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Sam's Club is a membership-only wholesale store owned by Walmart. Ask questions about this 600+ store chain in this category.

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Is Sam's Club open on Easter Sunday?

According to their website, all Sam's Club's are closed on Easter Sunday.

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What is the difference between Walmart and Sam's Club?

There are a few differences between Sam's Club and Walmart. Sam's Club requires their shoppers be members while Walmart does not require a membership to shop there. Sam's Club also carries bulk items that are sold directly off the pallet while Walmart does not. In short, Sam's Club is more of a warehouse while Walmart is more of a typical grocery store.

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Does Sam's Club sell pistols and rifles?

No, Sam's Club - which is owned by Wal Mart - does not sell firearms. Wal Mart does sell firearms, but only long guns.

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Does Sam's Club sell whipped icing?

well, you can buy the chantilli (sweet cream) and mix it with another flavor u want.

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What time does sams club open on Sunday?

10:00 am on Sunday.

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What is the walmart price for carafate?


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How much does a Sam's Club membership cost?

  • An advantage membership has an annual fee of: $40.00
  • An advantage plus membership has an annual fee of: $100.00
  • A business membership has an annual fee of: $35.00
  • A business plus membership has an annual fee of $100.00

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How can you check if your Sam's Club membership is still current?

Log on to your Sam's Account. Click on "my Account." Details are provided concerning your renewal date, plan and local store number.

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Is Sam's Club open today?

Yes my freinds was at it with me just like an hour ago

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What time does sams club close?

it depends what day it is.....

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Does Sams Club sell firearms?

No, they do not

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How many weight watchers points in a Sam's Club turkey wrap sandwich?


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Can I pay my Sam's Club bill at walmart?

yea you can, as long as you have your statement or your sam's card.

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What is the return policy of Sam's Club?

the return policy for sams club is that u can bring anything back with a receipt and get your money back. if you do not have a receipt and the item can be shown that it was bought at sams club then you can get a gift card or exchange for the last selling price for that item. the only time limit on bringing items back is on computers and you have 6 months. also on most electronics and on all computers you have to bring everything that came with the item back

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What time does sams club close on Sunday?

Sam's Club closes at 6 p.m. on Sundays.

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How do you get a one day pass to Sam's Club?

According to Sam's Club's website, you can go into their store and request a One-Day Pass but you will be charged a 10% service fee if you are not a member. See the related link for more information on the Sam's Club One-Day Pass.
You will need to visit the Sam's Club website or get the one day from one of the many Sam's Club special events. However, you should take note that using a one day pass will mean you will be charged an extra 10% on all your items since you are only utilizing the store for "one day."

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What is the starting pay at Sam's Club?

It depends on the job. If you're the nice lady cooking and handing out those delicious little samples to customers in the stores, you'll start out making $8.20 an hour. If you're a cart person (the ones who gather all the shopping carts), you'll start at nine dollars. The Tire and Battery technicians probably make the highest non-management starting wage. However, that is a skilled job, and one that is very physically demanding. They can make up to 11 an hour depending on experience, cashiers can make 11 an hour too.

actually the 1st sentence and the last sentence of the 1st answer is true. maybe its an outdated answer or their club is different. it does depend on which area you get hired into. however the starting pay is $8.40. and you get "x" amount of cents extra an hour per year of retail experience you have (usually $.25/hr for up to 5yrs exp. then goes up from there). the guys doing the absolute hardest physical job, pushing carts, make the least at $8.40 (the minimum offered @ sam's). then other areas go up in pay per the "Wal-Mart Pay Scale". it goes from level 1 to level 7. with 1 being carts and 7 being hourly supervisors ("Team Leaders"). Meat Cutters are also at level 7. Tire & Battery have SOME positions at level 6. Photo Techs and "Fresh" areas have level 6 positions as well as a Pharmacy Tech and a "COS" (Check-Out Supervisor or Lead Cashier). Level 5's are scattered around the club but some examples are cake decorator, claims associate and eye care tech. level 4 is (as far as i know) only 1 position which is audit team (inventory counts/adjustments). level 3 is the most common. they are all the floor associates (except electronics which is a level 4), stockers, membership desk associate (although some get level 4 or 5) and some positions in the "Fresh" areas. level 2 are cashiers. for each "level" you rise you get extra cents added to your hourly rate. you start at $8.40 and go up to whatever level the job your getting is listed under. the difference between levels varies from $.10 to $.25/hr. all these figures are based on the club i work at so they may not be like this at all clubs but i was told they all were SUPPOSED to be the same. however i have heard of associates at other clubs being paid different wages such as the 1st responder to this question. hope that helps!!

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What company makes Sam's Club dog food?


The product is made by Mars Petcare, makers of Pedigree, Nutro, Royal Canin

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How do you use EValue at Sams Club?

the short answer is that eValue is basically electronic coupons you get when you shop at Sam's Club. every month the "coupons" change. their is usually 10-20 different evalues offered monthly to new sign-ups. they could be $100 off a jewelry set of $50 off a queen mattress or $3 off a large container of Tide. it always varies monthly. if you already have an eValues card the way to get your evalues is to just find the "eValues Kiosk" at your local Sam's Club (usually near the front entrance door). slide your membership card just like you would at the ATM and it'll tell you what your evalues are. a list will print out right there for you. also you get discounts on alot of different things. for example if you go to their website you can get a discount on cruises or trips. also you get discounts on things like car rentals and wrecker service. you can get dental and other insurances discounted by having it also. theirs ALOT more, just ask anyone at your local store if you want to know anymore. (yes, i do work there....obviously!) it really is a good deal though if you use the things that they offer discounts for. it can pay for itself very quickly if theirs discounts on there you'll use. hope that helps!!

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Is Sam's Club better than walmart?

If you need merchandise by the case, it is.

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What are other stores are like Sam's Club?

BJ's, and Costco

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Does Sam's Club do price match guarantee?

Sams Club will only price match Walmart or a Sams Club Deal currently active.

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What time does Sam's Club pharmacy open?

I actually placed this question and answered it because I was so frustrated! You can get club hrs. on the SAM'S CLUB website but not the pharmacy hrs.

M-F 9:00 am. to 7:00 pm- (they break from 1:25 to 2:05)

Sat 9:00 am. to 6:00 pm.

Sundays closed

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How much is a membership to Sam's Club?

How much is membership for sams club?

Sam's Club

What time does Sam's Club open?

You are likely safe if you figure on 10:00 a.m. It could vary by store or day of the week - or the type of membership you have.

A search of their website seems to indicate that their regular opening hour is 10am, Sunday through Friday. They open at 9am on Saturday. The stores are open for Business or Plus Only memberships from 7am to 10am Monday through Friday and 7am to 9am on Saturday.


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