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League of Legends is a free to play online team based multiplayer game created by Riot Games. It is loosely based on the previously popular Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod for Warcraft.

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League of Legends

Does league of legend require strategy?

Yes. As an RTS/MOBA (Real Time Strategy/Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), it requires quite a bit of strategy to move up through the elos (the difficulty level of opponents you are matched against). At first, it does not seem like it takes much skill, because you are playing against people that are beginners, but as you win more and more matches, you are matched against stronger players, and you will eventually reach your ideal elo, and win approximately 50% of the games.

As for the depth of strategy, there are many aspects of the game that should be taken into consideration in how you play. I won't go into the details of each; I'm just listing off the aspects of the game so you can see that there is more to the game than you see at first.

  • Team composition
  • Team coordination
  • Countering
  • Anticipating an enemy build
  • Flexibility in one's own build
  • Zoning
  • Ganking
  • Last hitting
  • Map control
  • Backdooring
  • Positioning
  • Interplay between champion skills

These are just a few aspects of the game; there are many more. There is also no single correct way to do any of these; there are Pros and Cons of each method.

League of Legends

What happens if you exit in a game in league of legends?

The action will be marked as a "leave" on your account. When enough leaves have been accumulated, you will be issued a warning. Further warnings may result in temporary or even permanent bans. Other consequences may include the other players in the game reporting you for leaving, further increasing your chance of receiving bans.

League of Legends

Which is better in League of Legends Kayle the Judicator or Ashe the Frost Archer?

Neither one is "better" per say; each of them have their strengs and weaknesses.

Kayle is a hybrid; she can be built as an Off-Tank, Support, or Mage. Play her if your team already has a champion that deals a lot of physical damage.

Ashe is a ranged physical initiator; she is always build for attack damage, and her ultimate is great at initiating team fights (opening up with a large nuke and stun is always nice). Play her if your team needs physical damage, an initiator, or a solo champion (laning with no allies. This would be Top on Twisted Treeline or Middle on Summoner's Rift). Be careful when playing Ashe; she has the least health in the game (1 less than Ryze).

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League of Legends

If I can't download League of Legends what should I do?

You may have a firewall in place that disallows many downloads, or you may not have enough space on your computer.

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League of Legends

Does the League of Legends Collector's Pack work on Windows 7?

As long as you can run League of Legends on Windows 7(which you should be able to), you can use the collector's pack, since that is redeemed in the game client store.

League of Legends

On League of Legends is the champion Poppy good?

Poppy is a strong anti-carry who can, when played right, completely shut down the enemy carry (main damage dealer) which can be decisive in fights. Her skills complement her task well, although she needs several items to excel at them.

She's quite fine in regular play. In organized high ranking play (or tournament play) she will usually not be picked due to her being fairly reliant on farm (getting gold from killing creeps).

The biggest issue though is that, in the current metagame, she can't seem to find a suitable spot in a team. In such that there are other champions who can take over over her task somewhat whilst being a greater asset to the team as a whole.

League of Legends

Can you download League of Legends on a laptop?

Yes, though it might be hard to get used to using a trackpad. It is recommended to use a mouse instead. Use this link to sign up

League of Legends

How do I create a summoner profile if it's my first time playing League of Legends?

Once you make an account and download the client, if you boot up the client, the game will detect if its a new account and prompt you to create an in-game name.

League of Legends

When is the League of Legends champion rotation?

Each week 10 champions are set as "free to play" and you can pick them even if you didn't buy them in the shop. This set is referred as the "weekly rotation". However, if you don't own the champion you won't be able to pick them anymore once the rotation changes until they get in another one.

The champion sale is a bit different concept. Champions can be bought both with Influence Points (IP) which are earned on playing any match of the game (of course, you gain more IP if you win and less if you lose) and Riot Points (RP) which are earned only through payment. Usually, there will be some champion sale with say 50% price reduction for a set amount of time BUT be careful: that discount only refers to the RP price. That is, if a champion costs 6300 IP or 975 RP, when on sale at 50% it will still cost 6300 IP but RP price will be 485 or something like that.

It's useful to remind that there's no content in LoL which can't be bought with IPs else than champions skins, wihch while some are really good-looking, they don't affect gameplay at all.

League Of Legends Champions Guide :

League of Legends

How do you sign in for League of Legends without failing?

See the related link to log in without failing.

League of Legends

Which country does League of Legends come from?

Riot games is from the U.S.A in Culver City, California. Established in 2006

League of Legends

How do you chane a password at league of legends?

Go on there website and login. After that, you go to account settings and change your password.

