Break Dancing

Break dancing is a dance style that emerged out of hip-hop culture in approximately the late 1960s. It originated in the South Bronx of New York City and was popular among African-American and Latin American teens. A subcategory about the history, dances moves, dress code, lingo, music, bling, and more.

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Break Dancing

Do bulging biceps give you more strength in your arms to lift your body weight in break dancing?

Yes and no.

Bulging biceps are used for pulling motions that bend your elbow, such as "curl" lifts, tug-of-war, hugging, and drinking a glass of water. They aren't terribly helpful for pushingmotions, like push-ups, patty-cake, punching your pillow, or break-dancing; your triceps (not biceps) are the primary upper-arm muscles used in these activities.

But there's more to it than that.

In order to have bulging biceps, you will also need to train your triceps. In order to have strong triceps (which will help you in break-dancing), you will need to develop your biceps. These muscle groups work opposite each other, and you will have an unbalanced system if you try to do one without the other.

Imagine someone with massive, bulging biceps, but very weak and tiny triceps; not only would this person look pretty silly, but they might not even be capable of straightening their arm all the way, because of the constant tension created by the muscle tone of the well-developed biceps (this is also the reason why full range of motion should be used during all muscle-building exercises).

In short, biceps are not the primary muscles used in break-dancing, but proper development of the upper arms (and all other muscle groups, really) will result in bulging biceps anyway.

Break Dancing

Why is break dancing performed?

Break dancing can be performed for exercise, a hobby, and to entertain, show off, or sometimes earn respect from other crews or people.

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Break Dancing

Is The Paris Ensemble a dance name?


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Break Dancing

Can chubby people breakdance?

Yes, chubby people can breakdance.

Chubbiness may cause slighter difficulty for using strength while doing a headspin or a baby freeze. You can still take bboying and make it your own but be safe, not stupid.

Break Dancing

How do the Step Up movies relate?

Each Step Up movie follows a different character. The first shows Tyler Gage (starring Channing Tatum) at the Maryland School of the Arts (MSA). The second shows Gage and his friend from down the street not in the first film, and Gage tells his girlfriend to go to MSA. At MSA, she meets Moose (starring Adam G. Sevani), and they compete and win at the streets. Step Up 3D shows Zevani, who graduated from MSA, attends NYU with his friend, who was Tatum's foster sister in the first movie. In the end, Zevani's other friend goes to film school in California while Zevani and his girlfriend continue at NYU. If another Step Up movie is made, it will hopefully connect to either of these amazing dancers.

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Break Dancing

What are the positions in cheerleading?

Although, there are many positions in cheerleading, many are focused around a stunt. Within each stunt there are 4 positions. First, a flyer. The flyer is the individual who gets thrown up or pushed up in the air. A flyers job is to be very tight, and selfcontroling while at the same time flexible, aware of her surroundings and focused. Supporting the flyer there is a maximum of 4 people - two bases, a backspot and a front spot. The bases are the ones who are the most responsible for getting a flyer into the air aswell as her safety coming back down to the ground. Bases usually hold the flyers feet in a specific way, depending on the stunt. A bases must have upper body strength aswell as leg strength. It is very important the base's legs give most of the power in lifting the flyer. This prevents pulling back muscles. A bases aswell as the entire stunt group must keep their eyes on the flyer at all times. The backspot is responsible in assisting a flyer into a stunt aswell as security once the flyer is in the air. The flyer is usually loaded in by the backspot grabbing the flyers waist of butt depending on the stunt. When coming out of a stunt the backspot job is to support the flyers back. The front spot is the last part of a stunt. The front is usually present for ankle support for the flyer or wrist support for the bases. The front is also there for security incase of a fall When dismounting a stunt the front is responsible for the flyer's legs. There are other various positions in cheerleading such as tumblers who tumble throughout the rountine. The entire team usually participates in dancing.

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Break Dancing

What muscles do you use to breakdance?

Breakdancing requires all muscles, since there are many diffferent movements, but the core (abs, obliques, erector spinae, etc.) is used significantly for balance.

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Break Dancing

Is there profanity in Step Up 3D?

Yes, there is brief profanity in Step Up 3D, but the movie is still suitable for mature teens.

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Break Dancing

What song by wale is in step up 3?

Before the World Jam starts, Chillin' by Wale feat. Lady Gaga plays duing the guest actors' brief dance moves.

Break Dancing

Will the Les twins be in Step Up 4Ever?

i dont think so... the producers wanted to make like a rivalry between the lombard twins and les twins but lombard twins refused the role because that wasnt the way they wanted to be portrayed(totally respect their opinion and choice)

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Break Dancing

How do you enter Americas best dance crew?

you enter Americas best dance crew by forming a crew and wait till the auditions come to your town!

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How can you learn networking in a very short time?

Set up your own network at home by getting the help from networking books or a website. For most people, this is the most useful method to learn networking with hands-on experience.

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Break Dancing

What are the most popular questions on WikiAnswers?

Most Popular QuestionsWe don't yet have a centralized list of the most popular questions or topics on Wiki s. The most popular questions in a topic (FAQ section) are listed at the top of the FAQ page.

