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A music video is a video that accommodates a song. Here you can ask questions about music videos and the songs used in them.

Asked in TV and Movie Music, Music Videos

What is the theme song on the movie True Grit?

God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash.
Asked in Music Videos

Who is the actor in the pink's video perfect?

His name is Brad Norling. This is the first thing he has ever done.
Asked in Music Videos, Katy Perry

Who is the Asian-looking back up dancer of California Gurls music video?

The dancer you're referring to is Karen Song.
Asked in Relationships, Music Videos, Taylor Swift

What were they saying in Taylor swift mine video when they were yelling?

They WERE yelling at each other, but the words were random so it seemed as if they were really arguing. But they were obviously not angry with each other, it was just for show. ...
Asked in Music Videos

Are Dan Troung and Luong Bich Huu married?

No , they are not. Why do you think they get married ? Dan Truong is older than LBH. ...
Asked in Music Videos

Who is the girl dancer in Usher's My Way video?

Her name is Saba and she is family.
Asked in Music Videos

What music videos have the best break dance?

Youtube Breakdancing Competition: Red Bull
Asked in Music Videos, Singing

How old is Chaz Somers in 2011?

Chaz Somers is 16 turning 17 on October 9th.
Asked in Music Videos

What music video has a tennis game played in it?

Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello
Asked in Sports, Musical Instruments, Music Videos

What is the result in jai alai sports in cagayan valley for tommorow?

try to visit this site for result and tips jai-alai.forumotion.com
Asked in Music Videos, iPod, iTunes

How do you put Korean music videos on your ipod?

Put the format for your music video in mp4. Then open iTunes, connected to your ipod, and drag it in! ...
Asked in Music Videos

Who is the girl in bottoms up video?

nicki minaj! <3
Asked in Concerts Tours and Music Events, Music Videos, Circus

Where will the 2010 gathering of the juggalos be?

by what i have read it might be in colorodo this year man WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL i havent heard anything... but with the success of the last few being in Cave In Rock, Illinois.. it will prolly be there again... its a central spot in the US.. its private property... and its a very large outdoor venue its pretty much exactly what they look for its suposed to be in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. and it $150 per person. its august 12th to 15th. MMFWCL....