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I bought league of legends collector's pack but how do i get my new champions?

In the pack, there should be some kind of code that you can enter in the redeem code part of the shop, but if you mean champions that just came out, then you have to buy them with in game currency yourself.

League of Legends

How can you have custom skins in league of legends?

In League Of Legends there are many skin for hero, to get them you need to buy riot points because to unlock any skin you will need riot points, in the beginning of game you will get 400 riot points by default & each skin has different prices.

League of Legends

How do you make a fake league of legends hack program who gets you referrals like you need to go on a hacked link to create accoun and get it to level 5?

Great question, they actually go to a site (which unfortunally i dun know) and do it.

League of Legends

How do you get free riot points?

Free riot points are given sometimes for good summoner behavior. However there are no "free hacks" you can use to get it. Some sites may offer you a Riot gift card in exchange for doing surveys which may be the closest thing to free.

Some people will put links to a website saying that i you sign up there, then you get lots of riot points, this is false, they only gave you their invite address so they get rewards, so dont trust anyone, also, this is illegal.

League of Legends

What is a good Nocturne build league of legends?

Dorans Blade > Berserkers Greaves > Infinity Edge > Dagger > Vampiric Scepter > Black Cleaver > Phantom Dancer > The Bloodthirster > Phantom Dancer > Phantom Dancer. You sell your Dorans Blade when you need the 218 coins, and you sell you boots to make rooms for your 3rd PD, you Dagger is a component of you Black Cleaver, and the Vampiric Scepter is a component of The Bloodthirster.

League of Legends

How big is league of legends?

League of Legends is 2.89 GB.

League of Legends

What are really good masteries for evelynn in league of legends?

I personally have yet to use Evelyn, but I know that she is a great champion. Especially Laning with a Cho'Gath. I would advise you to check out a website called MobaFire. It is a site dedicated to people who explain different ways of using every LoL champ, masteries and runes included. Hope this helps! :)

The first answerer is right; however, mobafire isn't written by players that wish to play competitively; solomid or lolpro are better websites with guides written by pros as well as higher level players (that aren't always pro)

It depends on how you play her; if you're going ability power... invest in the offense tree (for ability power), 20 points is almost a given for her. Lots of changes occurred since season 3 started!! For the remaining points, give her mana regen, movement speed (you need to wander with her and gank the enemy) and cooldown reduction on summoner spells over in the utillity tree!

If you jungle with her, do the usual jungling masteries. Go for reduction in slows, increased movement speed etc. This you should look up for evelynn; i'm not sure how jungling eve is now as of season 3.

League of Legends

How long does it take to download league of legends?

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or more.

For me, it has taken 12 hours and is still not finished...

For me it says 499 hours remaining!!!!!!!!!(I have the worst internet ever)

League of Legends

What is sion's build league of legends?

He can either build AP (utilizing a combo of Cryptic Gaze and his exploding shield, which although wicked early-mid game, can hurt a lot late game as he is without an ultimate [that is useful]) or AD (utilizing a combo of Cryptic Gaze, his empowered axe and his ultimate with a support of his exploding shield)

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What type of game is league of legends?

League of Legends is a game similar to DotA ( Defense of the Ancients) called a MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena). Basically you get to control one character ( Or champion as its called in League of Legends)

The point of the game is to destroy the towers that protect the Nexus ( Or base in other words), proceed onto destroying the enemies inhibitors ( Which, when destroyed, allow you to spawn super minions which are stronger than the regular), and then end it by destroying the enemies Nexus itself.

League of Legends

Why does your computer not let you download league of legends?

You may not meet the system requirements to use it.

Minimum System Requirements
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 750 MB available hard disk space
  • Shader version 2.0 capable video card
  • DirectX 9.0 capable video card
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (Mac OS is currently not supported)
Recommended System Requirements
  • 3 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 750 MB available hard disk space
  • GeForce 8800 or equivalent video card
  • Windows XP with the latest service pack installed, Windows Vista with the latest service pack installed, or Windows 7 (Mac OS is currently not supported)
  • The latest update to .NET Framework from Microsoft
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League of Legends

How do you make a fake league of legends hack program who give you referrals?

There are no hack programs that give you referrals as valid referrals must be level 5 and above. There are programs that allow you to make accounts faster but you must play on each of them yourself to make them count. Riot can easily detect fake referrals, especially if you leave all of them at level 5. If you want valid referrals, make a youtube channel and spend some time making gaming and LoL videos and getting subscribers. Posting your referral link in each video will eventually get a couple of legit referrals.


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