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Located in Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University is a research university established in 1746. It provides graduate and undergraduate instruction in natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and humanities. It has the fourth biggest endowment in the US at US$14.4 billion.

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What must your grade average be to get into Yale?



Most top schools use a "holistic" system, so there is no required GPA or SAT/ACT score. Obviously, the top students will usually have a 4.0 GPA, but it is possible to get in with a 3.5 or even a 3 if you have an impressive application.

Princeton University
Mindless Behavior (band)

Who are the people in Mindless Behavior?

Th boys from Mindless Behavior are Princeton , Roc Royal , Ray Ray and Prodigy. My personal favorite is Princeton he is smart and so cute .

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What is the SAT score required to get into Princeton?

According to the middle 50% of 1st year students scores on their SATs were: * Verbal: 680- 770 * Math: 690 - 790 So that is the area to try and aim for. If you are wondering about the test scores and other information about colleges is a good place to get the basic information you may need.

AnswerAt least a 2100 or above. With stellar recs and amazing EC's and overall personality. AnswerAccording to the SAT score preferred for entrance to Princeton University is:

Average SAT math score:700 - 790Average SAT writing score:700 - 780Average ACT score:31 - 35GPA score:3.88

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What GPA do you need to get into Princeton?

You would want to have a solid GPA, a 3.5 or higher. Also you'd want to be a well-rounded student: being in clubs, sports, music bands, and volunteering helps quite a bit.

The Average ACT score required is 31- 35 or above . With stellar recs and amazing EC's and overall personality.

Average SAT math score: 700 - 790 Average SAT writing score: 700 - 780 Average ACT score: 31 - 35 GPA score: 3.88

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What is Harvard's mascot?

The team name for Harvard University athletics is the Crimson. Unofficially, their mascot is John Harvard, an Englishman for whom the school is named after.

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Is Ashwood University known in US?

Ashwood is an accredited online university, and accredited universities are recognized in the United States. Ashwood University claims to accredited by the Board of Online Universities Accredidation (BOUA) and the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC) both of which are recognized agencies for online college.


Ashwood University claims to accredited by the Board of Online Universities Accredidation (BOUA) and the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC) both of which are unrecognized and fake agencies for online college accreditation according to the Council on Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. On that basis it is advised to proceed with caution and review the Related Link below.

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What rank in your class should you be to get into Princeton University in New Jersey?

You should be at or near the top of your class.

It's impossible to be more specific, because admissions is not an exact science. Admissions officers balance and weigh a number of different factors. Moreover, the significance of your class rank depends on where you went to high school. Being near the top of your class in a large school with a good reputation means more than being at the top in a small, unknown school.

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Can you double major in Princeton University?

According to what I just read on the website, no.

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Who are some of the famous alumni of Loomis Chaffee?

  • Tom Lehrer
  • Ella T. Grasso
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Winthrop Rockefeller
  • George P. Shultz
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Grades and Grade Point Averages (GPA)

What does a 3.5 GPA mean in terms of grades?

it means you have all low a's.


You may have equal proportion of A's and B's. 3.5 is considered to be good.

3.5 is a great GPA that means you have all a's and b's

In other words, it's a A- or B+. That makes more sense to me.


If you do not count honors, 3.5 is either A- or B+. Some schools specify what a 3.5 is. In terms of grade, 3.5 is a great GPA.

Princeton University
Justin Bieber
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What type of girl does Adrien Brody like?

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Who are some famous alumni of Yale?

