Logan Henderson

Logan Philip Henderson is an American singer-songwriter and member of the band Big Time Rush. He is best known for playing Logan Mitchell in the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush. Big Time Rush have been releasing music since 2009 and have won multiple awards.

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Logan Henderson

How many sisters or brothers does Logan Henderson have?

one sister named Presley. his brother died before he was born

Logan Henderson

Can a left handed golfer and a right handed golfer use the same clubs?

Interchangeable Golf Clubs?The part of the club which strikes the ball is reversed on the left-handed golf club.

No. A LH club is the mirror image of a RH club.

Certain blade putters, such as the legendary Bullseye putter designed by John Reuter in the 1940s (still made today by Titleist) can be played by either a right or left handed player.

Logan Henderson

What is Logan Henderson real phone number?

Sorry- WikiAnswers does not provide personal information, including phone numbers.

Logan Henderson

Is Erin sanders dating logan Henderson?


Logan Henderson

Why does Logan Henderson want a girl that's younger than him?

because he likes younger girls there younger then him he doesn't want an old girl because she would be older then him

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Logan Henderson

Can I buy the Harry and the Hendersons TV show on DVD?

Yes you can

Victoria Justice
Logan Henderson

Is logan Henderson and Victoria Justice dating?

No, Victoria Justice is dating Ryan Rottman.

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Logan Henderson

What is Logan Henderson's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Logan Henderson is not known at this time.

Note that very few fan clubs operate by phone number, most prefer postal mail. Some celebrities do use Twitter, Facebook or Myspace to keep in touch with fans. Very few use e-mail, but you may be able to sign up for newsletters via e-mail. Ultimately, the best place to look for all contact details is the celebrity's official website, if they have one.

Logan Henderson

Does Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush have a girlfriend?

Yes Victoria justice

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Logan Henderson

What is the estimated value of a used - 4 times - left-handed Remington 1100 - 12 gauge?

I'm not sure of the value of your particular shotgun, of course, but a left-handed Remington 1100 just sold at gunbroker.com for $575. I'd be very interested in purchasing a left-handed 1100. Are you selling one?

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Logan Henderson

Who is Jud Logan?

Jud Logan is a four time member of the United States Olympic team in the hammer throw.

Logan Henderson

Does Logan Henderson have a girlfriend in real life today?

Today no. But years ago yes.

Logan Henderson

Who is Logan Henderson dating in 2011?

Well on the show, he is dating Camille.In one episode he liked this new girl,Peggy.

Logan Henderson

Did Logan Henderson broke up with his girlfriend?

its break up, and no i dont think so, she broke up with him

Logan Henderson

Does Logan Henderson want kids?


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Logan Henderson

How old is Logan Henderson?

Logan Henderson is 30 years old
Logan Henderson

Does Logan Henderson tattoo?


Logan Henderson

Does Logan Henderson have siblings?

He has one sister, names Presley.

Logan Henderson

Does Logan Henderson have any siblings?

Logan has one sister named Presley.

Logan Henderson

I broke up with my boyfriend about 2 months ago and we were in a relationship for five years and I have just found out a month after we broke up he has a new girlfriend. Do you think he loves her?

i dought it he wants to try to get over you cuz your probably the best thing he ever had...see he probably just wants to take advantage of her and see how much sex he can get

Answerno i do not! i don't think it is that common for someone to get out of a five year relationship and already be in love with someone else!

obviously he doesnt love her.. hes crazy about you.. he must be thinking of you every single moment.. he must be dying to be with you..

hes showing you attitude just so that you could go back to him.. trust me.. he has too much self-respect and that's exactly why you should go back to him..

if you go back to him.. he would dump that girl right at that moment ..

Logan Henderson

Is Logan Henderson ever smoking?

no why would he, he is an innocent boy who is super cute

Logan Henderson

Did Logan Henderson die?

No way

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Logan Henderson

What is the reason for the use of left right handed threads on wheel studs?

The reasonI have never seen left handed threads used on wheel studs ( lugs ) but the reason they are ever used is because the motion of the part is counter clockwise ( mostly ) which may cause the nut to loosen over time from the constant turning in the counter clockwise direction, that is the reason that castlenated nuts with cotter pins are used on wheel spindles and ball joints now to prevent tightening or loosening from motion. answerall heavy trucks have left hand threaded wheel nuts on one side. the reason is, so tightening direction is the same as the forward diection , when vehicle is being driven. this helps avoid loosening wheel nuts. some cars also have left and right hand threaded studs on opposite sidesA 1965 dodge dart 270 had reversed threads on the studs. it was a positive traction rear-end.
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Logan Henderson

You got married in VA and no one knows now you are getting married in FL and want everyone to know?

Hopefully, your divorice came through.

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Logan Henderson

Who is Ann Coulter currently dating?

According to a report published in the http://www.answers.com/topic/new-york-post on 10 October 2007, she is presently dating http://www.answers.com/topic/andrew-stein, the former president of the http://www.answers.com/topic/new-york-city-council, who is a liberal Democrat. When asked about the relationship, Stein told the paper, "She's attacked a lot of my friends, but what can I say, opposites attract!"

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