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Harry Styles (February 1, 1994) is from Cheshire, England, and names The Beatles as one of his musical inspirations. Styles gained fame after winning the television competition show, The X Factor, at the age of 16.

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Harry Styles

Who is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles is a member of the British band One Direction. Harry auditioned as a solo for The X Factor but ended up being combined with others into a boy band that ended up in third place and were signed to a Syco Records contract.

He was born in 1994 in Evesham, Worcestershire, England to Des Styles and Anne Cox.

Harry Styles does not smoke.

he's from Holmes Chapel, UK.

He currently lives in an apartment in London with his band mate Louis Tomlinson but his family live in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

His Mum is from germany, however he is from Cheshire, UK.

Harry Styles is a pop singer and band member or One Direction. He has a net worth of $10 million dollars reported in early 20013. One Direction has become incredibly successful in the UK and US since thier winning the 2010 edition of the UK's X-Factor. His musical influences, according to Harry, are Elvis, The Beatles and Coldplay.

Harry Styles is Catholic.

Yes harry styles can sing :) He entered the X Factor and came 3rd with his band One Direction. Who also have now released an album called Up All Night, featuring their number one single What Makes You Beautiful, and their newer single Gotta Be You! :) <3 xxxxxx

sings in a band called one direction

has brown curly hair

has green eyes but in some pictures they look blue and sometimes brown or grey he is also British and comes from Cheshire in England

Harry Styles is Catholic

He is an athletic build - he has to maintain his weight as he is in a band and their appreance factor does mean a lot or at least that's what their agents tell them ;)

He was born on the 1st of February, 1994, and was raised in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, where he attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive. He is 5"10, and his favourite movies are Love, Actually and The Notebook. Turn-offs include swearing and squealing, turn-ons include giggling and intelligence.

Harry Styles is 21 years old (birthdate: February 1, 1994).

Harry Styles is approximately 6 feet (188cm) tall.


Harry Styles' motto is: "Work hard, play hard, be kind."

No Harry Styles doesn't have any disease what soever.

he worked in his local bakery

if you want to know anything about one direction ask me i know all about them :)

I'm pretty sure he can speak fluent French, that's what I heard.

Yes. He has a sister named Gemma

His first dad is Des Styles, but his stepdad is Joe Milward

He first appeared on X-Factor UK in 2010. :)

Harry Styles

What does Harry Styles like most?

Well, he said that he likes girls with American and Spanish accents.

he does like pokemon.

Harry Styles does like bananas. He eats them all the time.

harry does not like snakes!

He likes dogs but prefers cats.

Harry mostly dated blonde girls but he says a brunette is great too!

Harry does like snow but prefers the sun and warmer weather.

Harry does like chili a little bit.

Harry Styles does not like science.

he even said himself he is a cat person, but he might like puppies as well, afterall he has a cat called dusty

I beleive he enjoys watching, Mean girls, The sweetest thing, Suddenly 30, Angus, thongs and perfect snogging and Bratz 4 ever Diamondz. HOPE THIS HELPED HUN


He likes playing football with his mates, singing + dancing, writing, joking around and getting naked.

Harry likes cats and dogs. But he prefers cats the most.

He likes playing football, singing of cours,also he likes to play soccer

Yes! he likes any girls as long as they have a nice personality! He especially likes girls who smile a lot.


Green/Blue eyes

Harry tries to stick to water, but his fave drink is apple juice

he doesn't like peanut butter

Harry does like american girls. He thinks they are very attractive. But harry also like girls from other places. He doesnt care where the are from. You just need to meet his standards. If he really like you he will deal with your flaws.

He has dated Taylor Swift and Kimberly Stewart.

well, considering he likes twix, and theyre kinda like chocolate covered pretzels, i would guess he does.

He tries to drink only water but sometimes apple juice

the hunger games

Allen by Thierry Mugler perfume.i saw it in a magazine.

Harry Styles

Is Harry Styles gay-?

He has dated only women but there is some proof that he had a boyfriend. I think he may be bisexual.

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Harry Styles

What is Harry Styles' official fan phone number?

A public fan phone number for Harry Styles is not available at this time. However, he can be contacted at his official Twitter account or at One Direction's official fan mail address (see related questions below).

Fan Mail Address:

One Direction

Modest! Management

The Matrix Complex

91 Peterborough Rd

London, SW6 3BU

Harry Styles is a member of the boy band One Direction. Harry's number is kept private from fans and members of the public.
Harry Styles does not have his personal phone number listed to the public.

