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What is the name of models in lakme fruit blast commercial?

Lisa Haydon, Amrit and Vipasha Agarwal

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Who are the justice just for girls models?

There is ella, taylor, blair, and more

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Who is the girl on let's make a deal?

Her name is Tiffany Coyne.

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What happened to evie model and the pr model sites?

All have been shut down because their existence fell under child pornography.

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What is fame girls Ella's real name?

ella pasjakina

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Who is Aubrey Ray?

Aubrey Ray was a model back in the late 1990's and early 2000's. She is now in her 30's. Last I heard she dropped out of the scene to work in real estate or something like that.

Her parents are Marc Ray and Lorelei Goldman, IMDB says that her father was a writer/director and her mother was the famous lips of the Rocky Horror Picture Show poster, and was a model in the 1960s-1970's.

Actually I caught up with Ms. Ray last week when I bumped into her at my Publicists office in Hollywood. She happened to be the property manager of that whole building! I had the privilage of photographing her nearly a decade ago, and I can honestly say that she is just as beautiful and charismatic as ever. Never married, and no children. Hope that answers the question for whomever out there posed the question.

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Is blue eyed cass still modeling?

yes she does webcam shows twice week,

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Who is Draya Michele?

Draya Michele is an Actress/Model born January 23, 1985) who currently resides in Los Angles California.Draya is Notable Known for her relationship with international superstar Chris Brown.and her alleged child endangerment accusations on the Internet. She may be seen on VH1's Reality series Basketball Wives: LA as the main antagonist.

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Ariana Grande

Did Ariana Grande bleach her hair before dying it red?

No, she said in a video interview that she did not have to. There is a video in related links.

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What is Met-Art model Angel A's real name?

Viktoria Knežová

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What is Met Art's Dido's real name?

Lucie Nejezchlebová

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Who is Nikki Ryann?

She is the girl from Toby Keith's video "Trailerhood" and is also a playboy model.

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How old is Daisy Fuentes?

Daisy Fuentes is 51 years old (birthdate: November 17, 1966).

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What is Met-Art's Stephanie A's real name?

Stepanka Mlejnkova

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What is Met-Art's Bijou A's real name?

Stracy Stone

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Is camilla quance married?


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What is Met-Art's Bridgit A's real name?

sexy activities

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What is model Tahiry Jose nationality?


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What is Met-Art's Karoline A's real name?

Viktoriya Timchenko

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When was Rachel Hurd-Wood born?

Rachel Hurd-Wood was born on August 17, 1990.

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If a child wants to model nude is it illegal?

Technically it's not illegal in the U.S.A., just highly controversial. Children modeling nude can be seen in the works of Jock Sturges, David Hamilton, and Sally Mann just to name three photographers. The photo books of these photographers can be purchased through out the country.

The controversy over children modeling nude stems from a dispute over what constitutes pornography. To some people any form of nudity or even a suggestive pose while fully clothed is pornographic. To others anything short of intercourse is considered erotic art and not pornography.

A general rule of thumb is if the subject of the art is not involved in any form of sexual act either with another person of on their own. Is not in a pose that causes the eye to be drawn directly to the buttocks, genitals or breasts, then it can pass as art and not pornography.

However each area of the country and some times each individual judge will have their own take on what is pornographic and what isn't. Thus if a child wishes to model nude, then it is best that it be done with a trusted artist, with parental consent and supervision and with clear set boundaries as to the type of poses allowed.

If a child wants to model nude is it illegal?

Beauty has no age. The female nude has always been considered the utmost beauty. An artist uses canvas, stone or wood whereas the model uses her nude to form beautiful figure. This is pure art and should not be related to sex or porno. I like to watch art nude work on Met Art, met models and Errotica.

I have a 13 years old girl. I noticed her interest in art and modeling. I want to be prepared in case she asks me to allow her to pose for nude art modeling. I am inclined not to object provided:

  1. work is only related to art
  2. no sex
  3. No explicit shots of genital area. This area to be obscure by shade, by her hands, a pillow or by posing her body to hide that area.

I would suggest that you practice some photagraphy with your child together to start. That way she can get used to it in a safe and secure environment without strangers. Begin with simple clothed photo shoots and see where it goes from there. If she desires to model nude, she will likely bring it up on her own if you are open to it, so there is no need to put any pressure on her in that regard.

O.k. nobody should exert pressure on a preteen whether she should or should not pose nude. But my question is that is there some legal and reputable pay sites that show art nude preteen models? I agree that I should start with Mary. She would feel safer with her dad. But I want to see more professional sites dealing with preteens. I believe that creating the suitable pose for the girl can hide her genital area and keeping it obscure. This is the most important issue. Adult girls can pose with very explicit details of their genital area. In some sites I saw them opening their lips and showing the details of the inside. This is very objectionable with a child. Such explicit images does not relate to beauty. Furthermore; the suitable pose is the essence of nude art photography.

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Who is the Mercury commercial female model?

I'm not sure,but I'd like to know too. VaVaVoom! Her name is Jill Wagner. from Punk'd Jill Wagner

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Where is Heidi Klum from?

She is from Germany< She was born June 1, 1973 in a town near Cologne (Köln) in western Germany.

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What is Met-Art's Chiara A's real name?

Olivia La Roche


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