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Library and Information Science (LIS) is a discipline wherein the perspectives, practices and tools of management, education and information technology are applied to libraries. LIS is an integration of Library Science and Information Science.

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Information Science and Libraries
The Difference Between

What is the difference between decibels and hertz?

Decibels is a ratio and hertz is cycles per second.

Information Science and Libraries

What did Alfred Wegener fail to do?

Wegener failed to specify a possible method by which continents could move around.

Most people would not accept his theory because they thought the continents would be ploughing through solid rock.

Information Science and Libraries

What is sociocultural values?

socio cultural values is adapting relationship in behavior, beliefs and tradition in different settings.

Environmental Issues
Information Science and Libraries
Deforestation and Habitat Loss

What can you do about tourists use of natural resources?

Tourists pollute waterways and oceans, they damage the environment

What we can do about it: By governments putting restrictions on holiday resorts and developers, they can prevent resorts being built on wildlife habitats, and also close down or limit the size of resorts already built on wildlife habitats.

  • There must be no pollution into waterways and oceans.
  • Garbage and sewage must be collected and recycled as much as possible.
  • Tourist movements into natural areas must be limited so the numbers don't do any damage to the environment.
  • Building must blend into the natural environment.
  • There must be no illegal deforestation (eg, cutting down rainforests to build a golf course).
  • New resorts and gardens must not put too great a demand on water and other natural resources.

we could put more bins out on the steets.

They use our food, water and land.

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Earth Sciences
Information Science and Libraries
Electricity and Magnetism

What are five uses of electromagnets?

They can be used in cranes to lift heavy metals

They can be used in electric bells

They can be used in radio speakers

Can be used in microphones

They can be used in dynamos

They can be used in cranes to lift heavy metals

They can be used in electric bells

They can be used in radio speakers

Can be used in microphones

They can be used in dynamos
Information Science and Libraries

What is monochromatic harmony?

Is composed of only one hue!

Information Science and Libraries

Advantages of snowball sampling?

its easy its easy

Global Warming
Information Science and Libraries
Scientific Method

Science working models for class 9?

go for hydro power plant

i made this model when i was in ninth

this is very easy

on a thermacol make two houses or hut one road and most importantantly one dam

buy one small motor this is easily available in markets

it will cost you Rs 50

it will hawe a shaft

attach turbine to it made of silver foil which we use for food packaging

take two bulbs use it as light of the huts

make two street lights near roads

while showing its working use battery or cells to light them

you can explain it as when turbine rotates it produces electricity which we ase for domestic or industrial purpuse

i know it will be hard for you to make it without seeing

but i will try to find out a photo graph of my model

other is solar energy in this olso u have to make huts roads and all

as solar cells r very costly u can make them using a mirror

u can also make model on topic circulatary system

make a big diagram of heart and use to pipes and pumps

add blue color in water to show impure blood and red color to show pure blood

Information Science and Libraries

What are the disadvantages of a local weekly market?

the disadvantage of these market is that the seller are having a loss as the buy things for a high prize but sell for a lower price

Politics and Government
Information Science and Libraries
Business Globalization

What are the advantages of a free market economy?

The advantages of a market economy can be summarized as:

-Buyers are free to buy any commodity which they like and in whatever amounts. The producer can also produce whichever product they want to and also increase the capacity of any individual commodity depending upon the forces of the market. Producers are free to undertake the risks and rewards associated with increase in production. There is no state intervention in the functioning of the forces of the market. -The biggest advantage that a market-oriented economy enjoys is the determination of a unique price determined by the demand and supply in absence of any monopolistic or oligopolistic influences. The decision of what to produce, for whom to produce and in what quantities is taken by the market forces and not determined by the state. -The role of the state is limited to ensuring proper transparency in the prices charged by the sellers of the concerned commodity. Prices also have the function to allocate and distribute a country's resources. -In a "perfect world", free market leads to complete efficiency bringing about the optimal distribution of a country's resources. This would only happen in a state of equilibrium or when demand equals supply and there is a unique price for every commodity in question. But in a practical world which is imperfect by nature, prices are never at equilibrium and very volatile depending upon the vagaries of the market forces. This generally harms people living below the poverty line or those in the low income group. It is impossible for them to pay high prices in cases of demand shortage and thus the free market model is not a viable option in developing countries which has a large number of poor.

-Free market and liberalization with increased competition has increased unemployment levels and poverty in India and China with the growing divide between the rich and the poor. Growing at an average of 10% per year since 1978, increased levels of efficiency and prosperity have not percolated to the grassroots level. Developed economies such as the USA and Canada are also facing limited problems of poverty and unemployment as a result of total free market economy.

-Free market economies, although have been successful in developed economies, will not be so in developing countries and the only recourse for them is the model of the mixed economy or social market economy. The welfare role of the state is retained in a social market economy which cares for the poor. In cases where the poor countries are striving towards a free market economy, there should be certain segments controlled by the state but with prevalence of free enterprise such that efficiency is restored and the country moves towards economic prosperity. Free market economy under centralized political control is the most effective way for these countries
One advantage of the market economy is that the market provides incentives which help the people acquire very useful skills.

Information Science and Libraries
Business Globalization

What is the advantage of free market economy?