Famous Yale Alumni GOVERNMENT ACHESON, Dean '15 - Secretary of State under Truman
ASHCROFT, John '64 - U.S. Attorney General
ASPIN, Les '60 - Secretary of Defense
BENTON, William '21 - Assistant Secretary of State under Truman
BLUMENTHAL, Richard '73L - Attorney General of Connecticut
BOREN, David '63 - Senator from Oklahoma
BOWLES, Chester `24S - Governor of Connecticut, Ambassador to India
BRADY, Nicholas '52 - Secretary of Treasury under Reagan
BROWN, Jerry '64L - Governor of California, Mayor of Oakland, CA.
BUSH, George H.W. '48 - 41st U.S. President
BUSH, George W., Jr. '68 - 43rd U.S. President
BUSH, Prescott II '17 - Governor & Senator from Connecticut
CHAFEE, John '44 - U.S. Senator from Rhode Island
CHENEY, Dick '63 - U.S. Vice President
CLINTON, Hillary Rodham '73L - Senator from New York
CLINTON, William '73L - 42nd U.S. President
COOPER, John Sherman '23 - Senator from Kentucky
DANFORTH, John '63L - Senator from Misouri
DILWORTH, Richardson '21 - Mayor of Philadelphia, PA (1956-62); Assistant Attorney General of Pennsylvania; Awarded Silver Star
DODD, Thomas J. `33L - Senator from Connecticut
FORD, Gerald '41 Law - 38th U.S. President
GATES, Artemus '18 - Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air
GREGG, Hugh '39 - Governor of New Hampshire (1953-55)
HART, Gary '64 - Senator from Colorado
KERRY, John '66 - Senator from Massachusetts
LASSITER, Robert '34 - Attorney General Counsel's office, U.S. Treasury
LIEBERMAN, Joseph '64, 67L - Senator from Connecticut
LINDSAY, John V. '44 - Mayor of New York, NY; Congressman from New York
MacARTHUR, Douglas '32 - Ambassador to Japan and Belgium, Advisor to General Dwight D. Eisenhower during WW II.
MACOMBER, William B. '44 - Under Secretary of State; U.S. Ambassador to Jordan
PATAKI, George '67 - Governor of New York
PRICE, Hugh B. `66L - President of the National Urban League
RESOR, Stanley '39 - Secretary of the Army
SCRANTON, William '39 - Governor of Pennsylvania (1962-65)
TAFT, William Howard 1878 - 27th U.S. President
TAFT, Jr. Robert '39 - Senator from Ohio (1971-76)
VANCE, Cyrus '39 - Secretary of State under Carter
WILSON, Pete '55 - Governor of California ENTERTAINERS & MEDIA ACKROYD, David '68 Drama - Actor
BASSETT, Angela '80, '83 MFA,MFAD - Actress
BEALS, Jennifer '86 - Actress
BOOKE, Sorrel '52 Drama - Actor
BUCKLEY, William F., Jr. '50 - Author
BURROWS, James '65 Drama - Creator of Cheers and other TV shows
BURTON, Kate '82 Drama - Actress
BUSH, Catherine '83 - Novelist ("Minus Time" & "Rules of Engagement")
CAVETT, Dick '58 - TV Talk Show Host; Comedy Writer
CHADWICK, Charles 1897 - Author of short stories and novels
CLARKE, Brian '74 - Actor (Eight is Enough, General Hospital)
COLANTONI, Enrico '93 Drama - Actor (Elliott on "Just Shoot Me")
DANES, Claire '02 - Actress (My So Called Life, Shopgirl)
DERSHOWITZ, Alan `62L - Celebrated Attorney (O.J. Simpson Trial)
DILLMAN, Bradford '51 - Actor
DUTTON, Charles S. '83 Drama - Actor ("Roc"), director, producer
EIKENBERRY, Jill '70 Drama - Actress (L.A. Law)
FORD, Jack '72 - ABC's 20-20 & Good Morning America, former host of NBC weekend Today Show, NBC Legal Correspondent
FOSTER, Jodie - Actress, Director & Producer
GILBERT, Sara '97 - Actress (Rosanne)
GRAHAM, Fred '53 - Head of Court TV
GREENFIELD, Jeffrey '67L - TV Journalist, CNN, ABC reporter
HAMLIN, Harry '74 - Actor (L.A. Law)
HILL, George Roy '43 - Director, Writer, Producer (Hawaii, Slap Shot, World of Henry Orient, Thoroughly Modern Millie)
KACZMAREK, Jane '82 Drama - Actress (Malcolm In The Middle)
KAZAN, Elia '33 Drama - Director (East of Eden, On The Waterfront, etc)
KEACH, Stacy, Jr. '66 Drama - Actor (Titus)
LATHAN, Sanaa '95 Drama - Actress (Lead in Love & Basketball)