"Most popular" in this context is determined by the number of times people have manually clicked to raise the Popularity level of the question. There could be other ways to determine popularity, e.g., the number of times a question is asked or the number of times a question is viewed. Seeing the most frequently asked or viewed questions on Wiki s would be very interesting. We could do the most popular questions of all time, and the most popular questions of the day, week, or month - which might show some interesting current trends. We will work on adding this feature in the future. If you would like to talk about it, click the Discussion tab.

The most popular question on Wiki s at the moment is "How does the morning after pill affect your period?" with a popularity of 2,066 as of March 12, 2012. See the question in the "Related Questions" section below.

My guess would be "Can you use (anyword) in a sentence?

Break Dancing

Do you have to be flexible to be a breakdancer?

Not necessarily, but you could breakdance easier if your muscles aren't too tight and rigid. Either way, you can be a professional breakdancer even if you can't do the splits.

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Break Dancing

Who is Madd Chadd?

Madd Chadd is a famous robot dancer who acted in the movie Step Up 3D.

Break Dancing

Where can you buy the the light up clothes from step up 3?

We cannot buy it.,. Coz it was made for dancers only.., but u can make that dress... From youtube , watch the video 'how to make a neofly from step up 3' .,. Hope u liked my answer.,

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What are the step to get a support order corrected if submitted incorrectly?

Contact the clerk of the court where the order was filed and they can inform you of the proper procedure to amend the petition.

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How many steps is it up to the Blarney Stone?

My daughter and I just visited Blarney Castle and they told us there were 120 steps, although it didn't feel like that many.

Break Dancing

Who is the lead girl in the movie step up 3?

sharni vinson

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What are the six steps in assuming the safe port position?

grasp the small of the butt stock with your right hand. place the forefinger toward the rear of the pistol grip.

use the left and to hold the sling against the handguard by grasping the weapon just below the sling and touching the upper sling swivel. ensure the magazine faces well away from the body.

hold the upper part of youf left arm parallel with the ground and bend your elbow so that your forearm is straight up.

keep the right elbow close to your body.

possition the heal of the rifle butt slightly to the right of your shirt pocket.

Break Dancing
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Why didn't Madd Chadd say anything in Step Up 3D?

He barely talked because he's a robot. Haha...nah. Actually, if he talks, then they'd have to pay him more, but since he's supposed to seem less human-like to give a better impression of being a robot throughout the movie, they decided it would help the movie just a little better if the robot didn't talk.

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Why can't you simply use a step-up converter to plug a 240V appliance into a 120V socket?

The power rating on the converter won't be high enough. You cannot exceede the power capacity of the source, no matter how hard you try. In the US outlets are 15A at 120V. 15A * 120V = 1800W. No matter what you do, you cannot draw more power than that from the outlet. Also, you are limited by the weakest link in your chain. The next link is the converter itself. If you can get a converter with a power rating higher than your appliance, and the appliance draws under 1800W, then yes, you can power it with a converter. (Though, if it draws 1800W, or over 1500W to be practical, it will need a dedicated line.) So, for a small appliance bought overseas, yes this will work. For Ranges and Dryers, no it will not. There is a reason they are not designed to plug in to regular outlets. Range: 50A at 240V: 12,000 Watts max. 6.7x the amount of power a 120V outlet can supply. Dryer: 30A at 240V: 7,200 Watts max. 4 times the amount of power a 120V outlet can supply. The previous answer is not correct. Of course you can. There's absolutely no reason why it would not work. The outlet and the power source it is connected to has no limit as to the amount of power that can be drawn, for all intents and purposes. The current is artificially limited by the circuit's fuse/circuit breaker for safety reasons. Given sufficiently thick wire, the circuit can draw 50, 100, 200A with no problem. The reason the circuits are current-limited is due to the relatively thin wires between the power source and the outlet. Thinner wires heat up faster as the current passing through them increases. At a certain current level, the wire can heat up enough to be a fire hazard. A step-up transformer is simply wire wrapped around two iron cores. One side is connected to the 120V source (the outlet). The other side is connected to the appliance. The changing voltage on one side (AC) induces voltage changes on the other side proportional to the ratio of the number of turns of wire. This is basically the opposite of the step-down transformer connecting your house to the power grid. What would you use instead of a step-up transformer anyway?

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Break Dancing

Who are the Pirates who battled at Red Hook in Step Up 3D?

Luke (Rick Malambi)

Natallie (Sharni Vison)

Moose (Adam G. Sevani)

Jason (Stephin Boss)

Legz (Jonathan Perez)

The Santiago Twins (Martin Lombane-Facundo lomband)

Carlos (Oren Micheali)

Vidd ("Madd Chadd" Smith)

Break Dancing

How many Step Up movies are there?

  1. Step Up (2006)
  2. Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)
  3. Step Up 3D (2010)
  4. Step Up: Revolution (2012)
Break Dancing

Where can you watch Step Up 3D without downloading or filling out surveys?

You can visit TV-Dome for Step-Up 3D without downloading or surveys.


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