Exploring the world of those who choose to eat no meat -- whether for concerns about their health, or for ethical/religious/environmental reasons. Find out about the various kinds of vegetarian, and follow the debate on the pros and cons of eating fish, chicken, and eggs.

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Are fruit pastilles vegetarian?

This depends on the brand. Read the ingredient list because some brands of pastilles are made with gelatin -- gelatin is a protein derived from animal products and is used as a thickener in many food products.

Rowntree's fruit pastilles are not vegetarian as they contain gelatine.

The Difference Between

What are the differences between vegans and vegetarians?

Vegetarians do not consume any animals and meat byproducts that involve killing the animal, including beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, fish, shellfish, cheese made with animal rennet, and gelatin. They may also avoid products that involve killing an animal, such as fur, leather, silk, and pearls. Some vegetarians do consume animal secretions that do not primarily involve killing the animal, such as milk, eggs, cheese, cream, butter, and honey. And they may use animal products that don't immediately involve the death of the animal, such as wool and feathers.

But, although milk products usually (really almost always) mean that calves are sent to a veal farm in order to provide you with their milk, dairy products are consumed by vegetarians (unless they have rennet, which is part of a calf stomach). Likewise, egg production almost always involves the culling (via suffocation or maceration) of male chicks shortly after birth. A vegan would not eat any of these foods.

There are different kinds of vegetarianism:Lacto-ovo-Vegetarians These types of vegetarians don't eat meat, but do eat dairy products and eggs.

Lacto Vegetarians Lacto vegetarians do not eat meats, but do consume milk and dairy products.

Ovo Vegetarians Ovo Vegetarians do not eat meats, or dairy products, but do eat eggs.

But there is only one kind of vegan.

Vegans refrain from consuming or using any animal products. They also don't use beauty products that contain animal ingredients or were tested on animals. They also don't wear clothes that were made from animals, including leather, fur, wool, silk, and feathers. Vegans are against the exploitation of animals for any reason.

There has and always will be a debate over the extent to which a person must go to be truly vegan - for example, not eating refined sugar that might have used bone char. Or, palm oil because most of it is exported from Indonesia, where orangutans are being killed off to make room for more palm oil farms.

It might be accurate to say that vegans are "strict vegetarians," although motivation and attitude are almost as important as behavior. Veganism is a way of life based on non-violence and respect for sentient life, in addition to environmental and human health concerns. A person might be vegetarian for similar concerns, though not necessarily.

Ricotta Cheese

Is Sainsbury's ricotta cheese vegetarian?

Yes, eating cheese is not eating meat.

It might have rennet (a coagulant) in it, which can be derived from either animal (most common) or vegetable sources. So, depending on how strictly vegetarian you are, you may or may not want to eat ricotta. You can try going on the company's website to see if if specifies the coagulant's source.

By law, all vegetarian products in the UK must be symbolised with a green V on the packaging so they can easily be spotted by vegetarians.


What is a quasi vegetarian?

People who are not vegetarian all the time. They might eat meat only a few days a week or only for special meals, but avoid meat the rest of the time.


What do you think about vegetarianism?

one must read this to understand the importance of being vegetarian:


A three course meal for a lacto vegetarian?


beans, rice and veggies

dessert such as ice cream.


Can vegetarians eat glucose syrup?

Yes. Pure glucose syrup does not contain animal products.

It contains no harmful products.It provides instant energy. But do not take excessive of it.anything more than the limit is harmful.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Why is Dr Abdul Kalam a vegetarian?

He is a vegetarian because he wants a life of simplicity and non violence.


It totally depends on the person that he/she wants to be a vegetarian or is an individual's choice.


Are wagon wheels suitable for vegetarians?

It depends upon the person, but many vegetarians do not eat gelatin, present in marshmallows (and thus in wagon wheels). Vegetarian alternatives do exist.

Dieting and Weight Loss

What nutrients do vegetarian diets typically include and what do they lack?

Vegetarian diets usually have enough fiber, and enough carbs, but can be lower in protein and the vitamins and minerals associated with eating meat and/or fish.

