The Scholastic Assessment Test is the most common standardized test taken in high school for admission into college. Ask questions about the test format and scoring here.

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What is the average SAT score of Ivy League students?

It might be more useful to take the schools' reported numbers as reported to both US News and on their own common data sets.

These numbers are interpolated between the 25th and 75th percentile numbers reported. They should be very close to the mean/median numbers. Only the critical reading and math sections of the SAT are used for this combined score.

  • Harvard: 2195
  • Yale: 2195
  • Princeton: 2185
  • Columbia: 2150
  • Penn: 2130
  • Dartmouth: 2140
  • Cornell: 2095
  • Brown: 2130


  • MIT: 2235
  • Stanford: 2145
  • CalTech: 2210
  • Duke: 2140
  • Chicago: 2130
  • Northwestern: 2135
  • Washington University in St. Louis: 2150
  • Johns Hopkins: 2095
  • Rice: 2120
  • Emory: 2085
  • Notre Dame: 2105
  • Vanderbilt: 2090
  • Cal Berkeley: 2045
  • Carnegie Mellon: 2090
  • Georgetown: 2095
  • Virginia: 2010
  • UCLA: 2005
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Can you take the SAT while in college?

You can take the SAT anytime in your life and prepare start preparing for it, be it online, practice tests it will help you improve the score. I am an SAT tutor with a site, there so many students who already have started preparing for SAT while in college, so that they can score well. Practice tests, Live classes, Interactive sessions with students and teachers helps a lot and gives a fair idea about the SAT. Good Luck and Do well!

You might be able to, but I don't know why you'd want to, being as the SAT is a college entrance exam.

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What colleges in Georgia don't require SAT scores?

Bauder, Macon, Georgia Gwinnett, etc. Many community colleges don't require SAT or ACT scores for admission. You would need to check with the admissions office of the college you are most interested in attending to see if they require SAT scores for admission.

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What is the highest possible score you can get on the SAT?

2400. 800 on the math section, 800 on the writing section, and 800 on the reading section.

A 2400 does not mean that you answered every single question on the entire test correctly, but rather almost all correctly. Each test and each section differentiates on what is considered an "800". Some tests allow one, two, and sometimes three questions to be incorrect, besides this College Board sometimes throws out certain questions.

Anything above 1600 is considered good, since a very few can even reach up to 2000.

This is comparable to a 36 on the ACT.

Math and Arithmetic

What kind of math is on the ACT?

On the ACT you will find Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and some Trigonometry.

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How do you get an SAT waiver?

You must apply for an SAT (or ACT) waiver through your High School counselor. You will receive a number to use on your online registration. You can't use a waiver on a late registration.

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What is the SAT score required to get into Princeton?

According to the middle 50% of 1st year students scores on their SATs were: * Verbal: 680- 770 * Math: 690 - 790 So that is the area to try and aim for. If you are wondering about the test scores and other information about colleges is a good place to get the basic information you may need.

AnswerAt least a 2100 or above. With stellar recs and amazing EC's and overall personality. AnswerAccording to the SAT score preferred for entrance to Princeton University is:

Average SAT math score:700 - 790Average SAT writing score:700 - 780Average ACT score:31 - 35GPA score:3.88

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What is the highest score you can receive on a GEPA test?

I looked it up for you and the answer is: 52. The total maximum points possible is 52.


Can you leave questions blank on the SAT?

The SAT's scoring system is kind of hard to understand. Every time you get a question right, you get a point. Every time you miss one (ANSWER INCORRECTLY NOT LEAVE BLANK) you get 1/4 a point taken away. If you leave a question blank you receive no points, but you don't lose any either.


You can leave questions blank on the SAT. Just like the other person said,

Correct answer = 1 pt

Incorrect answer = -1/4 pt

Blank = 0 pt

The test is made so that the expected value from randomly guessing is 0. If you are unsure of a question and can eliminate a few answer choices, it's probably a good idea to guess. On a math grid-in question, however, you do not get penalized for wrong answers, so never leave those questions blank (at least guess if you have no idea).

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Who score the highest SAT score in history?

In the old SAT format, the highest possible score was 1600, comprising of an 800 in the Math and 800 in the Verbal section.

The new SAT format is out of 2400. The highest score you can get in each section is 800. The 3 sections are Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Some schools only look at the Math and Critical Reading section (totaling 1600).

Every year people score 2400 SATs and 1600s. This is extremely rare, but there are students that manage the 'perfect score' every year. These students would be part of 'history' with their perfect SAT scores and would have their name up with those who record the highest SAT scores.

Only about 60 students per state get a full score every year.

