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Electronic music is the most modern and popular genre played on the electronic musical instruments like Telharmonium, Hammond organ, electric guitar, Theremin, sound synthesizer, and computer. Its varieties and ranges vary from experimental art music to electronic dance music. This category is for questions and answers about Electronic music, its composers and styles.

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How do you play Swedish House Mafia - One?

e,d,c,b,c,c,c,c .. e,d,c,b,d,d,d,d =)
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What is the best techno car chase song?

Waters of Nazereth by justice Or? Monopole by Wire Fences
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Do the EC Twins produce music?

Yes, the EC TWINS are a dynamic dj/producer duo. They have produced with Paul Oakenfold, Paul Harris from Dirty Vegas, Remy Le Duc and Andy Caldwell, just to name a few. They have worked with vocalists Paris Hilton,Ya Boy, Blake Lewis, Second Sun, Sarah Tancer, David Garcia, Shakeh Vanessi, Suzie Delvecchio. They currently have a billboard top 30 dance track titled, ALL HERE NOW. ...
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How rich are daft punk?

Daft Punk most likely is very wealthy, judging by how successful their "Alive" 2006/2007 performances were. ...
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What is some hard core club music?

Hardcore Techno Music is a general category for several types of music. This can include music genres such as UK Hardcore and Gabber, which are most likely the two most popular versions of Hardcore Techno music. In a sense, it can be considered the "heavy metal" of electronic dance music. The characteristic that most all hardcore has in common is that the beats per minute (bpm) are faster in comparison to other Electronic Dance Music genres such as house, trance, or even hardstyle...
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Why Do Most People Hate Techno Music?

Because generally most people have a limited knowledge of what Techno music truly is. If more people understood it, it would become more common. ...
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Why did the lead singer of escape the fate leave?

Ronnie got arrested for somthing so they kicked him out. .... he was arrested for manslaughter and weapons charges. ...
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Is there a Daft Punk concert DVD?

yes, its called alive and it was made in 2007
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Who made the first dubstep song and when?

Benga & Skream - The Judgement 2003 The earliest dubstep releases date back to 1998. The sound of dubstep originally came out of productions by El-B, Steve Gurley, Oris Jay, and Zed Bias. ...
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How rich is skrillex?

Skrillex was the second highest paid DJ of 2012. During this year, he picked up a total of $15 Million. This year also marked the release of his best-selling EP Bangarang and collaborations with hip-hop artist Kanye West and reggae artist Damian "Gong" Marley. ...
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Where is lorna singer of papi chulo from?

Lorna Zarina Aponte, better known simply as Lorna, was born in Panam√°.
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Did Skrillex die in a plane crash?

No he didn't, thats just a rumor
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Who is dj blend?

= Dj Blend = was Born In Texas, But now lives in California, Hes at least 21-25 years of age. Hes a Famous Dj that Plays in raves. You Could Find Him in Los angles Doing His mixes at the Raves, also In Phoenix Arizona.Dj Blend Is one the the Most Visted and most favortied Dj On youtube today. His Race is Mexican. <3 P.l.u.r<3 ...
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Who does vocals for Daft Punk?

They do i think if it's any one i bet it's them.
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What are facts about techno?

well, the oldest running electronic music show in the usa is the hitchhikers dance guide on fm90 and it is based out of memphis, tn. it started by graflin, and it still runs can catch it streaming live on satuday night thru wevlfm90 on the internet. starts around 9 pm central. ...
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Who sang can you feel it?

The Jacksons originally, later covered by Tamperer. : : Not enough info given in the question. If the person is asking about "Can You Feel It?" then hard rock band Angel did that song on their 1977 album "On Earth as it is in Heaven". ...
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Where can i get Free electro loops for logic pro 8?

Sampleswap is the website where I got most of the loops and samples I use, because I submitted most of the samples I got there. They've got an increasing range of loop and sample packs which cover a wide range of genres: dubstep, grime, bassline, funky house, house, hip-hop, r&b, african, and reggae. There are samples and loops from Freemasons, Lil Jon, Timbaland and loads more artists. Tell me what you think of my answer. ...