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This category explains the often hidden meanings in current popular songs. It is an aid to those who are not current with popular slang terms and who wish to know what the song really says.

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What does phrase dusted and disgusted mean?

Dusted and Disgusted is a song, well, a rap song, from E-40 featuring Tupac Shakur. Dusted and disgusted tells a story of how women can't be trusted and how disgusted the singer is with them and how he dusts those that cross him. To dust someone is to kill them. So, it's not an idiom, per se, but a song lyric. ...
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What album is Taylor Swifts song Mean on?

Mean is on Taylor Swift's album Speak Now.
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What are the best songs about hidden love?

George Jones - Her Name Is Llinda Prehacs-if youwere my man Crystal Gayle- he is beautiful to me Lionel Richie-how long John Cale-closewatch Kieran Goss-the weakness in me ...
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Meaning behind Sade lyrics tar baby?

It's about a black baby. A girl. She's very naïve, and I'm guessing she did something the grandmother could not understand - but that's youth. ...
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What does the song 'kings and queens' mean that was by thirty seconds to mars?

It is about God coming back to earth to get the people who believed in him to come to heaven and to save those who didnt. Trust me its true, I asked him when I got VIP tickets to his concert. He said they are a christian band but they dont mention it because they want more publicity ...
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What is the meaning of the song concrete girl by switchfoot?

After doing some looking over the lyrics and doing some thinking, this is what I think Concrete Girl means. I think it's a man reassuring a girl that she is strong, even if she doesn't know it sometimes. Hence, the name Concrete Girl. To me, this song is about a girl who tries to be really strong all the time (Concrete). The song says "concrete girl don't fall over in this concrete world". Think about it. What happens when a concrete hits...
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What is the meaning of the song bottle it up?

its a sexual song bottle youre testacles hole in cup @%#$&
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What are facts about being a lyricist?

Writing in general can be done by anyone. To become a lyricist, you must have a different set of tools than the general writer. Lyrics must flow into a song seamlessly and still convey your message. Use these steps to guide you on the road to being a lyricist. ...
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What are some songs about self-harm?

all songs by Evanescence are good and have lyrics a self harmer will surely relate too. Between the trees - the way she feels, Plumb - cut, And then i turned 7 - goodbye I'm sorry, also check out superchick, blue october, and bullet for my valentine and suicide silence. It depends on what kind of music you enjoy listening to as well. Bleed Like Me - Garbage Papa Roach covers self-harm in a few songs including: Last Resort "...if I cut my...
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What does turn your shirt inside out mean?

To flip your shirt so the inside is showing, the part that had the fuzzys :D Metaphorically, I think it means show your true colors/ reveal who you really are. ...
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What does the song shut up and drive mean?

it means stop talking and start driving ^^WRONG^^ If you didn't listen closely to the song, basically Rihanna is being dirty... Here is what she is meaning notice she says if you know what i mean. Hood=Boobs Boom in the back=Ass, and lots of it Engine=Vagina Keys=Penis ...
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What is a good song about still liking your ex?

Three cheers for five years-mayday parade Red dress-lovehate hero Bleeding love-Leona Lewis comatose-skillet ...
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What is the meaning of Justin Bieber's song pray?

Well first of all he is Christian. Mostly this song is about the people in Japan, because of the disaster. He is praying for them to get better, and not have their entire country die. ...
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What is a song about finally dating your crush?

Love Story by Taylor Swift You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
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What is the meaning behind David Gray's song Babylon?

I believe it was a Biblical city that started out called Babel, the Tower of Babel (pretty sure that's where the term babbling comes from.) Later called Babylon. When all the languages were changed (because the people were building a tower to get to God and I guess it pissed him off) he "confounded" them by making everyone speak a different language. They could no longer communicate with each other, etc. etc. So even though songs mean something different to everyone, I...
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Are there any songs about boundaries?

Yes, There is a song called No Boundaries.
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What does the song Drop by East Clubbers mean?

I think it may be about a lucid dream (but I honestly have no clue. That's just my guess) ...
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What is the meaning of the song for just dance by lady gaga?

Well, ovbosily she wants you to just dance. LOL
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What is the story behind Skillet's song Lucy?

Quote from John Cooper: "..this week is the very first time that I've ever told what this song is about, because, uh, it's very special to me, but I feel like it's time to talk about it a little bit, so.. listen up while I tell you a story about a young girl and a young guy who found themselves in a hard situation. They didn't know what to do when they found out that she was pregnant; they were young,...
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What is a current song that has a positive meaning?

Some more recent pop songs with a positive meaning include: "Firework" by Katy Perry and "Who Says" by Selena Gomez. "Firework" talks about letting your light shine and showing everyone what your made of. "Who Says" talks about how you are perfect just the way you are- no matter what anyone says. Also Lady gaga " Born This Way." say your perfect in your way cause Gid makes no mistake. Similar to these songs is "Try" by Colbie Caillat which says...
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What does the song monsoon mean?

Bill said this in an interview "Monsoon.. we mean that you should fight for you're love and go through the monsoon, believe in what you do and fight for it!" thats what they meant with the song! ...
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What is the meaning of the beatles song ' i want you'?

John Lennon said, in interviews, that the song was about Yoko. He also said that he kept the lyrics simple and direct: "When you're drowning, you don't say, 'I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me. You just scream." "Heavy" was and is a slang term, but usually in the 60's it meant "intensely good," though sometimes it was used to mean "hard to understand". I think Lennon was using...
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What is the Song Revolution by Chris Deburgh about?

His new song his Blow your speakers up scream it out loud Blow your speakers up get in with the crowd Blow your speakers up party all night Blow your speakers up get in with the crowd We gonna party till we drop party rap ...
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What is the meaning behind the song alay of kamikazee?

The song "Alay" by Kamikazee from their third album Long Time Noisy, in my own interpretation, is a song dedicated to Our Father. As you hear the song, it shows His love and affection to each and every of us and it even shows our neglect because of our daily work and doings in our lives. That is why we give him thanks and praise and forgiveness is because he cares and loves us all the time and he guides us...