LLOYD, Christopher '82 - TV Produce & Writer
LLOYD, David '56 - TV Producer & Writer (Frasier)
MacLEISH, Archibald '15 - Pulitzer Prize winner, Poet, Playwrite
MALINA, Josh '88 - Actor (Sports Night, West Wing)
MARTIN, David C. '65 - CBS Correspondent from the Pentagon.
MARTIN, Kellie '97 - Actress (Little House On The Prairie, ER, Life Goes On)
McDORMAND, Frances '82 Drama - Actress ("Fargo")
McENROE, Colin '76 - Reporter, Columnist for The Hartford Courant
McKEOWN, Bob '71 - NBC staff newsman
MICHAELA, Genia '99 - Appeared on Broadway in "The Crucible" and "Jake's Women" with Alan Alda, Brenda Vaccaro and Tracy Pollan
MIFFLIN, Lawrie '73 - Editor for New York Times
NAUGHTON, James '70 Drama - Actor (Tony's for City of Angels and Chicago on Broadway), TV & Movies.
NEWMAN, Paul '54 Drama - Oscar winning Actor
NORTON, Edward '91 - Supporting Actor Oscar for Primal Fear
NOTH, Christopher '85 CDR - Actor (Law & Order, Sex In The City)
O'NEILL, Eugene '26 - Playwright
PARDUE, KIP `98 - Actor (Remember the Titans, Driven)
PHILLIPS, Stone '77 - Host of NBC Dateline
PIERCE, David Hyde '81 - Actor (Frasier)
PINCHOT, Bronson - '81 Actor
PORTER, Cole '12 - Song Writer (Night & Day)
PRICE, Vincent '33 - Actor (The Fly, Laura, etc)
ROSENBERG, Alan '74 Drama - Actor (L.A. Law, Sybil)
SHALHOUB, Tony `80 Drama - Actor (Monk)
SISKEL, Gene '67 - Movie Reviewer (Siskel & Ebert)
SKROVAN, Stephen '79 - TV Producer & Writer (Everybody Loves Raymond)
SORVINO, Josh - Actor (The Wonder Years)
SPOCK, Benjamin '24 - Olympian (Gold), Pediatrician, Author of books on babies
STEIN, Ben '70 Law - Actor (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Win Ben Stein's Money on TV)
STONE, Oliver `80 Drama - Director (Wall Street, JFK, Any Given Sunday)
STREEP, Meryl '75 Drama - Oscar winning Actress
TARTIKOFF, Brandon '69 (Fe,BB) - Former President of NBC TV
TRILLIN, Calvin '57 - Writer (New Yorker Magazine)
TRUDEAU, Gary '70 - Cartoonist (Doonesbury)
TUCK, Jessica '85 - Actress (Judging Amy)
TUCKER, Michael - Actor (L.A. Law)
WALLACE, William `45w - Writer (New York Times)
WASSERSTEIN, Wendy '76 Drama - Author (Heidi Chronicles, etc)
WATERSTON, Sam '62 - Actor (The Great Gatsby, Law & Order, I'll Fly Away)
WEAVER, Sigourney - Actress
WEBSTER, Noah 1778 - Wrote the dictionary
WHITMORE, James '44 - Actor (Miracle-Gro commercials)
WILDER, Thornton '20 - Novelist (Our Town)
WINKLER, Henry '70 Drama - Actor (Happy Days), Director & Producer
WOODWARD, Bob '65 - Journalist, Writer (All The Presidents Men)
YU, Jessica '87 - Won Oscar in 1996 for directing, directed episodes of The West Wing.
ZIMBALIST, Efrem, Jr. '40 - Actor (77 Sunset Strip, The FBI) BUSINESS LEADERS AKERS, John F. '56 - IBM
ASHTON, Harris '54 - Pres. & CEO of General Host Corp.
BASS, Perry '37 - Bass Enterprises
COMBS, Harry `35S - Head of Learjet
CROZLER, William, Jr. '54 - Bay Banks
DOTEN, Sue (Wellington) '81 - Pres. U.S. Beverages, VP Quaker Oats
FINCKE, Clarence 1897 - Pres. Bank of America (1920-32)
GELB, Richard '45 - Bristol-Meyers Squibb
GOIZUETA, Roberto '53 - President of Coca-Cola
GRANT, Tone '66 - President of Refco, Inc. (Commodity Trading Company)
GREENBERG, Steve - President of Classic Sports Network
GRINSTEIN, Gerald '54 - Burlington Northern
HALSTED, William S. 1874 - Co-Founder of Johns Hopkins Medical School
HEYMAN, Samuel J. '60 - GAF Corporation
HULMAN, Anton, Jr. '24S - Chr. of Board Indianapolis Speed Way
JACKSON, Levi '50 - VP Ford Motor
JOHNSON, Charles '54 - Franklin Resources
KIAM, Victor '47 - Owner of Remington Corp. and former owner of New England Patriots
KNODE, Donald '51 - President of Merrill Lynch Japan
KUNSTLER, William '41 - Attorney
LaROCHE, Chester '18 - V.Chrmn. & Director of American Broadcasting Co.
