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World music is the global music that includes traditional music or folk music of a culture. Latin American music is said to be a world music. Its many varieties include Pre-Columbian traditions; the Argentine, Uruguayan and nuevo tangos; Soca, Calypso, Punta, cumbia, vallenato, Cueca, Boleros, Rockoleras, ranchera, Palo de Mayo, Marinera, Tondero, Candombe, Zouk and recent Reggaeton.

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Where did flamenco originate?

According to the Wiki article, no one knows the exact region where it appeared. But most likely it was developed between native Andalusians, Castilians, Romani, and Sephardi Jews in Andalusia.

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Who sings a French song whose refrain includes 'Rat ta tat ta tat'?

A French song whose refrain includes Rat ta tat ta ta!may be Chanson d'amour ("A Love Song") by The Manhattan Transfer or L'enfant au tambour ("The Little Drummer Boy"), as sung by Nana Mouskouri.

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What do the people in Morocco listen to?

The young people listen to western music, like hip hop, rap, pop, techno and stuff like that. The old people listen to traditionsl Arabic music. Only some yound moroocans listen to Arabic music and acutlley enjoy it

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What are the main characteristics of samba music?

The main features of samba are Sudo,dancers,performers, percussion instruments,and beat.

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Where is Los Premios Juventud held?


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What year was samba music invented?

it was invented in 1939 and it stared it Asia

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What are the two kinds of Indian classical music?

uttar hindustani sangeet carnatic sangeet

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When is it believed Gamelan music was first heard?

Gamelan music is quite old, going back to times before historical records were kept in Indonesia. Is known that it predates the Hindu-Buddhist culture that dominated Indonesia.

However, what I think you are getting at is it's first public exposure to Europeans at the 1889 Paris exposition. This is thought to have greatly influenced the composer Claude Debussy.

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Are Rodrigo y Gabriela married?

Sanchez and Quintero (the members of Rodrigo y Gabriela) dated for many years before ending their relationship (but not their musical partnership) in 2012. "We're now better friends by far," said Quintero. "We no longer behave like 15-year-olds and it's allowed us to grow up."

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Who created samba music?

Usually atleast when we are talking about big genres in music there isn't one single individual that has "created" the musical genre. So one might say that samba music (or some other) was developed in some area (here it might be Brazil) or among a specific group of people (musicians) during one period of time (this one would be maybe between 19th and 20th centuries)

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Where is lorna singer of papi chulo from?

Lorna Zarina Aponte, better known simply as Lorna,was born in Panamá.

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What are the top most heard corridos?

Voz de mando La hummer y el camaro

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What year did Latin pop music start and where?

Latin America and in the 1950's.

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What is Ricky Martin's height?

I have a very rare blood type as well, i found this out when pregnant with my daughter. We have two completely different blood types i am rh negative and she is rh positive.

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Black Eyed Peas

Where can you buy the RB Song Cuban Shuffle?

The name of the song is Cupid Shuffle not the Cuban Shuffle.

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What is Mexico's music?

Mexico is a nation with a huge musical diversity. From traditional folk music and classical huapangos to modern rock and metal, reggaeton and ska, you can find many different musical styles. Some (not all) of them include:

  • Traditional folk music (1850-)
    • Classical music or Huapangos - Moncayo's Huapango
    • Marimba Yucateca
    • Son Huasteco
    • Son Jarocho - La Bamba
    • Mexican Bolero - You belong to My Heart
    • Mexican Trio
    • Mexican Corrido - La cucaracha
    • Mariachi - Mexico Lindo y Querido
  • Latin American music (1940-)
    • Cumbia
    • Mambo - Mambo del Politecnico
    • Cha cha cha
    • Danzon
    • Salsa
    • Huaracha
    • Charanga
  • Popular music (1950-)
    • Modern Mariachi - El Rey
    • Ranchera - Por Tu Maldito Amor (For your cursed love)
    • Banda
    • Norteña - Jefe de jefes
    • Duranguense
  • Popular music (1980-)
    • Pop
    • Romantic ballads - Gavilan o paloma
    • Rock and metal
    • Ska
    • Latin alternative - Kumbala
    • Electronic
    • R&B
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What is 3 important features in Ghana music?

Well the first one would be the instrument, the second would be the rhythm and the third would be the listeners (you need a good audience.)!:)

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What is the difference between Reggae and Calypso music?

Calypso originates from Trinidad while Reggae comes from Jamaica. Also, Calypso music has less vocals than Reggae. sometimes Calypso has a bass guitar as well.

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What is the national flower of Spain?

The national flower of Spain is the Red Carnation.

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What is a list of Spanish and Latin American singers?



Sin Bandera



Paulina Rubio






Daddy Yankee

Ricky Martin

Tito El Bambino

Gloria Estefan

Enrique Iglesias


Julieta Venegas

Roberto Carlos

Amanda Miguel

Vikki Carr

Don Omar



Olga Tanon

La India

Alicia Villarreal

Natalia Jimenez

Juan Carlos Jiménez (La Mona Jiménez)

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English for phrase 'kola laka vellari'?

it means 'welcome'

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What instruments are used in Latin Pop?

Most Latin pop music is heavily influenced by American pop and, therefore, uses many of the same instrument. The voice is typically most prominent, but other instruments include guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. The keyboard will sometimes play sampled instruments such as strings or horns in addition to piano and synthesizer. One member of the typical Latin pop ensemble that marks the style is the multi-percussionist. Traditional Latin music uses many different percussion instruments each played by a different person, but these duties usually fall of one person in Latin pop groups. The multi-percussionist is usally responsible for playing instruments as diverse as: congas, bongos, timbales, mark tree (wind chimes), shekere, shakers, maracas, suspended cymbals, udu drums, talking drums, tambourine and many, many other instruments.

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Which of these is not a genre of music in the US?


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Where can I get Chinese classical music?

there are many traditional Chinese music on the internet.

you can get the music with mp3 format in baidu(百度 in Chinese)

get to this link

input the words like : 琵琶相 ; 林海; 笛子; 乱红;蝶舞; 长相守; 十面埋伏;二泉映月; 渔歌唱晚 separately

then there will be many link you can choose

enjoying it

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What are the key instruments used in Bhangra music?

dhol (a 2 ended drum), voice, sarangi, dholak (which is another drum), a tumbi (a baby guitar with 1 string)


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