Victorious (TV Series)

Victorious is a Nickelodeon teen sitcom that follows the life of aspiring singer Tori Vega (played by Victoria Justice). The popular show premiered in March 2010.

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Victorious (TV Series)

Was cat and jade from victorious lip syncing?

Yes they we’re

Ariana Grande
Victorious (TV Series)

What other acting jobs has Ariana Grande had other than Victorious?

She played Charlotte in the Broadway musical '13', as well as Princess Diaspora from the Winx Club. She made a voice appearance on Family Guy. She played "Cat' in Sam & Cat.

Victorious (TV Series)

How does cat and jade from victorious really sing?

Yes, they can sing.

Victorious (TV Series)

Did Beck from the show victorious get fired?


Victorious (TV Series)

Is cat and jade of of victorious sisters?

no they are not cat's real name is ariana grande and jade's is elizabeth gillies (grande-gillies)

Victorious (TV Series)

Did jade on victorious die?

Yes they broke up they got back together in (tori fixes back and jade)

Victorious (TV Series)

How old is everyone in the victorious cast?

BetWeen 17-19 all I know is Leon Thomas (Andre) is the youngest main cast member.

Victorious (TV Series)

Is it free to sign up on the slap com from victorious?

I don’t know

Victorious (TV Series)

Is Michael Eric Reid on Victorious?

Yes, Michael Eric Reid plays Sinjin Van Cleef on Victorious.

Victoria Justice
Victorious (TV Series)

What is Tori Vega's real name?

Tori Vega is played by Victoria Justice.

Victorious (TV Series)

Are the phones they use in victorious real?

No. The phones they use on Victorious and iCarly are called 'PearPhones' because they can't use any major brands because of copyright.

Victorious (TV Series)

Can the victorious cast come on my birthday?

I think that would be kind of hard considering that they are so busy..I'm sure if you do some research on that; then you could see if they could come or not. I wouldn't get my hopes too high, though.

Victorious (TV Series)

Is tori and beck dating in real life?

Yeah, well there have been rumours that they have, but on a behind the scenes clips of Victorious they are just really good friends.

Victorious (TV Series)

How old is ''trina'' from victorious?

Trina from Victorious is 17 years old,when she was 1,Tori was born.

Victorious (TV Series)

Who is the professor on victorious?

If you mean Mr. Sikowitz, the Drama teacher, he is portrayed by Dave Florek, who is also the voice of Plankton on Spongebob Squarepants.

Victorious (TV Series)

What time is iparty with victorious airing?

It airs on June 11, 2011 at 8/7 Central.

Mobile Phones
Victorious (TV Series)

Are pear phones real?

Yes, they are real. They are a German product and they cost about 250 Euros!! Isn't that exciting!!?!!

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Victorious (TV Series)

Where can you watch iCarly iparty with victorious online?

You can watch it on

Victorious (TV Series)

Why did they name the nickelodeon show victorious?

The reason why, the creator of VICToriOUS (Dan Schneider) named the hit 2010-2013 TV sitcom series, "VICToriOUS" is because 'Tori' is short for Victoria, which is Victoria Justice's real name off-camera.

To avoid ambiguity/confusion:

Victoria Justice portrays the role (or plays the part) of "Tori Vega" on the hit 2010-2013 Nickelodeon TV sitcom series, "VICToriOUS."

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Victorious (TV Series)

What is the fan mail address for the show Victorious?

VICTORIOUS is filmed at Nick Studios - you can link the show through their website listed below.

Victorious (TV Series)

Does the show victorious have an album?

yes Make It Shine sung by Victoria Justice, You`re The Reason sung by Victoria

Justice, Finally Falling sung by Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia, Tell Me That You

Love me sung by Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas the 3rd ,Freak The Freak Out

sung By Victoria Justice and lastly Give It Up sung by Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana

Grande and extra song sung on the show Robbie`s Big Toe sung by Matt Bennett and Forever Baby by Matt Bennett and Rex the puppet

Ariana Grande
Victorious (TV Series)

Where does Ariana Grande get her clothes?

Ariana Grande gets her clothes from various places such as, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Wildfox Couture.

She has also worn dresses by indie designer Kenley Collins to multiple red carpet events.

Victorious (TV Series)

What is the script to the Victorious rex dies?

I don't think they will reveal the script of the show to the public.

Victorious (TV Series)

Who is which food in Victorious' diddly bops?

diddly bops

  • Tori: Ice Cream
  • Jade: Hamburger
  • Robbie: Pizza
  • Cat: Broccoli
  • Beck: Hot Dog
  • Andre: Spaghetti
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Victorious (TV Series)

Where can you get a skirt like cats on victorious for kids?

Hello , well . I am very much like cat . I have the bright red hair and the cute little voice and all the makeup and clothing . I try to calm it down a little as I don't want to copy her of course . Anyway my name is georgina and I'm 11 ! Anyway's , when trying to look like cat , u have to act like her for example , the skirt .... It never has to b precisely like her but she wears skirts that r bright and bold and she wears other things like denim shorts sparkly tops , skirts and cute little accessories . The hair is just bout shoulder length and is bright red with cute clips and stuff . Makeup is just simple , flawless skin , mascara. , blush and a little eyeliner , eye shadow and lip gloss ! And remember talk all cute and stuff and u can b just like her x I know I went into 2 much but if u like her skirt then u must like all of her.


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