LUCE, Henry R. '20 - Co-founder, Editor, President and CEO of Time, Inc.
LYNCH, David '50 - Multibank Financial
MELLON, Paul '29 - Philanthropist
MORLEY, John C. '54 - Reliance Electric
MORITZ, Charles '58 - Dun & Bradstreet
PILLSBURY, Philip '24 - CEO of Pillsbury Mills
POTTS, James '43 - Overseas Operations Director for CARE
ROGERS, Robert D. '58 - Texas Industries
RUBIN, Robert '64 - Goldman Sachs
SMILOW, Joel E. `54 - International Playtex, Inc.
SMITH, Frederick W. '66 - Founder & CEO of Federal Express
SPRAGUE, Peter J. '61 - National Semiconductor
STRATTON, Frederick P., Jr. '61 - Briggs & Stratton
WEYERHAUSER, John P., Jr. '20 - President of Weyerhauser Lumber
WOLFE, Ken - President of Hershey Corp.
WRIGLEY, William, Jr. '54 - Owner of Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Chewing Gum ATHLETICS AXTHELM, Pete '65 - Sports Writer, Columnist and TV Broadcaster
BOOTH, Albie '32 - Member of College Football Hall of Fame; Football & Basketball Official
CAMP, Walter 1880 - Father of American Football; Member College Football Hall of Fame
CLARK, Stephen '65 - Olympian (3 Gold)
DARLING, Ron - Professional baseball player (Mets, A's, Expos)
DALY-DONOFRIO, Heather `91 - LPGA Tour player
DELL, Donald '60 - Davis Cup Captain for U.S. 1968-69, Founder and CEO of ProServ
DIANA, Rich '81 - Pro Football (Miami Dolphins - On Super Bowl Team), 10th in Heisman Balloting
DOWLING, Brian '69 - Pro. Football (Patriots, Packers), Finished ninth in Heisman balloting in '68, Made famous by Gary Trudeau as B.D. in Doonesbury, Sportscaster.
DUBINETZ, Greg '75 - Pro Football (Wash. Redskins)
DUDLEY, Chris '87 - Pro Basketball (Trailblazers, Cavs, Knicks, Suns)
EBERSOL, Dick - President of NBC Sports
EPSTEIN, Theo `95 - General Manager, Boston Red Sox
FENCIK, Gary '76 - Pro Football (Chicago Bears); TV Sportscaster
FRANK, Clint '38 - Heisman Trophy winner, Maxwell Award winner, Member College Football Hall of Fame
GIAMATTI, A. Bartlett `60 - Former Baseball Commissioner
HETHERINGTON, Chris '96 - Pro Football (Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers)
HILL, Calvin '69 - Pro Football (Dal. Cowboys, Wash. Redskins, Cleve. Browns), VP of Baltimore Orioles, Silver Ann. Award Winner
HILL, Kenny '80 - Pro Football (Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, New York Giants -- Super Bowl XXI, Kansas City Chiefs)
JACOBS, Eli '59 - Owner of Baltimore Orioles
JAURON, Dick '73 - Pro Football Player (Detroit Lions, Cleve. Browns, Cincinnati Bengals) Head Coach Detroit Lions
JOHNSON, Eric '00 - Pro Football Player (San Francisco 49ers)
JONES, Rees L '63 - Award-Winning Golf Couse architect
JONES, Robert Trent, Jr. '61 - Golf course designer
KELLEY, Larry '37 - Heisman Trophy winner, Member of College Football Hall of Fame
KILPATRICK, John Reed '11 - President of New York Rangers and Madison Square Garden; Hockey & Football Hall of Fame
LAYENDECKER, Glenn '83 - Pro Tennis Player (reached top-50 in singles)
LITNER, Jon '85 - Exec. V.P. and chief operating officer of the N.H.L.
MacKENZIE, Ken '56 - Pitcher on original NY Mets
MARTIN, Don '71 - Pro Football player and coach (New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders)
McCASKEY, Mike '65 - President of Chicago Bears
SCOTT, Gene '60 - Member of U.S. Davis Cup team 1963-65, Founder and Publisher of Tennis Week
SHORTER, Frank '69 - Olympic Track Star
STAGG, Amos Alonzo 1888 - Member College Football Hall of Fame, Author, Inventor, Football Coach
VINCENT, Fay `63L - Baseball Commissioner
WEISS, George M. '17 - Baseball Executive (Yankees & Mets)
WOSTERHOLME, Martin '84 - Pro Tennis Player, Member of Canadian Davis Cup Team
YAWKEY, Thomas '25 - Owner of Boston Red Sox