Most meat eaters actually get more protein than is necessary, and a whole lot more cholesterol. Vegetarians get plenty of protein in soy products, nuts, and beans, while getting other necessary nutrients that are absent in meat (not to mention the hormones used in processed meats).

The one thing that vegetarians tend to be deficient in is vitamin B12, and the B complex, which allows the body to metabolize food easier and break carbs into energy. The best suggestion for this is sublingual (NOT swallow-able!) vitamins, since they are more likely to absorb that way.

Vegetarians also tend to eat too many carbs and cheese in trying to make up for the "substance" that comes from not having chicken or steak on the plate. Therefore, they may gain weight the first time around. However, if you watch enough to get the full serving of fruits/veggies/ will find you are much more balanced because you put more veggies on your plate than meat!

Chickens and Roosters

Can a vegetarian eat chicken flavor Ramon noddle?

Other manufacturers may use different methods of flavoring, but chicken flavored Ramen Noodle Soup by Maruchan is not suitable for vegetarians, as it contains "cooked chicken powder".


Why are lion bars not vegetarian?

They are vegetarian. None of the ingredients are unsuitable for a vegetarian.


What sweets do vegetarians eat?

Vegetarians can eat almost any and all sweets. The only sweets commonly made from animals products are geletain (such as Jell-O). Otherwise, msot are totally vegetarian.


Are Kellogg's pop tarts suitable for vegetarians?

No. Kellogg's Pop Tarts are not suitable for vegetarians as they contain gelatine.


Is Leerdammer cheese suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, but not for vegans.


Are Wiccans vegetarians?

That is the same as asking if people in general are vegetarian. Some Wiccans are most definitely vegetarian or vegan, but a good number are also steak-lovers and burger fanatics. Just like everyone else. :-)

Food Science

Is confectioners glaze vegetarian?

Confectioners glaze is a by-product of the Lac beetle. Lac is the generic name of the natural resin gathered by the Lac beetle that thrives on various trees and shrubs in India, Burma, Indochina, and Siam.

The Lac beetle converts the sap of the trees into resin. It is very similar to a bee's production of honey and is called "transferred nectar." The Lac resin is collected, crushed, washed, dried, and made into pure food glaze. The Lac beetle is not harmed in any way.


How do vegetarians do without arachidonic acid?

arachidonic acid is made in the body by the enzymes d5d,d6d and elongase from Linolic acid (LA). AA is not essential, LA is essential. Dietary arachidonic acid is present in red meat and poses a risk by promoting inflammatory reactions.

Animal Rights and Abuse

Should animals be eaten?

Answer: Some people choose not to eat meat because of the way that they are treated. We are not carnivores. Animals should lead natural lives, free from confinement, suffering from the hands of humans and unnatural death.

Answer: If one decides they want to be a meat eater, they can very well do so whether another human being believes they should or not. Life survives from life, as in, each and every living organism feeds off of another to sustain their life, no matter what it is. Humans have eaten animals for the longest, and many choose not to weed it out of our existence for many reasons. some reasons are people enjoy the taste, some cannot afford to change their whole diet around, and/or for others, going vegetarian/vegan is not healthy for them at all regardless of how it effects another.

Beef and Veal

Is oxo beef stock vegetarian?



Are Batchelors Beef Super Noodles vegetarian?

No, they contain beef stock.

Corrections System

Can you get vegetarian food in prison?

The answer here depends upon the prison in question. An inmate in a federal prison can request a vegetarian diet on religious grounds. State prisons will vary in practice from facility to facility.


What do you call someone who sells bread?

We call as BAKER!


Why do vegetarians complain about meat?

It depends on why they are vegetarian. If they really cant eat meat then I wouldn't know why but if they chose to be vegetarian then they most likely don't like eating dead animals.

A second viewpoint:

Vegetarians comprise a broad variety of personality types, many of whom do not complain at all, but rather just want to live their own lives without judgment. There are many reasons people may become vegetarians--health, religion, treatment of animals, eco-efficiency, or others. There may be a correlation between personality type and the political aspect of a particular vegetarian's reasoning.


Are Swizzles - Double Lollies Vegetarian?

Yes they are suitable for vegetarians.


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