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Every vegan is a vegetarian. But not every vegetarian is a vegan. A category dedicated to those who neither consume, nor use, any products of animal origin at all.

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What are the differences between vegans and vegetarians?

Vegetarians do not consume any animals and meat byproducts that involve killing the animal, including beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, fish, shellfish, cheese made with animal rennet, and gelatin. They may also avoid products that involve killing an animal, such as fur, leather, silk, and pearls. Some vegetarians do consume animal secretions that do not primarily involve killing the animal, such as milk, eggs, cheese, cream, butter, and honey. And they may use animal products that don't immediately involve the death of...
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Where can you buy vegan jazz shoes?

Most large dance footwear supplier or stores will carry vegan (non-leather) jazz shoes, if you ask. There are many brands that make their shoes out of synthetic fabrics or cotton-nylon-spandex blends. ...
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Where can you buy vegan chocolate chips?

Trader Joe's has vegan chocolate chips! As does Whole Foods and several online retailers. Check the packaging on chips at your local grocery store, often times a semi-sweet chocolate chip or baking chips are accidentally vegan. ...
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Is Selena Gomez a vegan?

No, Selena Gomez is not a vegan.
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Is soy sauce vegan?

Yes, it is. Soy sauce is just fermented soybeans.
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What is a recipe for vegan Banoffee pie?

This is a lengthy recipe. But it really is easy to prepare. It is always enjoyed. For the oven roasted bananas: 4 very ripe bananas To make the crust: freeze about a cup and a half of pecans. After frozen puree the pecans in a food processor. Once that is done mix all of these ingredients together and press into a 9 inch pie pan. Here are the ingredients for the pie crust. Add the pecan flour to - ½ cup spelt four 1 Tablespoon firmly...
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Are Oreos vegan?

In Europe Oreos are not vegan as they contain whey. In the US they are generally held to be vegan, but some sugar suppliers may refine their sugar with bone char. ...
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Is almond milk vegan?

Almond milk is vegan so long as it does not have honey added.
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What kind of milk do vegans drink?

Soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, hazelnut milk, sunflower milk ...
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Is pasta vegan?

Most pasta is vegan, those which are made with flour and water. Non vegan pasta is made with flour and egg and is labelled as such. (Egg Spaghetti). Most pasta sauces are vegan. Check the ingredients to make sure they don't contain chicken stock, cheese or other dairy products. ...
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Are Jains vegans?

Not necessarily, though many are. It is not required, but it would be indubitably hypocritical for a Jain not to be vegan. The answer is complicated, and is equatable to this question, "Can I be Catholic and also be prochoice and believe in divorce?" That would violate some of Catholicism's central principles, but if that hypothetical person says they are Catholic there is not much anyone could (or should) do about it. Religion is personal and can only be followed as that...
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Is granola vegan?

Some granola is vegan. It is always best to check the ingredients as they will vary depending on the brand and the type of granola. For instance, sometimes a granola will include honey, which is not vegan. ...
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Is Traditional Chex Mix vegan?

Packaged "Traditional" flavor Chex Mix may be vegan. It contains Natural Flavorings of unknown origin. You would have to contact the company to find out if they come from animal sources. The Original Chex Mix recipe as listed on the Chex website is not vegan as it contains Worcestershire sauce, although this could be replaced with vegan Worcestershire sauce or omitted from the recipe. ...
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Which donuts at Dunkin' Donuts are vegan?

Depending on the donut, the donuts at Dunkin Donuts may contain milk or eggs. A list of ingredients in each donut can be found at the related link below - ------------------------------------------------ My answer: I checked the allergen chart from their website 2 years ago and found that every single donut from Dunkin contain at least one of these three ingredients: milk, eggs and lard. Therefore, none of their donuts are vegan. ...
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What is a vegan that eats fish?

There is no such thing as a vegan that eats fish. It's like saying what is a teetotoller who drinks alcohol. And in case if you were wondering, a vegetarian that eats fish is called a pescetarian. But a vegan does NOT eat any animals, land or sea, nor do they eat any animal byproducts. ...
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Are Bertucci's rolls vegan?

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Is sourdough bread vegan?

Different companies make sourdough bread with different ingredients. Some recipes have butter in them. You have to check the ingredient list to be sure. ...
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What is an ovo vegan?

There are no ovo vegans.
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Is acrylic vegan?

Yes .
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Are Fritos vegan?

The original ones are but some of the flavored ones are not.
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Is pizza dough vegan?

Generally, no. But it's very easy to make your own vegan pizza dough from a recipe. Use a search engine! ...
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How much vitamin B12 is needed daily for vegans?

One micro gram. (1 / 1000,000th of a gram).
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Are croutons vegan?

Depends what they are fried in. Generally croutons are vegan.