Demi Lovato

Demetria "Demi" Devonne Lovato was born in August of 1992. Although she got her start on the Children's show 'Barney and Friends,' she is better known for her lead role in the movie 'Camp Rock.'

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Demi Lovato

What does Demi Lovato like?

she looks pretty with brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Now she dyed her hair black. it still looks pretty.

Yes she does. She said she loves reading Batman comics , I've asked her and she said she does like Batman and his comics,too. She loves Batman. She even has a shirt of batman.

Yes, she has said that she's a huge fan. She's also been accused of copying Hayley's expressions and style.

She likes all fruits and veg

Yes she likes horses and other types of animals.

well,you would think..she and that gomaz kid both were in barney when thay were young.

I don't exactly know if she likes Metallica but I do know she does likes metal music.

No I don't think she does she is more of a hip hop rock dancer .

yes she does, in a magazine i read it said:

'Demi Lovato!'

"Edward Cullen...oh, my gosh! I'm sorry,Bella,but i would have to steal him away from you! Or he'd have to have a son that would grow fast or something that i would eventually date. I think it'd be a cool, of course to play a character in the twilight series or whatever. That'd be a dream. That'd be really cool. Taylor [Launter] is one of my really good friends, too. I love Taylor! He's so adorable."

Demi Lovato is a fan of twilight because you can go on and find Demi lovatos secret obsession

Yes she does! She likes the JB (Jonas Brothers) It's a well known fact.

she doesn't get any! .x.

yes she does she likes to go to Starbucks

Yes, im pretty sure she does why don't you find a video of her interview about it on youtube.

She probably does like it otherwise she wouldn't sing the background song.

ps. i dont think her song is featured in any of the movies so don't be alarmed if you don't hear it :)

I have to say the way Demi is I don't really know if she would go for that kind of type, but the person you really have to ask is her I don't know what type of guys she like. Just think of it like this, she likes guys like Joe Jonas.

Well yes she does her favorite is a penguin

No she likes red & black

she doesent like feet because they are smelly

Selena Gomez - DL4SG

i think she does it would be funny to see her HUGE mouth screaming.

I believe Demi does. Before Demi left for rehab see was into Metal Rock, but now she's into Hip Hop and R&B. She said in an interview after she left rehab that she was into the more Rhianna sound, and even called Rhianna "A talented singer."

Only Dami can answer that **demi** :D

  1. sonny with the chance
  2. princess protection program
  3. camp rock 1
  4. camp rock 2

that i know....!!

yes she did and they are dating

No she isn't goth

Demi lovato likes mudic because she love to ding and it makes her feel better when she feel crazy at times

No Demi Lovato doesn't like My Chemical Romance.

yes cause her mom was one herself and she dose

no she does not look on youtube

If you think Joe Jonas is a bad boy, then yesssss.

Demi and the Jo bros are all really good friends. none of them like like each other but joe and demi look so cute together. Demi said the Jonas she liked the most was Frankie!(their little brother)

Demi USED to go out with Joe Jonas but not anymore. They are very good friends though. We don't know if Demi is in a relationship right now.

Demi is fashionable but she doesn't wear name brand things that normal teens wear around the house. Basically she has her own designer and he makes all her clothes!

Of course!!!!!!!!! How doesn't like his or her fans??????

She loves her lovatics and they love her back. I'm one of them, I have 12 posters of her in my room, all from the pop star magazines.

Yes she does. Infact, she took dance classes when she was a little younger and actually did a dance routine on her seventeenth birthday. You could watch this video at

demi lovato does like ac dc

her old boyfriend was Joe Jonas (<3) but he broke up with her so im guessing she still does like him

She likes to do normal teenage stuff haha after all she is still a teenager. She likes to go shopping, hang out with friends, watch movies, dance around and be crazy with friends... the usual kinda thing haha

She has previously dated Joe Jonas, but right now they are just friends.

she likes a guy who is not very shy(unlike nick),he should know exactly how 2 flatter a girl....but not ac2ually a flirt...........mmmm.....dats all i know abt her......hope i helped!!!:D



She like to act like she's all perfect

she used to, but now she likes more pop and rock rather than metal

Yes Demi Does Like To Go To New Places :)

she likes the looks, the eyes, the sweetness, and the kinda guy who doesnt get mad when she hang out wiht old "guy" friedns thaats what i think she likes in a guy but could be wrong

I think demi lovato like dogs better than cats, but she like cats too.

demi likes to go in town with her mates and goes cinemas quite often too! .x.

Yes , she does I saw a picture of her in a magazine wearing a new kid on the block t- shirt

I assume so. She shops for her own clothes and usually always has a smile on her face. And she looks absolutely gorgeous to boot. :-)

She likes swimming and singing

joe Jonas probably because she is currently dating him

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Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato

Is there pictures of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Kissing?

Shut your disgusting gob. You are dirty.

OFC NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Demi Lovato

Did Demi Lovato hit one of her friends?

I don't think "hit" is the exact word to use, but yes, Demi Lovato did lash out as a back-up dancer. She said she regretted it and she was sorry. She said it was wrong. She and the back-up dancer are on better grounds.