English Language

What does the sat 1 test?

The SAT I tests you basic reasoning skills. It tests critical reading, math, and writing. Each of these is worth 800 points to add up to a total top score of 2400.

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Does it look bad if you take the SAT or ACT multiple times?

After 28 years I am a returning student to the college arena. It does not reflect badly on you if you are required to take the SAT or ACT exams more than once. Much of the information and processes some of us had to learn has changed over time. So if getting updated knowledge and retaking these tests is needed I believe it is better to do so now than to give up the dream.

AnswerNope. As long as you pass it, they do not care how much you take the tests. It just takes a lot of money out of your pocket. AnswerThey do not look at how many times you take the SAT/ACT tests. They just look at the highest score you got and that's it. Whether you take it 1 time or take it 5 times, the colleges don't care. Just your highest score.

It only looks bad if your scores do not improve.


Some colleges suggest that you should take the SAT at most three or so times. This is because taking five or six SAT's shows that you are overly desperate to get into that college (and there are better ways to show your desperation). My advice is to take it once and try to improve your score for the second exam.

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What is the age limit for taking the SAT?

If your SAT scores are less don't get disheartened, here is a list of institutions that accept SAT scores which are average.

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What scores are colleges accepting for the new SAT tests?

I've heard that over 1850 is a competitive score on the new SATs.


Does SAT count wrong questions against you?

Yes, 0.25 of a point for every incorrect question, if you skip it, then there will be no penalty

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How old do you have to be to take your driving knowledge test?

It depends on what state you are in. I live in PA and I was able to take the knowledge test a month before my sixteenth birthday. That is the standard in this state.

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How do you study for the SAT?

AnswerThere are many online resources both for free and for money. My personal favorites are: not only has questions and answers, but also explanations of why you got questions wrong. this website has free and paid programs, competitions, and excellent referral benefits. If 2 people who sign up list you as their reference, you get a paid program for free! (*cough* *cough*)

There are SAT study manuals you can get online at places like Amazon, or in the local bookstore. Good SAT manuals will have practice tests, study tips, and test taking tips included.

Update: Go here for a video comparing 8 top online test prep programs:

Hope that helps! Good luck :)

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Is Gender a qualitative or quantitative data?

Quantitative, if you're counting the numbers of males and females for any survey or question. It is qualitive if you are using it in the context "Jim is a male." That doesn't tell you how many. Instead it tells you what.

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How many subjects does SAT consists of?

In the basic SAT, your scores are partitioned among three categories: Math, Reading, and Writing. You can receive a maximum of 800 points in each of these. Reading includes vocabulary and critical reading. Writing includes an Essay along with Grammar. Math includes topics from algebra and geometry, but does not include trigonometry or matrices.

The advanced Subject SAT tests include Math Level I and Level II, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hebrew.

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How do you get good marks without studying for a test?

Students who do well on tests without seeming to study are the ones who pay attention in class, take good notes, and do their homework. In other words, they understand the material because they have been working on it all along instead of "cramming" the night before a test.

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Is 1710 a bad SAT score?

Depends on what kind of goals you have set for yourself. If you're shooting for Ivy League schools or anything close to that, then 1710 is a little low. But it's a competitive score if your applying to a public college in your state or other lower-tier colleges. If you still have the opportunity to take the test again and you think you can do better, then I'd recommend you take it again.

Also don't over-emphasize your standardized test scores since your grades and the rigor of your courses in high school are also very important to colleges.

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What is the average SAT score for Cornell?

average math for last year was 640

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Can a foreigner take the SAT and ACT and what advantage would there be for him to take it?

Yes to both. A foreign born person can take either test. In fact it is necessary to enter school here in the US. They even have SAT's and ACT's in foreign languages. You do have to have a student Visa or be in the application process before taking the test though. There is an advantage in taking the exam since it gives colleges more information by which to accept or deny a student. Students who take the SAT or ACT or more likely to be accepted into good colleges rather than turned away. There is also debate on which to take. Most take both just in case. Personally I only took the ACT because it deals more with you as a person rather than just asking mundane question after mundane question.

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Who is Pip Davenport?

Pip Davenport was an fairground ride inventor who lived from 1850 - 1920. He was married to a lady called Hettie and grew up in Slewsbury. No body had heard of him until he cropped up in a years 6 SATs test, where you had to make up and write a biography about him using only some vague details given to you.


What is the SAT essay question for 2012?

The SAT essay topic is this: trusting friends and your community. Donyou get taken advantage of? Well, brainstorm some ideas for his topic when you take the SAT this year. Good luck


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