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Gospel Music

Gospel Music is a genre that is primarily associated with the praise of God and Jesus Christ. It is associated with the American South, and has roots in African-American Spirituals and hymns.

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What was David O McKay's favorite hymn?

Love at Home was definitely a favorite, though he also mentioned I Know that My Redeemer Live, Oh Say What is Truth, and I Need Thee Every Hour when asked this question. ...
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Is gospel singer Lee Williams dead?

No. He's still singing. See link.
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Who wrote God of this City?

It was written by Campbell Craig, Colm Jamison and Jason Gilchrist.
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Who wrote the tune for Jerusalem hymn?

hubert parry, if you are referring to the Blake hymn
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What is the meaning of 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'?

It speaks of the hard times of slavery, and how we all have learned from it; and praising God for bringing them through those times; and asking God to help them to stay on the right path (with God), and not stray from it. ...
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What is the shortest hymn in the LDS hymn book?

Probably #160, Softly Now the Light of Day. The music is only two lines and there is only one verse, which reads: "Softly now the light of day Fades upon my sight away. Free from care, from labor free, Lord, I would commune with thee." Or #242, Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I timed them based on the time signature and tempo and they are the exact same length. Lyrics are: "Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise him a...
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Why don't Jehovah's Witnesses sing gospel music?

Answer 1: Jehovah's Witness have their own songs that they sing. They generally don't identify with the gospel music of other Christian religions because of differences in doctrine. Another Answer by a Contributor: Probably for the same reason that Muslims, Hindus and Shintoists don't sing 'gospel' music. They have their own songs to sing. Witnesses use a song book provided by their Governing Body in New York. ...
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Did Rev Don Johnson write I won't complain?

Actually it was I Can't Complain but yes he did write it.
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Where did the word 'let' come from in tennis?

According to the "All Experts" website (refer to the link, below): "The tennis expression 'let', [in] the sense of interference with the ball in tennis and similar games, is first recorded in 1871 . . . The usage stems from the Old Saxon word 'lettian' meaning to hinder. The Middle Dutch 'letten' and the Old High German 'lezzen' meaning to delay or hurt all derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'laet' meaning late." ...
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Did the angels save St. Paul in jail?

I think Paul could have been saved by God, but he kept him in there to test him. ...
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Who sings When God Ran?

It was written and first performed by Benny Hester. Others have recorded it as well, including Philips, Craig and Dean and The Kingsmen. ...
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Is gospel singer Douglas miller dead?

No, Douglas Miller is not dead. He lives in Akron, Ohio. Still singing and playing in different cities. ...
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Who sang there is no greater love?

The song has been sung by many as it is a jazz standard. Although Billie Holiday is the most notable. ...
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What guitar is better for Church Fender stratocaster or Epiphone dot?

Most likely the Strat, considering that you are mostly playing clean. It has a much brighter tone that can help cut through the mix of a band. This is also very dependent on the pickups, however. ...
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Does Shirley Caesar have children?

Yes and No. She does not have any biological children. She does have 2 adult step-children by marriage. Harold I Williams Jr and Rev Hope I Mason . They have been her children for 28 years. ...
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What happened to Denise Clark Bradford of the Clark Sisters?

Some say Denise had a child out of wedlock and because it was against the Word of God to have sex out of marriage she was removed from the group. Others say that is an untrue rumor. She left the group in 1982 and was by then married and a mother to at least 4 of her 7 sons. Her oldest is 34 and sings with his aunts all the time. Dr Clark Bradford is not only the wife of a...
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Where is Charles Tyrone and the faith community singers?

The group disbanded some years ago. Charles has been bound by stroke conditions for a while. Many of the members still live in Houston. Some of the lead singers have passed away, but many of the members are still aound. ...
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Are soulmates real?

Yes, soulmates are want to spend the rest of your life getting to know the one made just for you. Your mate could be love at first sight, or someone you've known years before & then cross paths,possibly, at the most inopportune is so unique that it naturally sets apart all other conditions & the world knows true love really changes your perspective on life&society , making you wish the whole world has what you have. True love.pure love.innocent...
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Who sang gospel song gone away with a friend?

A good old time preaching brother from down in Bowling Green, Kentucky named Brother Sterling Bowling wrote the song. I had the pleasure of meeting him and listening to him preach a revival at our church. He went on to be with the Lord years ago. God tremendously blessed him. God blessed brother Bowling to memorize the whole entire Bible word for word in his head. I couldn't hardly believe it as a 12 year old boy so I tested him....
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Who sing gospel song born to win?

Kevin davidson