Demi Lovato

Was Demi Lovato on Supernatural?


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Demi Lovato

Would demi lovato date a 13 year old?

Most likely not, since she is a adult and its illegal but it's up to Demi.

Demi Lovato

Are Christina Perri and Demi Lovato related?


Demi Lovato

What are Demi Lovato's fans called?


Demi Lovato

What is Demi Lovato's bodyguard's name?

kevvin is storng


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Demi Lovato

How much does a demi lovato concert shirt cost?


Demi Lovato
Desperate Housewives

Is Madison De La Garza bigger than Eva Longoria?

Yes. At 9 she is already bigger than Eva and will be

much bigger eventually.

Demi Lovato

What made Demi Lovato famous?

Her acting skills and singing

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Demi Lovato

What is Demi Lovato's official fan email address?

An official fan e-mail address for Demi Lovato is not known at this time. See related links for her official fan mailing address.

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She created a new email account for her fans and she will go on it herself! I tried it and she emailed me back! She's more likely to email you back now because it's new so hardly anyone knows about it.

Demi Lovato

Is Demi Lovato in any charity work?

yes she is shes in the charity called HFC and i don't know if you consider it but she also in the against bullying foundation

Celebrity Relationships
Jonas Brothers
Demi Lovato

Are Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato dating?

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato did date, but they are no longer together.

Rumors about the couple began to spread after their on-screen romance in the movie "Camp Rock," but the couple did not officially announce that they were dating until March 13, 2010. Demi said that they had started out as best friends, but decided to take their friendship to the next level. She said: "Being best friends for a while, over time feelings grow, and for me, as much as I wanted to deny it, the feelings were always there."

On May 24, 2010, Demi announced on her Twitter that they had split, but intend to remain friends. Joe stated in an interview with People that it was his decision to end the relationship: "I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now. It was my choice to break up but I love her as a friend."

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Demi Lovato

What is Demi Lovato's official fan mail address?

Demi Lovato

CESD Talent Agency

10635 Santa Monica Blvd.

Suite 130/135

Los Angeles, CA 90025


If you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow. If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, then you can stop reading! If you live in USA send a properly stamped and self addressed envelope (minimum size 8.5" x 4") with your request letter and a photo. You can include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending in shipping and also add "Do Not Bend" on the envelopes. Send your letter and wait. On average, there is going to be a 3+ month wait for a response. If you do not live in USA, add several* International Reply Coupons. The International Reply Coupons (IRC) will be used by the receiver to purchase American stamps. You can only get them at your post office.

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Demi Lovato

How old was Demi Lovato when she left Barney?

she was 6 or 7 when she had left barney

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Demi Lovato
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Why is Selena gomez not friends with Demi Lovato?

Hi guys.... so i guess demi lovato was signing autographs and one of her fans asked how Selena Gomez was doing and she said ask Taylor(swift). I think this is why.


Demi once said in an interview, that her and Selena had been in a fight, and weren't talking, because they had some things to work out. But Selena called, crying the day Demi went to rehab. Demi said that Selena stood by her, but that Demi kept pushing Selena away. Eventually, (i believe) Selena began to spend time with Taylor, which caused Selena and Demi to grow apart.

Celebrity Relationships
Demi Lovato

Who is Demi Lovato currently dating?

Demi Lovato is currently dating Luke Rockhold.

Demi Lovato

What are the notes to Myself and Time by Demi Lovato on keyboard?

You should just play by ear because thats what I do.

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Demi Lovato

Who sings the r and b song la la land?

Demi Lovato.

Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Debby Ryan

What is the meanest nickname for Demi Lovato?

i think is demi because her real name is demetria....!!

Food & Cooking
Demi Lovato

What does Demi Lovato like to eat?

food preferably

Demi Lovato
Pop Music
Justin Bieber

How many songs does Justin Bieber have?

Here are the songs in categories by album:


album: "My World" (2009)

One Time

Favorite Girl

Down To Earth


One Less Lonely Girl

First Dance

Love Me

Common Denominator[iTunes Bonus Track]

One Less Lonely Girl (French Adaptation)


album: "My World 2.0" (2010) Baby

Somebody To Love

Stuck In The Moment

U Smile

Runaway Love

Never Let You Go


Eenie Meenie


That Should Be Me

Kiss & Tell[iTunes Bonus Track]

Where Are You Now[Walmart Bonus Track]


Acoustic Album: "My World Acoustics" (2011)

(These are all the acoustic versions)

One Time

Baby {has a different rap w justin bieber}

One Less Lonely Girl

Down To Earth

U Smile

Stuck In The Moment

Favorite Girl (Live)

Never Say Never (feat Jaden Smith)



remix album: "Never Say Never - The Remixes" (2011)

Never Say Never[Theme song from "The Karate Kid" film]

That Should Be Me (Remix)

Somebody To Love (Remix)

Up (Remix)

Overboard (Live)[feat. Miley Cyrus]

Runaway Love (Remix)

