Webcams are cameras designed to be easily connected or built into a computer and enable people to see you while you are chatting.

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What are some examples of input and output devices of a computer?

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Touch Screen
  • Scanner
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Light pen
  • optical mark reader
  • Bar code reader
  • Printer
  • Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Projector
Input As Well As Output
  • Disks
  • CD
  • DVD
Computer Monitors

How do you download a hi-speed USB host controller?

  • For the most part, the High Speed USB controller will be integrated right onto the motherboard of your system. You will sometimes run into this problem when upgrading to or installing a new version of XP, for sometimes it does not readily have the drivers available.
  • What you have to do is to actually find out the motherboard that you have in your system, and download, or request the CD, that has the motherboard resources on it, in order to get Windows to install that particular controller.
  • If you have a name brand computer, you should be able to contact the manufacturer to get the CD or download. However, if you have built the system, or someone else has built you the system, you will need the CD that came with the motherboard.
  • A controller in a computer system (new or old) is a physical device that controls anything externally attached to it. For example, a hard disk controller (which is internally connected to today's motherboards) controls the hard drive connected to it.
  • I think what you mean is downloading the 2.0 high speed driver for XP and if you do your windows updates it will usually install that driver for you. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do.
  • If you mean the computer is seeing your USB 2.0 as a USB 1.1 then you go into device manager and tell it to update your driver to get a refresh on the device and a USB 2.0 driver downloaded/applied to the device.

When was the first video call?

The first publicly demonstrated two-way video call was on April 9, 1930. It was a call between AT&T's Bell Laboratories and AT&T headquarters using early television equipment. Getting from there to Zoom took a long time, though, mostly because early versions of the video call required both parties to own ultra-expensive equipment that provided really awful picture quality.

AT&T spent the better part of the 20th century on failed videophone model after failed videophone model, eventually concluding that "people did not want to be seen on the telephone." How quaint.

Computer Networking
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What are 10 input and output devices?

Input Devices:

Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Microphone, Joystick, Web Cam, Optical Mark Reader, Optical Character Reader, Optical Bar code Reader, Touch Pen, Graphic digitizer, light pen, Touch pad\screen, Track ball

Output Devices:

Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Speaker


CD, Pen-drive, MODEM, hard drive, tape drive, disk drive


Can you play hotel 626 without a webcam or mic?

Yes, you can play Hotel 626 without a webcam or mic.

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How do you put a webcam on your website?

There are a number of steps to this.
Ideally, you want a program that will automatically upload your image to the FTP settings. If you want to, you can even put streaming video on your website nowadays, and not just stills!

1) Get a webcam working -- the sort you'd use to video-chat on Skype.
2) Sign up at (free).
3) Copy the "Embedding" code provided by ustream, so you can put a live video window in your website.
4) Add the code to your page.
5) Finally, follow the simple instructions on ustream to "go live."

Everything the webcam sees (and hears) is streaming to anyone who visits your website. Up to 100,000 people can watch the stream at once (providing you're broadcasting, of course). Pretty clever.

Next, when you want to extend your capabilities during streaming, have a look at superwebcam (also free), which lets you superimpose scrolling messages, graphics, etc. on the outgoing video picture. You can also use it to broadcast still pictures or video from your hard disk when you don't want to be seen personally. Ustream also has a Facebook app, so you can embed your live stream in your Facebook Profile page.
To view the live video streaming from webcam on website, a Web FLV player that supports live streaming is needed. You can check the RTMP Stream Plugin from -

This is tutorial -

Computer Viruses

Why is my pre installed webcam not working it was working quite recently is this a virus if it is what can i do?

The driver for the webcam must be corrupt or deleted. this can happen by installing a new operating system


Why does my webcam not work on my olivetti netbook?

make sure you haven't turned it off!! by clicking 'fn' and 'F10' that can turn your webcam on/off:)

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How do you use an EyeToy as a webcam?

To use an EyeToy as a webcam, you need to download some custom drivers (which can be found in the Related Links) section below. Note that there are two different chipsets for the EyeToy camera, so you will need to identify which one you have.


Where we can find free software to download creative webcam model no PD1100?

You can try

Hi every buddy now you can use your webcam. Download Creative Webcam Vista Drivers PD1100 Here or many other webcams drivers. try this

Download Here:



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What is the password of 007 webcam hack v2.0?

Pass heheeh\

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Where can a man find information on becoming a female?

Here are some good websites; also, it's a good idea to have a serious talk with your doctor to see if you could take hormones.


How many people can you cam with on msn at once?

all the people that's on msn


How do you put your webcam into black and white?

On a Mac, there are effects in iChat... Otherwise, u need a video editing software


I have a Sony Vaio laptop with a built in webcam and don't know how to turn it on?

To turn on the built in webcam on a Sony Vaio laptop, click on start and select the all programs tab. Scroll down to the bottom and select the Arcsoft webcam companion tab to turn on.


Will you get imi video chat in PC?

Yes, visit their web site for the download link.


What is the password of 007 Webcam Hack v 1.0?

password : webcamvalid


How do you use the msi wind's built in webcam?

Hit the function key and F6. That should turn on the camera. I did it and it automatically installed the drivers and turned the camera on. Hope that helps!

Windows Vista

Can you uninstall webcam from Toshiba laptop?

Yes - simply go to the Control panel, and select 'programs and features' - look for the software for the cam in the list - and click it. All you need to do is confirm you want to remove the software.


Who invented the webcam?

No one knows who the exact creator of the web cam was, but the first one was discovered in the computer science department in Cambridge University. This particular webcam became inactive on the 22nd of August, 2001 ==

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Who invented the web cam?

No one knows who the exact creator of the web cam was, but the first one was discovered in the computer science department in Cambridge University. This particular webcam became inactive on the 22nd of August, 2001


Where can you download a driver for a Creative Labs Vista Plus VF0090 webcam?

Drivers for this webcam can be downloaded from Creative Lab's website. You can find a link to the download page in the "Related links" section below.

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Driver Creative Labs Inc Vf 0040?


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Is there an app for spynet Stealth Recording Glasses?

Unfortunately there is not an app for the Stealth Recording Glasses! I searched for hours and got nothing. I even sent in a question and request but they still don't have an app for the Video Glasses. The only app they have is for the Video Watch, Audio Bug, and the Audio Pen. If you do not have one of those then you can't download the spy net app. If you would like to suggest a spy net app for the Glasses then go to and click on FAQs and Support at the top of the home page. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and type in what you want to say in the customer feedback area. Then give your email address and they should reply to you.


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