected in his field.

What countries does General Electric operate in?

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It operates in more than 100 countries.

What is the email address for jeffrey immelt?

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Jeff Immelt has multiple emails, however they are kept secret for personal contacts or business associates. His general public information is:

Jeff Immelt

President/CEO, General Electric

3135 Easton Turnpike

Fairfield, CT 06828

Where is General Electric's head office?

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General Electric's HQ are located in Fairfield, Connecticut, US.

What services does General Electric provide?

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General Electric is a large global company that is involved in the manufacture and production of thousands of products and components. Why not visit their web site and scan the products and services they provide? A link is provided.

Where can you find a replacement cap for a General Electric soft bonnet hair dryer?

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You can get a replacement bonnet for the Conair soft bonnet hair dryer by calling Conair, 203-351-9000. Located in Stamford, Connecticut.

How many shares does the General Electric company have?

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Here is a list of GE Subsidiaries -

Access Distribution

GE Advanced Materials

GE Capital Rail Services


GE Commercial Finance

GE Consumer & Industrial

GE Consumer Finance

GE Energy

GE Engine Services, Inc.

GE Equipment Services

GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc.

GE Financial Assurance Holdings, Inc.

GE Franchise Finance Corporation

GE Global Research

GE Healthcare

GE Infrastructure

GE Insurance

GE Money

GE Osmonics


GE Security

GE Small Business Finance Corporation

GE Supply

GE Transportation

General Electric Mortgage Insurance Corporation

Genworth Financial

Global Nuclear Fuel - Japan Co., Ltd.

HPSC, Inc.

Instrumentarium Corporation

MRA Systems, Inc.

NBC Universal, Inc.

Transport International Pool Inc.

WMC Mortgage Corp.

Through these businesses, GE participates in a wide variety of markets including the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, lighting, industrial automation, medical imaging equipment, motors, railway locomotives, aircraft jet engines, aviation services and materials such as plastics, silicone and abrasives. It was co-founder and is 80% owner (with Vivendi Universal) of NBC Universal, the National Broadcasting Company. As GE Commercial Finance, GE Consumer Finance, GE Equipment Services, and GE Insurance it offers a range of financial services as well. It has a presence in over 100 countries.

Interestingly, over half of GE's revenue is derived from financial services, ostensibly making it a financial company with a manufacturing arm.

When was General Electric walkie talkie model 3-5954a made?

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According to toher web sites, it was made in 1969.

How many employees does General Electric have?

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GE reports 287,000 employees as of December 2010.

What is the value of a 1939 General Electric refrigerator?

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It is worth what someone will pay for it.

Is it functional with original compressor running ammonia? Does it have a modern compressor in it? Is it a single door AP-5 model or a two door AP-7 model. Does it have grey (standard) or white front trim? Is any of the porcelain chipped? Are the maple breaker strips rotten or damaged?

I purchased mine locally for 1 dollar at an auction. I have seen them on eBay anywhere from $50 to $500. There is a guy in GA that sells restored units for $5000-15,000 at

You might make more money parting it out. Undamaged porcelain panels, trim and doors are always desired. The maple breaker strips, the door hardware and the interior shelves, ice cube tray and evap coil covers are usually hard to find for the restorer.

What is the symbol for General Electric Capital Corporation in the NYSE?

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The symbol for Dollar General Corporation in the NYSE is: DG.

What country did General Electric originate from?

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United States Of America

Which former CEO of General Electric wrote the book Winning?

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Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, co-authored the book "Winning" with his wife, Suzy Welch. The book provides insights and strategies on how to succeed in business and in life based on Jack Welch's experiences at GE.