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Harry Styles

In what year was Harry Styles from One Direction born?

Harry Styles was born on February 1, 1994.

Harry Styles
Niall Horan
Louis Tomlinson

How old is Harry Styles' sister?


Harry Styles

What GCSE's did Harry Styles take?

Harry Styles got 11 GCSE's some of which were business studies

home technology


English language

English literature


science- he could have either have got 2 if he did Dual award science or 3 if he did Triple science

Harry Styles

Who is Harry Styles favourite singer?


Harry Styles

Does harry styles have a tattoo?

actually, he has many.

-birds on his chest

- 'hi' from louis on his arm

- locket

- 17black

-star (wont stop till we surrender)

-filled in black star


-gemma's name in hebrew (his sister)

-i cant change

-things i cant

-bird cage

-a (the tinnest)

but they all have very special meanings to him that he deosnt like to share, for some he told us but others is too personal to share for him. There not huge!

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Harry Styles

What is harry style's official fan mail address?

Fan mail can be sent to Harry Styles at the address below.

One Direction

Modest! Management

The Matrix Complex

91 Peterborough Rd

London, SW6 3BU


Harry Styles

What is Harry Styles favourite vegetable?

sweet corn...he loves it :)

Harry Styles

How many nipples does Harry Styles have?


Harry Styles

Would harry styles date someone from America?

If he could see them easily, then yes

Harry Styles

Where does Harry Styles sister work?

Primark oxford street

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Harry Styles

Does Harry Styles have Facebook?

No, none of the boys have FaceBook... There's only fan accounts, but they do have Twitter.

Yes. Just yesterday, he made one open to fans so he could talk to them and get to know them.

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Harry Styles

Is Harry Styles dating a 23 year old model?

Harry was not with a 23 year old model. The oldest he has dated was a 32 year old woman named Caroline Flack (who no One Direction fan likes), She was a host on the X-tra Factor, I believe, and Harry Styles did date her for quite sometime. Caroline, however likes to deny it and simply state that 'He's very sweet but Harry and I are just friends', most likely because she could get in trouble for dating Harry who was 17 years old at the time. Harry has also been rumored to have been dating Inbetweeners star Emily Atack, Victoria's Secret model Emma Ostily, & Alahna Aldridge. However, there are now rumors that Niall & Alahna have been seeing each other & that Harry, Niall, and Alahna seem to be in a love triange. So, we'll just have to see what happens; Harry Styles, does enjoy being single for now, and who can blame him! With millions of girls fawning over him, it's hard to pick just one! Plus, in his words, "It would be hard to have a girlfriend right now, because I am so busy and wouldn't be able to spend as much time with her as I would like to. I really commend the other guys for being able to do it!" So there you have it!

Harry Styles

What are Harry Styles' likes?

In the Dare To Dream book, he said:

'I don't have a type, because some girls I may not find them attractive immediately, but then I really get to like them because their personality is so attractive. I like someone I can have a conversation with, and I would always look for someone who could get on with my parents. It's important to me that my family like her too.'

Harry Styles

Where abouts does Harry Styles live?

He Lives In London With Louis Tomlinson.

Harry Styles

Is Harry styles mother and father together?

No there not together, Harry has a step dad.

Harry Styles

How many girls has harry styles slept with?

Ages ago he said 6 girls, but must of been more now. I know 1 more cos of Caroline Flack but other than that I don't know


nobody really knows except himself and the other boys probably

because ............the interviewer asked Harry "how many girls have you slept with? and Harry replied with "sex?" and the interviewer/everybody misheard what Harry had said and wrote down 6 as his answer but as he was Caroline Flacks boyfriend then most likely more......

Cher Lloyd
Harry Styles

Is Harry Styles going out with Cher Lloyd?

Harry Styles and Cher Lloyd have never dated. Cher is currently engaged to her fiancé, Craig Monk.

Harry Styles

What is harry styles favorite hair style on a girl?

short hair

Harry Styles

What color is Harry Styles eyes?

Blue-green, like a turquoise colour.

Harry Styles

What kind of artist does harry styles likes?

he likes the beetles and queen

Harry Styles

Why is harry styles last name not milward?

I don't know maybe cause he like styles better or cause his father left him when he was 6 years old?


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