Born To Be Somebody


album: "Under The Mistletoe" (2011)

Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas


The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Fa La La

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Drummer Boy

Christmas Eve

All I Want Is You

Home This Christmas

Silent Night

Christmas Love [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Fa La La (Acapella) [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Pray [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Someday At Christmas [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]


album: "Believe" (2012)

All Around the World


As Long As You Love Me (ft. Big Sean)

Take You

Right Here (ft. Drake)

Catching Feelings


Die in Your Arms

Thought of You

Beauty and a Beat (ft. Nicki Minaj)

One Love

Be Alright

Believe [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Out of Town Girl [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

She Don't Like the Lights [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Maria (That Whore) [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Hey Girl [Ticketmaster Bonus Track]

Just Like Them [Japanese Bonus Track]

Love Me Like You Do [iTunes Bonus Track]

Fairytale (Feat Jaden Smith) [Swedish Bonus Track]


album:"Believe Acoustics"(2013)

Track list:


As Long As You Love Me

Beauty And A Beat

Take You

Be Alright

All Around The World

She Don't Like The Lights

Fall (Special live studio version)

Yellow Raincoat

I Would

Nothing Like Us


Believe Acoustic hits stores on January 29 2013, and thanks to time differences that means Australia and New Zealand will get it first!

other songs:

Can't Live Without You

Come Home To Me

Dr. Bieber


Happy New Year (ft. Jaden Smith)


How To Love (Remix)

Latin Girl

Live My Life (ft. Far East Movement)

Mama's Boy

Mi Amor

Next To You (ft. chris brown)

Old School Flow

Omaha Mall

Otis (Freestyle)

Party All Night

Pick Me

Rich Girl


Set A Place At Your Table

Speaking In Tongues

Swagg's Mean

Tell Me

Thinking About You

Trust Issues Remix (Feat Drake)

Turn To You

Won't Stop (by Sean Kingston)

You and Me ( feat Will.I.Am)


New Songs:

Lolly by: Maejor Ali ft. Justin bieber & Juicy J (2013)

You Want Me (2013)


last update: 3/6/13

~will update soon!

Tea H.

Read more: How_many_songs_does_Justin_Bieber_have


These are all of Justins Songs up to now:

My World.

One Time

Favorite Girl

Down To Earth


One Less Lonely Girl

First Dance ft Usher

My World 2.0.

Baby ft Ludacris

Somebody To Love ft Usher

Stuck In The Moment

U Smile

Runaway Love

Never Let You Go

Overboard ft Jessica Jarrell

Eenie Meenie ft Sean Kingston


That Should Be Me

Where Are You Now

Kiss and Tell

My Worlds Acoustic.

One Time

Baby ft Ludacris

One Less Lonely Girl

Down To Earth

U Smile

Stuck In The Moment

Favorite Girl

That Should Be Me

Never Say Never


Never Say Never - The Remixes

Never Say Never ft Jaden Smith

That Should Be Me

Somebody To Love



Up ft Kaye West

Born To Be Somebody

Leaked Online Songs



Latin Girl

Dr Bieber

Mamas Boy

Pick Me


Swag So Mean

Pretty Boy Swag

Other Songs

Common Denominator

Set A Place At Your Table

Omaha Mall

Can't Live Without You

J. Bieber Freestyle

King of Kings Freestyle

Rich Girl (by Soulja Boy)

Shawty Let's Go ft. Sean Kingston

Yes I Can (by Christian Beadles)

Sean Kingston - Wont Stop Feat. Justin Bieber

Speaking In Tongues

Songs He Covered

So Sick - Ne-Yo

Heartless - Kanye West

Successful - Drake

Someday At Christmas - Stevie Wonder

Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake

With You - Chris Brown

Basketball - Lil Bow Wow

Angel - Sarah McLachlan

Fallin' - Alicia Keys

Respect - Aretha Franklin

Back At One- Brian McKnight

Because Of You - Ne-Yo

I'll Be - Edwin McCain

You And Me - Lifehouse

Do You - Ne-Yo

Wait For You - Elliot Yamin

U Got It Bad - Usher

You Got It Bad - B. Cox

The Climb - Miley Cyrus

Take You Down - Chris Brown

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Believe album

As long as you love me

All around the world


catching feelings

take you

right here


die in your arm

thought of you

beauty and a beat

one love

be alright


out of town girl

she dont like the light


All That matters


Change Me



All Bad


Hold On Tight

Heart Breaker 2013 New Songs

Demi Lovato

What is Demi Lovato's full name?

Demi Lovato's real name is Demetria Devonne Lovato.
Demitria Devonne Lovato
Demetria lovato
Demetria Devonne Lovato
Demetria Devonne Lovato
Demi Lovato's full name is Demetria Devonne Lovato..
Demetria Devonne Lovato
no her real name is demetrie
Demi Lovato's birth name is Demetria DevonneLovato.
Her full birth name is Demetria Devonne Lovato.

Her last name then is Lovato.

Social Network Websites
Demi Lovato

What is Demi Lovato's official fan Facebook?

Demi Lovato's official fan Facebook page is


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