Wikimedia Free Encyclopedia explains: A market economy(also called a free market economy or a free enterprise economy) is an economic system in which the production and distribution of goods and services take place through the mechanism of free markets guided by a free price system. In a market economy, businesses and consumers decide of their own volition what they will purchase and produce. Technically this means that the producer gets to decide what to produce, how much to produce, what to charge to customers for those goods, what to pay employees, etc., and not the government. These decisions in a free-market economy are influenced by the pressures of competition, supply, and demand. This is often contrasted with a planned economy, in which a central government decides what will be produced and in what quantities.

No pure market economy exists. Thus, almost all economies in the world today are mixed economies which combine varying degrees of market and command economy traits. For example, in the United States there are more market economy traits than in Western European countries.

The advantages of a free market economy are for example - supply and demand

A free market economy allows competition. Without competition, prices would be a lot higher. This is due to the fact that companies compete for more customers. A way to gain more customers is lower prices. This is the advantage over having a free market economy rather than a command economy (think communist). In a command economy, there is no one to compete against so you can charge as much as you want for your products. In a free market economy, you can only survive if you lower your prices. This is because consumers have a choice of what company to buy from. This is another advantage of the free market economy.

Transmissions and Drivetrains
Information Science and Libraries
Electrical Engineering

Why can birds stand on overhead transmission lines without suffering any harm?

The short answer is they are not grounded. You can hang from a line also and not be harmed, but don't try it as if you do it wrong you can be severely hurt or killed. So what does "they are not grounded" mean? Electric current flows from high voltage to low voltage. The power line is high voltage. The earth, or ground, is low voltage. Anything in contact with the earth is also at the same low voltage. That is why there are insulators between the lines and the poles. The higher voltage the lines, the bigger the insulators. You can see this for yourself by looking at a high voltage tower versus a typical wooden power poll. When the bird lands on the line, it is only in contact with the line. There is no path to the lower voltage ground for the electrical current to flow thorugh. No current flow means no harm to the bird. People get into to trouble with power lines because they are almost always in contact with the pole or the ground when they, or something they are holding, touch the line, which means the current flows through them to the lower voltage. Note that the lower voltage does not have to be zero volts. It just has to be lower than the high voltage for the current to flow. It is not the voltage that kills you. It is the combination of voltage and current. No current or low current, no harm. When you scoot your feet on the carpet on a dry day and touch the door knob, a spark jumps and you feel a small snap. Your skin is charged up to 10's of thousands of volts, but there is very little current flow, so no harm is done. Hope this helps.

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Public Health and Safety
Skeletal System

What are the functions of the compact bone and spongy bone?

Compact bone makes the bones hard enough so that they can provide support to the body and protect organs. It makes up the hard exterior of skeletal bones.

Spongy bone (cancellous bone) is in shorter, flatter bones, and at the ends of long bones. It has more blood vessels and usually contains bone marrow, where red blood cells are produced.

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How does spinning affect the air resistance of lime seeds?

spinning changes the direction of movement in air,thus affects the air resistance

Information Science and Libraries

Why use vaccinations?

Vaccinations are important so that if you get that disease, your body will know how to fight it off and you won't suffer. Basically a vaccine is when they are putting the disease into your body but in a much weaker form of the disease so that every human body is capable of fighting it off quickly. This way your body knows how to fight it off and is prepared to fight it off if you get the real disease. This is why vaccinations are important for your body.

Software and Applications (non-game)
Business & Finance
Information Science and Libraries

What are the four basic questions that a transaction processing system audit tries to answer?

What has the transactions been used for, how has the transactions been used, auditee has continued to do business, failure to pay taxes during tax time frame

Idioms, Cliches, and Slang
Travel & Places
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Business Communication

What are five examples of ICT tools?

travel and places,information science and libraries,business communication

Information Science and Libraries

What is definition of modern technology?

modern technology is the improved product of the application of science. it may be the same with the technologies before but it was design to make works more easier.

Information Science and Libraries
Social Darwinism

What are some factors that affect human reaction rates?

There are a number of factors that affect human reaction rates. Temperature is one major factor that affects human reaction rates for example.

Information Science and Libraries
High School

Why human beings are complex organism?

Cells make up tissue. Tissue makes up organs. Organs make up organ systems. Organ systems make up an organism. Humans are complex because of these multiple systems comprising us as a whole.

Home & Garden
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2009 Economic Stimulus Plan

What are HYV seeds?

hyv seeds stands for "high yield variety" seeds.these seeds are of a better quality than that of normal quality seeds. the produce from these seeds is a bit more compared to the normal ones. These seeds are a better option of seeds in order to obtain a healthy and surplus crop

Information Science and Libraries
Human Behavior

How do science and technology depends on each other?

As technology becomes more advanced, scientific experiments can be done more accurately and with better efficiency. Likewise, advances in science lead to new innovations in technology.

Information Science and Libraries

What are facts about free running?

1. Free running is a discipline to self development, following your own way. In free running you may employ movements of your choosing. It's essentially complete freedom of movement.

2. It's a form of urban acrobatics.

3. The founder and creator of Free running is Sebasten Foucan.

Math and Arithmetic
Sales and Customer Service
Social Sciences
Information Science and Libraries

What is Multi-attribute Utility Theory?

Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) is a label for a family of methods. These methods are a means to analyze situations and create an evaluation process. The objective of MAUT is to attain a conjoint measure of the attractiveness (utility) of each outcome of a set of alternatives. Thus, the method is recommended when prospective alternatives must be evaluated to determine which alternative performs best.

Information Science and Libraries
Climatology and Climate Changes

Compare the climates of murree and quetta how are they alike and how do they differ?



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