  1. Charles Montgomery Burns, an energy magnate
  2. Robert Underdunk Terwiliger, a stage performer
  3. Lionel Hutz, a prominent attorney

and many, many more!

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Sororities and Fraternities

What is fraternity and sorority?

A fraternity is a male students social club in university/college and a sorority is the female version of a fraternity.

American Revolution
Synonyms and Antonyms
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Why were the months following Trenton and Princeton prove difficult for the colonists?

it was winter and they were low on food with the british chasing them.

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Who are some of the famous alumni of Roxbury Latin?

Albert H. Gordon Gen. Joseph Warren (please see the Wikipedia entry on Roxbury Latin for a much more comprehensive listing of famous alumni--there's a huge number).

History of the United States
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Who won the battle of Trenton?

The Continental Army(the Americans-Partiots) won the Battle of Trenton.
it took place on December 25-26 1776
George Washington and the troops crossed the Delaware River into Trenton, New Jersey on Christmas night and the battle was the next day. Americans lost 4 soldiers two died from wounds and another froze to death the Hessians lost 22 men.
The Patriots took 900 prisoners after this war. That was very important to them.
Trenton is the capital city of the state of New Jersey.
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Who are some famous alumni from Pinkerton Academy?

Alan shephard first American in space

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Who are some famous alumni from Cardinal Spellman?

Olympia Dukakis

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Michelle Obama

What are the requirements to get into Princeton University?

You can visit their home page and find out.

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What is the required SAT score to get into UGA?


Princeton University
Sororities and Fraternities

What are the sororities and fraternities at Princeton University?

For many decades, fraternities and sororities were banned at Princeton University. Institutions called the "Eating Clubs" came to fill that niche, with membership, houses, and initiation rites, however, they had no connection with the national Panhellenic system. Their initial function was to provide food services to the undergraduates at a time when the University did not. They also offered some housing and social functions. In the early 1980s the national fraternities began to appear on campus. Now the three panhellenic sororities are: Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Kappa Kappa Gamma. There used to be a Dela Delta Delta chapter but they closed in 2005.

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What is the mascot's name of Princeton?

the tigers

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What does a 2.75 GPA mean in terms of grades?

Original Answer

"A 4.0 is a perfect GPA. A 2.75 would be around a 69 average." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

That is false. A 69 (assuming a non +/- scale) is a D. A grade of D earns you a GPA of 1.0, so a "69 average" or "D Average" would give you a GPA of 1.0 A grade of B will earn you 3.0 GPA points, so if you averaged a 2.75, that would be slightly below a B average.

If you were to break it down into individual percentages (i.e. your cumulative average grade in all of your classes) it would be between an 82 and 83 average.

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What is the required SAT score to get into NJCU?

You can obtain this information by going to and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine. You can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study, or by geographical location, size, or combinations of all etc. The site will provide you with a list of institutions based on your request. It will give you the schools background, accreditation, programs of study, entrance requirements, tuition and fees, etc. and a link to the institutions official web page.

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Who are some famous alumni from Princeton?

Brook Shields Dean Cain


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